Politics...politics and politics..... and now Malaysia about to witness the mother of all by election..... wait a minute.... what about all the so called "janji pilihan raya" GE-12. We only hearing about it during elections. Maybe next time the rakyat need have our own "check list" on that...lolz....

I would like to highlight on a press statement by Dato Dr. Subramaniam, MIC secretary-general and human resources minister (Subra: New plans show Indians not marginalised) it was on malaysiakini 5th of july 2008. Many might ask..so what about it?

I got over exited and started a post in friendster's HINDRAF group forum (‘Major achievement’ for MIC) and guess what, i was "attacked" by many of course. " DEI PUNITHAN SHAN..........how can you call that as achievements whereas it just a plan, and not yet implemented....dont try to fool the people here..." a sample of respond i got. very reasonable....:) . Besides that i would like to refer to HINDRAF's official statement on the matter (PM ANNOUNCED BAD NEWS TO MALAYSIAN INDIANS AT MIC GENERAL ASSEMBLY STOP THE CONTINOUS BULLY AND CHEAT) . Besides that, i get similar kind of responds to my post on (MIC & HINDRAF - Rela Demi Masyarakat India???)

Well, very reasonable i guess. How can one tell its achievement since those are only promises that made by MIC and govern. So i did my own check list to see if they really walking the talk???
Here, i have posted the "walking the talk" of MIC since the day this "NEW PLANS FOR INDIANS" announced about 1 month ago. The best i could do with my limited time and resources .


Government: Allocations For The Welfare of Malaysian Indians


Unit to keep track of Tamil schools


Today,(12 July 2008) The Prime minister officially announced that AIMST students can apply PSD loan and scholarship.
AIMST will be one of the 5 Private universities in Malaysia that won this privilege from the government.


The Government has approved a RM120mil allocation for the development of the Indian community for four years following a request by the MIC.
MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the RM30mil allocation each year would be used to help single mothers become self sufficient as well as for youth programmes and other programmes to help the needy.

"Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave the approval recently," he told reporters Saturday after the end of the one-day MIC general assembly here.

He said that the allocation was part of the RM300mil sought from the Government in May to help poor Malaysian Indians.


Skills Course for Minimum SPM Scorers


Education without Values


Latest Offer - MIED's study loans


RM3 mil aid for young Indian entrepreneurs

SO, It's for the community to move forward now and avail themselves to these opportunities. Of course the opportunity can be given but the person must also take the initiative to come forward. The aim of this post is not only to list out MIC's plan's and agenda's, but also to spread the news around so it will be known and benefited by the rakyat. The links are with extra informations and application form download links.

This are only some of the "moveS" for past 1 month.
Answering to HINDRAF's "18-demands"? Let the community decides.......

p/s: To check on MIC's "walking their talk" since GE-12 , please check on www.punithanshan.blogspot.com under MIC Cares and MIC tag.

p/s: a "kind" responds i got for this article :) -JUDGE ME!!!


mymalaysia said...

impressif walking....

Scorpion said...

I'm still not impressed! The government is notorious for abandoning projects halfway through implementation without notice. A lot of people will be caught unaware with sudden changes in procedure.

I would like to inform you that it is not the ministers who abandon them but the culprits are pengarah2, pegawai2, and other government staffs) who impose their rules IN ORDER TO DENY the delivery of such plans effectively.

What are you guys going to do to ensure everthing gets implemented fully and effectively?

Remember, politicians and civil servants are there to serve the people. You are not doing us a favour, it is YOUR DUTY TO DELIVER the expectation of the citizens. Can't do it, bend down and get BOOTED OUT!


Hello scorpion,

The link to "education without values" was missing. I have updated it. Thanks.


Please avoid seditious, defamatory and libelous statements. Lets have an open and healthy discussion.

Anonymous said...

those are some good afford by MIC.

i wonder why its not get the media coverage? not for political propose but for the people to know about it get a chance to gain from the progs

poobalan said...

Walking The Plan 1:
The key word is "proposed". What is the logic used to arrive at the amount? Why not 20 million or 100 million or even 1 billion?

Please note that there's no mention of any allocation in 9th Malaysian Plan Mid Term review (or at least I did not find it). If you did, please tell the page number(s).

Walking The Plan 2:
The keyword is "will". Secondly, look at one of the objectives of the proposed unit - to merge (consolidate) those schools with enrolment below 50 students. Which smart guy gave that idea? Does that person dare to stand up and admit it?

Walking The Plan 3:
This is one good thing. But lets reserve the plaudits until there is news of such recipients and there necessary breakdown of statistics.

Walking The Plan 4:
Again another good thing, but let us wait the funds are utilised before evaluating the plan.

Walking The Plan 5:
Good news.

Walking The Plan 6:
Can't access the link

Walking The Plan 7:
MIED have been offering loans for quite some time. At times it was put on hold because the borrowers did not repay. Actually, where does MIED get its money from? How much of it is from the government's allocation?

Walking The Plan 8:
Another good thing. But let's look at how this RM3 million is being recycled many times - http://poobalan.com/blog/indian/2008/07/31/how-many-rm3-millions-for-indians/

However, for items 5, 7 and 8, can we access and view the comparison of allocations for last 20 years, for example? If these programmes were in place for last 2 or 3 decades, that will definitely prove that these new plans are not sweets given to win the hearts of the community. If its something new, that's announced after April, then we all know what that means. You have to fight for your rights.

As a conclusion, its important that MIC goes the extra mile and show its honesty. For example, who owns the Evergreen Institute in Perak? Can it be traced back to any MIC leaders?

MIC also have to work double-time to convince the people. It must go on publicity and promotion campaign WITHOUT trying to hide information, being truthful, humble, and respectful. People are becoming more well read, and simply telling things without relevant facts won't work.

Does the plans so far answer the 18-points memorandum. Well, it does not come close. There's a long way to go. MIC have to go on turbo mode for next five years. I wonder if the leaders can last the race.

Anonymous said...

well.... good job MIC

malaysian said...

It is not fair to tell MIC din do anything for the indians.

Their service started 50 years ago where they struggled for our merdeka.

they have been always doing their part. but failed to pass the msg to the ppl. that was the failure.

they were just too arrogont, thinking that ppl know what they are doing

another thing, doing is not imp. one must do what the ppl wanted.

i think this tsunami thought them well on that....

Theshi said...

Please understand the people's scepticism about these plans. MIC was never empty of any of these plans and has always had them. It is a matter of delivering them or having an actual impact on society as a whole. Sorely lacking.

MIED has been doing some good things for sometime now but it has not really translated to having a huge impact on a segment of society that clearly needs it(not Indians but stateless, estate and the extremely poor).

Besides the MIC also has the problem of getting the support from the professionals and the middle/upper income groups with a lot of financial manipulation(in their reports) and thugery during its EGM's.

How can we expect people to support a political party with such a culture and with many unanswered questions and allegations?

That is why we prefer to distance ourselves from such an organisation and work anonymously or with other NGO's.