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Berita utama di malaysiakini hari ini ( Hindraf chief's bombshell: ISA detainee a SB agent) . Suatu statement dari pengerusi hindraf yang menurut saya, merupakan titik hitam kepada perjuangan mereka.

Tahun Lalu hindraf mengadakan protes besar besaran "menentang" dasar- dasar kerajaan yang 'anak tirikan" masyarakat india. Mereka menjadi salah satu faktor yang menurunkan peratus kemenangan BN pada GE-12.

5 pemimpin hindraf ditahan dibawah ISA. Ketua umum hindraf, sekarang berada di London. Pengaruh pemimpin- pemimpin ini pada masyarakat india harus diakui. Secara langsung dan tidak langsung mereka menyeru masyarakat india menyokong Barisan Rakyat.

Selepas GE-12, Pakatan Rakyat dikritik secara terbuka oleh ramai pemimpin hindraf kerana tidak memenuhi jaji pilihan raya mereka.

Isu- isu seperti, perlantikan exco di negeri PR dan perlantikan ahli majilis menyebabkan rasa tidak puas hati, bukan sahaja di kalangan masyarakat umum tetapi juga koordinator- koordinator utama hindraf. (Hindraf: Why so few Indian councillors in Perak?)

Permohonan terbuka ketua umum hindraf kepada menteri besar negeri PR dalam hal Tanah untuk sekolah tamil, belum mendapat hasil.
(Letter to Perak MB )
(Letter to MB on Tamil Schools and Temples)

Yang terakhir adalah surat ketua umum hindraf kepada YB DSAI. (Letter to DSAI)

Perkembangan 'mengejut" dari ketua umum hindraf sekarang adalah berita mengenai


KUALA LUMPUR: Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) chairman P. Waytha Moorthy has accused Internal Security Act detainee K. Vasantha Kumar of being a government plant.

Waytha had alleged that Vasantha Kumar was planted by the Special Branch to infiltrate Hindraf.

He said two top government officials had confirmed that Vasantha Kumar was "assigned" to break up Hindraf lawyers and the organisation at the Kamunting detention camp.

Waytha Moorthy is seeking refuge in the United Kingdom. The allegations were in a statement posted on the Hindraf website.

Vasantha Kumar's wife, K. Vickneswary, however, has come out fighting in defence of her husband.
"It does not make sense for a Special Branch member to be detained under the ISA. The rumours have been around since the day he was arrested. This is nonsense.

"I don't know why Waytha Moorthy is making such allegations. It is only causing friction among the detained leaders, which would lead to the destruction of the movement."

Vickneswary said before the Nov 25 rally, Hindraf leaders had met at lawyer P. Uthayakumar' s house to discuss their plans.

"Waytha Moorthy wanted to call off the rally but it was my husband who insisted it go on. From then, there was bad blood between the two."

She accused Waytha Moorthy of "chickening out" of the rally by not posting bail when he was arrested along with Uthayakumar and V. Ganabatirau, another Hindraf member.

Police had arrested the trio on Nov 16 but Uthayakumar and Ganabatirau had posted bail and were released while Waytha Moorthy refused bail as a sign of protest and was sent to the Sungai Buloh prison.

Vickneswary said: "He wanted to play safe and avoid being implicated for organising or leading the rally.

"He ran away and allowed the other Hindraf leaders to languish in jail.

"If he is going to accuse my husband of anything, I challenge him to come back here and do it, not from a foreign land."

The organisers of the Nov 25 rally -- Uthayakumar, M. Manoharan, R. Kenghadharan, Ganabatirau and Vasantha Kumar -- are detained under the ISA.




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Anonymous said...

mind your own business!

dr_vasan said...

When that poor fellow joined you guys, he was not an SB.
When he stood by your and your brother, he was not SB.
When he was locked up with your brother, after you ran away, he was not Hindraf.
When he issued statements out of jail, he was not SB.

But now suddenly out of the blue he becomes and SB? How ah?
Whats the logis here. Maybe he got turned over by the authorities like Tamil movies...brainwashed.
You, Wythamoorthy are a disgrace. You destroyed whatever that was left by uncle Sam. You divided us more than what the Tamil newspapers did.
Now you have this bunch of people who think Hindraf is a great organisation and keep sending you money while families of jailed leaders suffer.
Keep up your good job. As long as you have people to fool, you will survive.

Now can we have accounts of Hindraf please? I bought some Hindraf sticker for RM10 once upon a time and I have the right to the accounts? Who is paying your long overdued stay in the UK.

I have been there and know it is not cheap. Maybe Anwar is funding with the bulk of money he got from the Americans and the Jews.

And please, please brother don't ever sat Hindraf is apolitical.
It is not. I know Anwar contacted you and your brother the day we had the rally last year and your and your so called leaders hid yourselves at a temple in centre of town to avoid talking and answering to him.

You and Hindraf have become political tools of Anwar bin Ibrahim. Just come out and admit it. You do not fight for the community but use the community to fight for you and your brother.

I challenge this operators to publish this true facts!

Maaran Matters said...

Dear Dr.Vasan,

What is the use of challenging?
What did you do to support?

You are just another MIC loser.

Pack up man.