DS Anwar I , The next prime minister of malaysia??? . I remembered a statement from Tun Dr. M on that few days ago. He said, "Anwar will never become PM, If he does, I'll migrate from malaysia". mmmm..... no comments....

"Self proclaimed prime minister in waiting" , thats how malaysiakini refers DSAI in its reports. What is DSAI's real motive? Can i say "only god knows"...

Whatever it is, he made is point clear "I WANT TO BE THE PM OF MALAYSIA" . Let me rephrase it " RAKYAT MALAYSIA, I PROMISE YOU A NEW MALAYSIA 'IF' I BECOME THE NEXT PM".

Is DSAI the only guy in PR who can deliver this "New Malaysia" ? He was once the NO.1 enemy of DAP and PAS, and now......... :) . They united under him and gave him the mandate to lead them. ( atleast thats what i thought).

So, with that DSAI "walked". The wife resigned to give him way to 'walk' further. And who expected on the eve of his nomination day, PAS president said "LET HM WIN 1ST, THEN WE'LL SEE" . Can we assume, he is not confident that DSAI will win Permatang Pauh parliament seat, or The PAS No.1 has diff plans.

Despite being repeatedly quizzed by reporters, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang refused to state if PAS would endorse Anwar - a self proclaimed prime minister-in-waiting - for the nation's top job. "Wait for him to win first and see if there are changes in Parliament. After that we will discuss . We will see who is acceptable to the plural society," said Hadi, in reference to the Aug 26 Permatang Pauh by-election which Anwar will be contesting. -
Malaysiakini, 15/8/2008 -Hadi non-commital on Anwar's PM bid
September 16 is just 1 month away..................

My Thoughts,

I choose to repair/ rebuild the old house which gives me shelter till now, then taking a big risk staying in a new condo constructed on a hill top
(with the sign "BEWARE OF LANDSLIDES" )



he is going to be the PM. Just watch it!!

The you do the calculation on what going to happen to people like you.... hahahahahaha



Anonymous said...

we going to witness the reall flip flop pm after he become pm.

i dont think PAS is going to let thigs to him that ezily.

lets wait and see

pemuda PAS said...

Pas Pulau Pinang meluahkan rasa terkilan dengan layanan yang diterimanya daripada kerajaan pakatan pembangkang diketuai DAP di Pulau Mutiara itu sejak empat bulan lepas.

Seorang wakilnya, Mohd. Fahmi Abdul Wahab berkata, selepas empat bulan membentuk kerajaan negeri, Pas sebenarnya masih mencari-cari apakah makna sebenar pakatan itu.

``Sehingga hari ini, Pas negeri belum dipanggil oleh kerajaan negeri untuk duduk semeja bagi membincangkan hala tuju pakatan pembangkang di negeri ini,'' katanya semasa membahaskan ucapan presiden pada Muktamar Pas ke-54, di sini hari ini.

Menurut Mohd. Fahmi, Pas Pulau Pinang bersetuju dengan perwakilan dari Terengganu bahawa pakatan antara tiga parti itu tidak boleh dipanggil sebagai pakatan `perkahwinan'

TheFireFly said...

Anwar becoming the PM????? That would spell doom for the country. Just look at how his supporters behaved at the nominations yesterday. The newspapers have it although some may say that the mainstream papers painted a wrong picture of the incident. Photographs don't lie!!!! Rowdy and hooligans dats how I would term PKR. What do you expect when theyy have MPs like Tian Chua, Gobalakrishnan and Manickavasagam. Well guys, whether we like it or not, Anwar is not good for this country. I agree with the earlier comment which say he would take the term flip-flop to a higher level. How to please PAS on one side and DAP on the other. Anyway, this so called leader goes on saying he would form the next govt by Sept 16 and thats not very far. I just want to see if this turns to reality or is he going to come up with more lies and reasons. To all PKR Indian supporters, don't sell your community to this fake leader who calls himself Anwar Ibrahim.