Chaos theory - Chaos theory, ketidak-teraturan dalam keteraturan, keteraturan dalam ketidak-teraturan. Secara sederhana menurut wikipedia : chaos theory describes the behavior of certain non liniear dynamical system that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.
Here we go again... and this time its about press freedom........... SPEAK NO EVIL, SEE NO EVIL AND TALK NO EVIL ABOUT "SOME" PPL, If you do, this might happen...lolz.. :)

A group surrounds several Barisan Nasional workers in a pick-up truck.

Mohamad Sairien Mohamad Nafiz (in helmet) jumps on the vehicle to photograph the mob

IMAGE 3 & 4 :
He is then attacked and pulled to the ground where he is repeatedly kicked; before finally being rescued.

New Straits Times photographer Mohamad Sairien Mohamad Nafiz
Relating the horrifying incident, Mohamad Sairien said he was riding his motorcycle when he saw a group harassing several Barisan Nasional workers in a pick-up truck. "I ran after the slow-moving vehicle and hopped onto it to take pictures of those men, only to be pulled to the ground by one of them," he said.
Mohamad Sairien said the rowdy group rained heavy blows and kicks to his body.

French photo-journalist Halim Berbar
Berbar said he was kicked on his buttocks thrice and struck on his head with a stick when he tried to pull Mohamad Sairien away from them. "I shouted at them to stop hitting Mohamad Sairien but they attacked me instead." Berbar, who came here four days ago, said he ran when the mob turned on him.
(Battle for Permatang Pauh: Attack on NST, foreign pixmen)

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Johari Baharum had a harrowing experience when hundreds of people swarmed the vehicle he was in at Kubang Semang in Penang yesterday. Picture shows a Barisan Nasional official’s vehicle being attacked after the nomination process for the Permatang Pauh by-election.
These were the emotions that went through me when hundreds of people surrounded my 4WD vehicle about midnight yesterday.

The mob, which dispersed after a political party's ceramah near the Kubang Semang mosque, saw me and reacted in a threatening manner.

They banged on the windows of my vehicle, rocked and kicked it. The four of us in the vehicle kept our composure and remained silent despite deing taunted by the mob with vulgarities that would make a sailor blush.
(Battle for Permatang Pauh: Mob attack 'a shame on nation')
PKR barred Utusan Malaysia journalists

Penang Media Club acting president Zuraidah Abdul Rahman, who attended the press conference, said PKR should not have barred Utusan Malaysia journalists from covering Anwar’s press conference if they believed in freedom of speech.

“The club is not satisfied with Anwar’s explanation on the safety of journalists covering his events.

“His supporters have been carried away with his media bashing speeches and we want his assurance that the journalists covering his by-election campaign rounds would not be harmed.

“We have given him space and as such we expect him to reciprocate the gesture,” she added.

mmmmm....... The incidents is an embarrassment to our nation. This is not the first by-election that we are having.


Anonymous said...

Can you please see Mahaguru58 posting on puteri UMNO in Malaysiakini and look for yourself how innocent they are.A Picture speaks thousand words.What say you now?Don't just post all the one sided photos only.

Anonymous said...

I think you should also visit chegubard's blog to get all the pictures related to puteri umno and mat rempit.Don't just get all the photos from MIC only.Open your eyes and see for yourself what is actually going on in Tanah Tumpah Darahmu.....


greetings mr.anonymous,

I dont see you post similar comments on those blogs. So can you open your eyes to see both the sides. :)

as you say sir, A Picture speaks thousand words. and i believe this pictures spoked.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

You are a traitor to the indians! I hate you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you're such a stubborn person.Complete your studies,come to Malaysia and join the government hospital and see for yourself how they treat you.Get married send your child to school and see what will happen to the child.I just hope everything will change by then under PR government.
Good for you,maybe you can't experience the current situation in Malaysia if PR rules.Let me tell you,your situation now is you stay far from your mother,you miss your mother similarly you stay far from Malaysia and you miss Malaysia.Simple as that.Don't be childish.Come to real world.Oh yes, on your photos,is it very difficult for anyone to get PKR T-shirt and Flag to sabotaj.All these are dirty tricks.Think..........

Anonymous said...

What those guys did to the reporters should bear responsibilities for their own action. UMNO supporters are capable of doing the same. Some people are just more physical in showing their discontentment while others put it in words.

PKR has got thousands of supporters. They are not able to govern the action of each individual member. Do not let these scenarios affect the credibility of Anwar.

I personally do not like Anwar since those days when he was the Deputy PM. I am still giving the benefit of doubt that he is a changed man after the many years in detention. Anyhow, I will give it a bet by supporting him.

Malaysia need change. We cannot continue to be ruled by a bunch of fools. That is why we need more educated people like you. See things from a wider perspective. Do not let a few pictures affect your judgement. Use your logical mind to analyse the scenarios. Like they say, in Bolehland anything can happen. Pictures can be fabricated, scenarios can be plot, people can be bought over with $$. There are plenty out there with no conscience whatsoever.

People like you are future leaders. Speak from your heart, think. Do not speak for the UMNO just because of the scholarship from them which enable you to pursue your medical degree. You just happen to be in the quota. Otherwise, they could not be bothered with you. Remember, you are not one of them, your are not Malay.

Give it some thought.




well, being open minded.... that means we must see the pro-cons of both camps.

Only by that a good 2 party system will emerge in malaysia.

btw, i am not an govern scholar or MIED student. I am not a member of any political party for now. I am just a normal member of the community like you sir.

why i choose to support BN?
I choose to repair/ rebuild the old house which gives me shelter till now, then taking a big risk staying in a new condo constructed on a hill top
(with the sign "BEWARE OF LANDSLIDES" )

I am not of them? :) well i am one of us sir... i am a malaysian.

karuna lee mohd said...

what the problem with everyone here?

last time we used to support BN so blindly. refuse to see their ugly side.

and now we are making the same mistake on pakatan lah guys. this is politics.

the best thing is support who is doing what we want. not so call talking that they will do this and that.

so dont take politics personal. we are all malaysians.

never forget all this marginalization start because of one guy. and that is ANWAR when he was in umno.

now he is telling all this wrong because one reason. REVENGE.

try to think with some brains.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you can repair the old house? This old house is full of shits and racism.Better set a goal to buy a new house.Don't be a fool by saying the old house give shelter and you wait till it collapse on you.That will be too late.Even now,in this current situation they don't give a damn for Indians.They give 1 million to Chinese School.What are they trying to prove?What is MIC doing?Sitting and watching and expect us to vote for them.Go and fly kites.

Anonymous said...

Latest news,election goodies for Indians-Scrap Metal collector's licence.MIC must be very proud for this achievement.I've no more words to comment as I'm losing my patience looking at all these cheap advertisements.

Theshi said...

I think this is not something that they do because they are opposition supporters. It is common occurance with all political party supporters. Just look at even MIC and UMNO supporters and how they treat others.

In essence it all boils down to our Malaysian psyche and attitude. Its very bad behaviour in almost all levels of society with civil society being silenced by mob justice.

Second, politicians will always be harrassed by some annoying trouble maker since politicians are so ermm 'popular'. This even happens in the states just maybe not to this extent.

Yes we need to treat people with respect. Everyone, this also applies to politicians. But respect doesn't mean ignoring issues as well or closing an eye to serious problems...a very common disease within Malaysian political parties.

malaysian said...

"7. giving PR time? well thats my personal choice. I choose to give that time to BN and MIC to reform."

Thats why people like you will never grow up in life. U rather want to support the devil(MIC) after all they have done all the filth for 50 years ?

Are u a malaysian in the first place or prefered to be know only as malaysian indian ?

get some life, bro