DAP lawyer Karpal Singh has blamed Anwar Ibrahim for creating the party-hopping culture and causing trouble in Pakatan Rakyat. Karpal, maybe one of the very few in Pakatan who remembers the Sept 16 scam and massive frog hunting exercise from Sabah, Sarawak to Taiwan when many chose to forget or ignore it.

ANWAR..... NOW AND THEN........
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Aug 19, 2008

“Give me two weeks after Aug 26 as I have to gather support from Barisan Nasional MPs to join the Pakatan Government”

Anwar claiming to have the support of enough Barisan MPs to form the new Federal Government.

Feb 4, 2009

“BN is trying to form the state government by hook or by crook – more by crook.”

Anwar criticising the crossing over of Perak representatives.

Remember September 16? It was Anwar who started the FROG game back then.. calling out for BN MPs to JUMP.... Back then, his supporters saw him as a hero of democracy. And now he got JUMPED. The same people who are now calling for fresh elections in Perak, had applauded Anwar then.
In 10 months 1 of 5 PR ruled states collapsed. Its their own leaders ( the 3 PR reps) who caused this fall. And they are not just normal wakil rakyats, they are exco's and dept speaker. So let the rakyat do some calculation on PR's credibility.

I am strongly against party-hopping. I personally think that BN should have proposed for a re-election to win back a REAL mandate. Well.... its politics I guess.... making use of the opportunity that one got. Reading from current situation, it's more realistic for BN get back IN this way. Its a opportunity for them rectify their past fouls and prove themself.


No reps for indians in preak now................. Dato Saravanan in BN TAKESOVER PERAK

One fact that I noticed is that the Indian community, which threw bulk of their
votes for the opposition at the polls, have become the major losers result of
the latest political manoeuvre.Under the opposition, the community had a speaker
and a state exco member. But not anymore.

There are no Indian representatives in the BN in the Perak state assembly. Where does the Indian community takes its problems? Who do they go to in case of problems and they need assistance?

I am not bragging or anything like that but I seem to be the only Indian BN elected
representative in the state by virtue of being the member of parliament for
Tapah.The answer to the above questions have yet to be answered by the BN

The leadership needs to create a position on par with a state exco to look at Indian affairs in the state. He must be given powers to instruct any state-run bodies, like an exco member. This person must also be hardworking as he would be instrumental in trying to bring back the Indian voters into the BN fold.

Although it is still early days, plans must be put in place so that the community in Perak does not feels neglected or sidelined by the ruling Barisan Nasional government.With all this in mind, I wish to remind the Indian community about one thing. Politics are played by politicians and as members of the Indian
community, I urge the people to come united on this matter. Please ensure that
we are not left behind in any development. This post is just a gist of what I
have to say on the matter. More will follow. Thank you