Bali, indonesia.

28 & 29 JUNE 2008

Indian Cultural fFestival will cover aspects of the Indian Hindu Art, Culture ,Education and Dharma.

THIS YEAR'S HIGHLIGHT --- Forum and workshops
The forum consisting of panel of good hindu intellectuals from international society from India,Malaysia and Indonesia will give a valid platform to express,discuss and share a thought on hindu philosophy.In the era of globalization, there is much need to make the hindu philosophy applicable in ones daily life without compromising the culture,this forums will act serve this purpose.

visit HTTP://MISI-CULTURAL.BLOGSPOT.COM for more details.

Dato seri Anwar claims that pakatan rakyat will form government by september 16. He need only 30 MP's from BN to topple the ruling coalition. As days pass, he is giving "clearer" hints about parties who are about to defect BN.
According to Malaysiakini's breaking news today, A Sabah-based party is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow to make an announcement that would impact the political scenario in this country. And our PM had a short trip to sabah this afternoon........... so whats next?? be ready for another election? Say Good Bye to BN "for good" ? and just hand over the government to the "newbies".... Can they "manage" this difficult time or make it worst?

We had bersih rally, anti-ISA rally, Hindraf rally....... the rakyats voiced out .... But what is our 'say' on this "defecation" issue?? I am not suggesting rakyats to take this matter "to the street". But we have to give the BN and PR a clear sign on what we really want before they decide on anything. What the rakyat got to say about it?

PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has dropped the clearest hint yet of impending crossovers to Pakatan Rakyat. He is "talking" out clear "signs" of cross overs. According to DSAI , by end of this month people will know that he is not playing the fool....

So all this will only bring us to SNAP Election........ Are we ready for it??? Can Malaysia survive a major snap election?? ITS NOT "CHEAP" GUYS!!!

What the "Rakyats" got to say on this?? Our country is facing a serious economical crisis. I came across a article in The star today, on how 2 families who earns RM3000 and RM 9000 "cries" that " WE DEPEND ON GOD TO HELP OUR FAMILY"

We survived "1997 crisis"... Malaysia was on of the few that "healed" super fast, compare to many countires that took so many years.. Our government Proved their capability then. Can't they now??

Do we need a whole new government now? We cant afford a "trial and error" , can we? This "risk" may result in irreversible damage to the country.

Whats the "rakyat" got to say? Because its not really for BN or PR to decide , its for us to choose what we want.

Recently Ministry Of Health announced a 3 years adaptation / training scheme for medical graduates from “unrecognized” Universities. Currently there are about 150 Malaysian Indian doctors registered for “this”.

According to a Malaysian Tamil Daily ( Malaysia Nanban , 9 June 2008), the parents of this doctors requested the MOH to reconsider this “3 years” period. They are hoping that this will be reduced to 18 – 24 months.Most of this Doctors are more then 35 years old. They have family to feed. They have Loans to pay back.How can they survive with a “small allowance” promised to them for 3 years?.

This doctors parents said,
We have given “everything” that we had for this. Its more then just a “dream” for us to see our children serving this community as a doctor. So we really hope the government will come up with a way soon, considering the mental and financial burden this 150 doctors suffering from.

We have brought this matter to Dato Seri S Samy vellu. And he is very concern about this problem. He is doing his best to give a “promising future” for our children. MIC and AIMST is our last hope.We hope we can hear good news from them soon.”

"Peoples Party" - Thats MIC's theme.

"Meet-The-People" session - Shows that MIC Cares and willing to listen to Rakyat's problems.
The President is "on-call" around the clock. Dato seri Samy vellu used to be one of the minister that one can approach very easily for their problems . All the MIC wakil rakyat's meets the people atleast once a week.

BUT still "some" LOUDLY voice out that MIC is not GOOD enough to be the communities representative.

So MIC is now moving up to next level to expand their reach to peoples demands and problems.

coming soon - MIC's IT and Call center.

“We would make sure that the allegations are replied to within 24 hours,”
Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

MIC is willing to listen and solve the communities problems. So are we still going to sit back and complain that nothing is good enough for us or make use of the services provided and voice out our demands via reliable and right channel??