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Dato Seri Samy Vellu Fighting FOR Indians

all this while!!! and he will never rest!!!

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RK Anand | Apr 17, 08 12:44pm

In the cabinet and Barisan Nasional, I will open my mouth and talk what I feel, and NOW I fight it out and the community will know I am fighting this.

Now I am waiting to see what is the intake for Indians (in government service) this year, I am going to write to the director-general of the PSD (Public Service Department) to find out what is the intake for this year. I am also going to ask him the category, what are the categories of their employment, seniority, what are the positions. In professional positions, what do we get, in normal, technical and other areas, what we got.

What are your hopes for MIC and the Indian community, what kind of changes would you like to see?

You know, whatever the government did not do for us, we ran a parallel government support for the community. I created it. When the government did not give scholarships, I give from the MIC. I created. Today we are sitting in one of the organisations, MIED is an outfit of MIC. We gave RM100 million loans up to now, we have educated 14,500 graduates, out of which 3,500 are medical doctors and we have trained 46,000 para-professionals in our technical college.

Why (did) we build the Tafe college? Because we never get places in any of the government technical college. So I said let's build, let's have our own.

Now we are planning. If the government doesn't do anything, parallel to government, we must do something. We will go outside the country to look for support, to look for help. I will go to many countries, explain the situation and ask them for help for my community. I will do it next, if this government doesn't do anything.

So this is an ultimatum you are giving the government?


Pak lah aka clean man, always played it open. Since Tun mahathir left, the government become very transparent. The Rakyat can really see whats happening on "top". The parliament debates become public and so on. Isn't that what we always wanted. A people's government??

Yet, yes he failed to notice the minorities problems. he failed to EXPLAIN the hindu temple demolishing issues. He failed to handle the HINDRAF in the RIGHT way.

For all that he paid handsomely. Now Barisan Nasional had realized. For past 50 years BN did great things FOR THE COUNTRY. Without them My Malaysia wouldn't be as what we see now.

So they have the leadership, the have the management ability.

Now they need to proof that they are also people oriented. The need to proof that they are sensitive.

BN leaders admitted their faults. They are listening and answering to peoples demands.

1. Temple at MIRI for HINDU's
2. The govn answers to MIC's demands on temple priest issue

Those actions may look very small. But its a start.

The Rakyat always loved BN. They always Loved MIC. Thats y they voted against it. NOT VOTE IT OUT.

So in next five years if they proof themself as a more sensitive government. No doubt they will will back 100% support.

We wait for Barisan Nasional in action..................................

Happy new year..........

April 14 2008 a new dawn for Indian's in Malaysia........... Y cant it also be a new dawn for Tamil schools in Malaysia?

Till todays date, there are 523 tamil schools with 105,618 students in Malaysia. Compare it to our population in Malaysia that is 1.8 million. 20%+ are children aged 7-12. That is about 360,000. So not even 1/3 of our children is studying in Tamil schools.

We loudly crying that the government is not taking care of Tamil schools and MIC is not bothered about them. Are we taking care of it??? We not even willing to send our kids to Tamil school but complaining that the government not taking care of it. Y cant it be like, we show that we are concern before we demand from others.

to be ctn.......



It has been exactly 1 month since the Malaysian GE 12...........................

The whole nation has realized the power of 'makkal shakti"...........................
They have voiced out that indians are not happy with barisan nasional.................
It caused a historic political tsunami in Malaysia for Barisan Nasional............
We witnessed Parties like MIC and gerakan being almost wiped out......................

We should all now ask ourselfs. Is this what we really wanted??

Just 4 years back BN had 90% victory in GE 11. MIC had 100% victory..........
People loved BN n MIC just 4 years back..........................................

So what happened now? Ok, we want changes.......... The Malaysian Indians want changes....

It was just a matter of time and MIC would have gotten 2 full ministers in the cabinet. It was just matter of time and MIC would have gotten more EXCO in states. It was just matter of time and we would have been gifted with MORE voices in the Government. All that would have happened if MIC won atleast 80%.
But we denied it. The people denied that gift. Ok fine...."voters are always right".

Malaysian Indians for the 1st time expressed their dislikes over BN publicly .So we made the government realize that we are not happy and we need more. And unfortunately now MIC the sole Indians rep in the government is left with only few reps. Is this what they wanted?? Is this for good??

We like it or not, we regret it or not, this is out situation till GE13. So let us keep a watch over their performances. We shall see if we can get more from Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat?

Who can provide a better opportunity to secure a better future for Indians in Malaysia. Last time we din have anybody to compare with. This is the chance for MIC to proof if they are the best.

So while waiting for that............

we should ask ourselfs...........
Political reformation has taken place ( we shall wait and see )
How about Reformation in our society??? How about our attitude and mind frame??

We lived in a nicely wrapped package, where we fail 2 c d true content of d package.
Struggle for justice is going on. Demand for equal rights is high. Yes all this should carry on, but if justice is prevailed n equal rights r granted,
is that enough?
are we ready for all that with our current mind set and attitude??

While Political reformation is taking place we must do a social reformation............
Y must wait for the government or any political parties to do it for us??.... cant we help ourselves....

Let this be a challenge to us.....
Let this be a task to secure a better future for Indians in Malaysia....


Hie ppl,
i used to join in discussions in hindraf and makkal shakti virtual forum's. The following questions were raised by ppl who claims that they have voted for pakatan rakyat.....
Looks like many questions left unanswered....

1) Y DAP beeing racist in electing EXCO in perak ( 6 chiness 1 indian)?
2) Y karpal sigh said YB siva is a disgrace to the party?? because he resign for standing up for indian's rights??
3) where are the hindraf leaders?? bz giving statement against dato seri samyvellu, while on their side their demands had been forgotten by keadilan and pas???
4) who going to represent indians in pakatan Rakyat??

those are not my questions. those are questions asked by ppl who claims themself as supporters of pakatan rakyat. i see many left unsatisfied. gud luck in looking for the answeres.

Berikut teks lengkap:

(dialamatkan kepada setiausaha agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng)

Peletakan semua jawatan dalam parti dan keluar dari parti
Sivasubramaniam a/l Athinarayanan

Adalah merujuk perkara di atas,

Sehubungan dengan pengumuman seperti di atas, saya dengan ini meletakkan semua jawatan yang saya menjawat selama ini dalam parti termasuk keluar dari parti.

Saya mengambil keputusan ini berdasarkan rasa tidak puas hati dan hilang kepercayaan terhadap pimpinan pengerusi DAP Perak.

"DAP tidak menghormati suara Makkal Sakti"

Agihan kerusi ahli exco kerajaan negeri kepada dua pemimpin India tidak dilaksanakan seperti dijanjikan oleh pengerusi Perak sebelum ini. Keputusan ini adalah satu tamparan besar dan juga penipuan kepada masyarakat kaum India di negeri Perak.

Kemenangan parti DAP pada pilihanraya yang lepas adalah melalui suara Makkal Sakti.

Kemenangan saya di kawasan Buntong pada pilihanraya ke-12 adalah satu mandat dan kepercayaan yang diberi oleh masyarakat kaum India (Makkal Sakti) di kawasan yang saya tandingi.

Satu ketika kubu kuat Barisan Nasional. Kemenangan saya adalah kemenangan rakyat kawasan Buntong, saya tidak boleh menerima keputusan yang dibuat oleh pemimpin DAP Perak.

"Divide and rule"

Justeru dengan pengumuman ini segala keputusan yang saya ambil dalam surat ini adalah muktamad.


(tanda tangan)

Salinan kepada: Ngeh Khoo Ham, pengerusi DAP Perak

Dear Malaysian Indians....

I have been hearing the statement that HINDRAF IS NOT A POLITICAL PARTY....

MIC have been voted out.... and Hindraf is not a political party... ok fine so what is our platform in Pakatan Rakyat????

1)Only giving in chiness name for TMB post in selangor and perak.
2) Who ask us to just be happy with 2ND DCM post in penang.

1)Lead by anwar ibrahim aka bapa perkauman,
2)the man who gave a open public statement that he'll make sure there will be no tempel bell's heard in penang (kg rawa incident).
3) now claiming himself as a hero for HINDU's in malaysia aka sevaji the boss.
4)Now too bz with own political agenda's and dream to be the prime minister as soon as possible.
5)plz take note that hindraf leader made a open press statement asking YB mano to be appointed as TMB at keadilan's selangor. Atlast YB mano is not even made a exco.... Read hindraf.org for mr whytya moorthy's letter http://www.hindraf.org/content/pwm-press-statement-appointment-cmmb

Nothing much to say since anybody in the RIGHT mind knows the reality....

so whats for us???? are we really been USED?????????

looking in to history and the past and our past mistakes is very essential for us to discuss and carry on with activities that will benefit our community.... let us all play part for the future of our community......

"When we speak with one voice,
we will achieve our goals.
When we act with one determination,
nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"

Hie guys..... i am a malaysian indian.... i will give my heart and soul for anything that promises our well being in malaysia.....i am NOT anti- Hindraf......i am NOT a blood traitor.... i am just doing some reality check...

The election is over.... the ppl have spoken..... the indians (MIC) has lost almost 80% ... we have now 3 government voices in parliament and 7 in opp (if i am not mistaken).... we have 1 EXCO member in each state atleast... 4 opp and 3 govt.....as they say, the opp won by riding in makkal shakti's waves........thats the reality now.........

so the question is whats next?? BN and BR are both too buzy with their own internal problems and aims..........

1) BN hit by a political tsunami
2) DAP is very bz fighting for MB and TMB post with PAS..
3) PAS is bz claiming that they have nothing to do with DAP and will always fight for MORE Islamic government...
3) Keadilan is very bz politicking to make sure anwar's "come back".
4) sabah and sarawak celebrating their alomost 100% victory.

What about us??????? MIC lost almost everything and hindraf is frustrated with the ISA-5 issue ..... ( everybody hoped that YB mano will be appointed as selangor TMB. but he was not even made as an exco. and DAP claims that, if there ever will be a selangor TMB post it will be for them)

I know its too early to judge the opp...... but they need to be get checked rite? will they fight for our rights or are they just USING us against US.... Are we fighting for our rights or r we fighting among ourself (MIC)?? is this for good?? or are are we being "USED" ??. All these questions are too early to be answered...........

while waiting for the future...y dont we look back into our pasts......look into the 62 years of MIC's history....... look for answers...... seek the truth.....

1) has MIC been sleeping for past 62 years?
2) have they done NOTHING for the indians??
3) are they cheating the Indians??
4) MIC never ever fought for the indians rights??
5) is it not true that 8000 students are aided by MIED?? or only MIC's cronies are getting all the privileges???
6) is it true that TAFE and AIMST are there to promises our education's future in malaysia?? or is it just a political drama??
7) isnt it true that MIC has been fighting hard to preserve Hinduism in an islamic country ( look around at other countries) and managed to build a huge lord murugan statue in batu caves...
8) is MIC too scared to protect our own temples???
9) for the past 25 years, has dato seri samy vellu just been concern about his own wellbeing?? has he never spoken for the indians???
10) is there truth behind the statement of so many Ex- ministers saying that "Dato seri samyvellu will take down the whole cabinet by himself when it comes to indian's issues"......??
11) isn't it true that dato sothinathan was suspended from the cabinet for 3 months, just because he was fighting for the future of indian medical students??
12) isn't it true YB dewamani stood up against the government over the hindrar'd issue??

there are 10000000000000000....sss questions like this brothers and sisters........

so lets find the truth behind all that..... lets find out if MIC is still relevant for us ??? are we going to fight by being in it and by making it more relevant for us?? or are we just gonna dedicate our "makkal shakti" to pakatan rakyat??

we gave 2nd chance to anwar...the man who told that there wont be any temple in penang if ppl go against him in kampung rawa issue.... the man who has been in the main picture when our rights have been slowly erazed from the government arena as claimed.....

so y not stay together and fight for our rights from a more relevent MIC.....and by being in the system???......

I am not doing some cheap campaign for MIC... i am just voicing out my opinions.... i am just posting info's about the questions above......
This is for MALAYSIAN INDIANS..........
Lets join hands as MALAYSIAN INDIANS.......

Satahani namathu kaiyile....

sarithiram padaipon nattile,

sothinai ayiram vantahalum,

thuninthe name MUNNERUVOM......