Saya lihat banyak pihak lebih intrested dalam mengetahui apa tindakan MIC dalam hal ini. Hampir semua blog post pro-PR disertai dengan soalan "kenapa MIC berdiam diri?" , "Apa tindakan MIC", "Apa statement DSSV?".

Kesimpulan saya, semua pihak mengakui bahawa hal ini adalah tanggungjawab MIC. Mengakui yang MIC adalah suara yang mewakili masyarakat india di Malaysia.

Dari hari pertama, biro pendidikan pemuda MIC menangani hal ini. Berikut adalah update nya
( as far as i know).

Tapi kenapa hanya MIC? Saya berpegang kepada pendapat saya , ini adalah satu case dimana seorang guru ( rakyat malaysia) menyerang seorang pelajar dan keluarganya ( rakyat malaysia) dengan kata- kata yang tidak sopan dan lucah. Ini jelas melanggar code of ethics seorang guru. Jadi apakah hukumannya? Post link -Is it that simple? well why not?

MIC Youth Educatin Bureau Chief MR.Saravanan submitted letter to Education Dept to get her sacked.

Mr S. Murugesan (Assistant Coordinator Pemuda MIC and MIC CWC member)
di blog post - Don't Sweep it Under the Carpet - Punish Her!

I heard of the first issue a few days before it was exposed in the media. The newly appointed MIC Youth Education Bureau Chairman, Mr. M. Saravanan (not the Deputy Minister YB DatoSaravanan) brought to my attention the concerns of some parents from SM Teluk PanglimaGarang about a certain teacher who had repeatedly scolded students with racist remarks and used harsh punishment methods.

Saravanan was given a free hand to handle the issue. After discussing with the parents, he brought NTV7 together with other members of the media that cared to come to the school. I believe some NGOs were also involved.

As I write, the MIC Youth Education Bureau will be calling for a press conference together with the parents and the PIBG representatives to demand that disciplinary action be taken against the teacher. Hopefully, the non-Tamil media will also carry the story

Mr. M.Saravanan ( MIC Youth Education Bureau) will be meeting the Minister of Education YB Dato Seri Hishamuddin personally to convey the people's dissatisfaction and present a memorandum pressing for harsher punishment.

MIC president S Samy Vellu
Malaysiakini News :Samy: Take severe action against 'racist' teacher

In a statement today, MIC president S Samy Vellu said the party and the Indian community would not accept the teacher to be let off the hook with "a light sentence."
He questioned the decision by the ministry, saying that he regarded the move to transfer her to a smart school as "a form of appreciation. "
Samy Vellu said he would write to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to express the party's displeasure over the ministry's lack of stern action against the teacher.


MIC Youth Legal Aid Bureau welcomes and support the decision of the parents to file a legal suit against the teacher of the Banting school.
The punishment of transfer metted out by the education ministry is most lenient and insufficient.
The Legal Aid Bureau advises the parents to consider also pursuing the criminal action on the police reports made.
We hope this action will be a deterent to teachers of similar nature in future which cannot be condoned in a multi racial country
MIC National Youth legal Aid Bureau


Anonymous said...

i wonder where prof rama ha? senyap aje?

Scorpion said...

It takes the entire Indian community to voice out their displeasure. But the UMNO=BN is not doing anything good here. Not even a single word. This shows they are not sincere!

I doubt the teacher will be "punished" any further.

Anonymous said...

UMNO is as racist as ever...

what the so called multiracial keadilan doing? its happening in perak and not even a single word from them?

playing save so they wont loose malay votes in permatang pauh ??

Anonymous said...

WTF........... as the writer say why all looking it like its indian vs malay.

its a prob where a teacher abused a student.

for tht i say so many vulgar blog.

please dont make it a racial issue

Scorpion said...

Hello Anon@August 13, 2008 9:19 PM

WTF..R U dumb? IT is a racial issue! A MALAY RACIST spewed racial slurs from her filthy mouth and challenged the students.

IT shows how much hatred she has towards the community, or maybe she is proving herself to other Malays "See what I can do to the Indians and they can't do anything to us" kind of attitude!

Anonymous said...

Well, Lim Kit Siang was one of the first person to condem such act and even challenged deputy education minister to sack her form the school, it nice to see our Chinese and Malay fren in DAP and PKR had voice out their concern...this future of Malaysia the way to defend our rights collectively....unlike the selective memory MIC and their frens UMNO and MCA...