Salam Merdeka,

Pengorbanan pemimpin hindraf yang ditahan dibawah ISA sekarang menjadi persoalan!!!. Kalau dulu mereka dilihat sebagai 'hero'. sekarang ketua umum hindraf sendiri menggambarkan mereka sebagai pengkihanat.

HINDRAF ditubuhkan untuk memaksa kerajaan BN untuk berlaku lebih adil kepada masyarakat india. Itulah tujuan utama penubuhan hindraf.

Kita telah menghantar message kepada kerajaan BN pada GE-12. WE WANT CHANGES!!!.

MIC telah mengakui permintaan HINDRAF. They are actually walking the change. No more behind the door talk. The youth wing of MIC, become very vocal and bold to question against their partners. Inilah langkah pertama kepada perubahan yang kita inginkan.

Vasanthakumar a SB Plant? How Convenient!

by Murugesan Sinnandavar ( MIC YOUTH Vice- Coordinator)

How long will HINDRAF keep on blaming everything that is wrong on the BN Government and MIC? Now that they have internal squabbles, there it is again, the convenient bogeyman to point the accusing finger.

Recently someone wrote in Malaysiakini that HINDRAF had been betrayed by the PR in the four new states ruled by them. The writer went on to state that nothing much had changed and PR failed to deliver on the election promises.

Actually, PR didn’t betray the Indian Community.

We were betrayed by the people that asked us to vote for the PR blindly!

PR was just being a political organization that made use of the opportunity.

Mind you, BN had its faults and that is the reason why we performed poorly on GE12. It wasn’t anyone’s doing but ours. We admit that.

Likewise, whether HINDRAF is to progress as an organization or falter will depend entirely on HINDRAF and not outside forces.

Please stop blaming everything on the Government, BN and MIC. Perhaps MIC’s splinter group could be up to something with HINDRAF’s splinter group. We do not know.

MIC has no time or the inclination to meddle into the affairs of others. We are busy getting our act together and reinventing ourselves in order to serve the community better.

Stop crying wolf all the time for people will stop paying attention after a while.
Kenapa 'say no' bila MIC menunjukkan keikhlasan mereka? Kenapa menghalang perubahan yang kita idamkan?

"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals. When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"

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