LAZARUS said...

Vanakkam Bro Punithan,

Blogger Margeemar has challenged you and MIC Youth to take action against Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, an Indian Muslim for using the word Pariah. You can read Margeemar's challenge here at

August 19, 2008 9:38 AM


Salam merdeka,

To Lazarus, Thank you for advertising my blogs via comment box in many blogs. Your afford is appreciated. With respect, who is this margeemar to challenge me? or who am i to be challenged by him? I am just a normal member of the community like him. I believe i have cleared my stand on that in my post "JUDGE ME!!!". That goes for everyone. In that Post, i have never mentioned about the word "pariah". So its for the ppl to judge sir, not for us do debate on. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Do you know who is responsible for Indian crime rate? "Tepuk dada Tanya Selera".Now the crime is like cancer in our community and the medicine is with us "Makkal Sakhti".

Dear Punithan,
I fully support that we must educate Indian Youths to be good citizen and not to involve in criminal activities. However, the MIC leaders always look for thugs for their protection. A national youth leader appointed by Samy was inrfamous thug in Klang. His brother was detained under ISA because of his involvement in promoting gangstarism. Ever General Assembly of the MIC delegats were prevented from questioning Samy by Thugs. Even in a MAIKA Holding meeting Dato Subramaniam and those who questioned about the misappropriation of funds were assaulted. Thugs, in fact, were produced by the MIC and MIC was the mother of all thugs. I request, you elect decent people with clean record and then the Indians will realise that thugs and criminals have no place in MIC and the society will reject them. Clean your own house before you try to clean other's house.

August 19, 2008 1:16 PM


To anonymous,

Tepuk dada tanya selera, well i think i am doing that. And your replies proved that.
I think you are talking about MIC's ex-youth leader sir. You called for a clean up. And thats what they are doing. Let the ppl judge on the changes. Meanwhile what are we ( members of the community going to do on this issue???, thats my question in my post sir.(INDIANS: CRIME RATE INCREASING AND POPULATION DECREASING !!!)

thank you.


Anonymous said...

QUOTE:"supporting a political party or leader? does that mean we have close our eyes on their cons? I am doing my part , are you?
i am sincere... thanks you sir."
Are you sure you're sincere?I didn't came a cross on any of your posting on other political party or leader.Are you telling us they're saint or you're trying to cover up their wrong doing?Be sincere to yourself will do.


Greetings Mr anony (August 19, 2008 11:34 AM)

As you say, i might not be posting on cons of any particular BN leaders. Because i think there are more then enough blogers took up the task and doing a 'good job'

What we dont have is cons of the other camp(PR).as u asked me, are they(PR) gods or saints? a chance for the rakyat to see the other camps ugly side.I am not posting some rumors. I am posting with facts. Thats my freedom of speech. That explains the way i choose to 'walk' my blog.

And i do speak up on the issues that effects the rakyat. please browse tru my blog posts sir.

Thank you for your suggestions. In future i hope my posts will meet you expectations. (i just started bloging 4 months ago)


Anonymous said...

If u are really what you claim you are then why:
1. You never mention anyrhing about Samy Vellu? Is he an angel or God in your eyes?
2.Why Indian are still left far behind compare to 30 years ago?
3. Why you never mention about The Maika Telekom Issue?
4. Have you ever attended MIC meeting and do you know what will happen to those raise the issue? Read carefully the police report by T and you will get some idea.
5. Why you only publish photos about the wrong doing of PR? There are 1001 photos that will tell the story of BN. Why you didn't bother to look up for them and publish?
6. Have you ever come out of your well feed home and join the community service ? If you did then you will know the real situstion of the indians.
7. We have been The Slave to BN and especially SAmy Vellu and MIC for the past 50 years why don't we give PR 5 years to prove themselves.Why you always have to expect changes within 6 months while until HINDRAF come into force indians and their problems are unknown.
8. If you go to the grass root, then you will know the people are with PR. Only UMNO AND MIC are really worried about the future.In case all their wrongs are exposed. Even GERAKAN, MCA and SAPP are up and voicing their opposition towards BN@UMNO but MIC is being a good DOG still waiting for crumbs from its master UMNO.


Salam merdeka,

to mr anony (August 19, 2008 2:35 PM)

1st i am not here to prove who am i. I am just a normal member of the community like you sir.

For your questions.

No 1,3,4,5 - i have answered those in my previous comments.

No.3 - As a chairman and founder of MAIKA, its DSSV's responsibility to answer that. And Dato seri had promised a solution. Soon there will be a statement on that sir.

6. Yes i am doing community service as much as i can. With the help of MIC of course. If u want details, do email me.
log on to for details on activities by my group.

7. giving PR time? well thats my personal choice. I choose to give that time to BN and MIC to reform.

8. Grass root ppl are with PR? If its true, Thats their personal choice to choose whats best for them.

MIC not speaking up? please browse tru my posts is under the tag MIC and MIC cares. That'll be the answere for your confusion sir.

Other ref on what MIC doing since GE-12
Thank you.
P/s: please provide your name, for me to address you in my replies.


Anonymous said...

scrap metal for indian? My foot MIC cares.....