Vanakkam Everybody,

I would like to share my opinion with PUTERA MIC, and all the other blogers who actively participate on forum kind of session with PUTERA MIC blog posting. After Mr. Kamalanathan came out with a posting on “‘Why would anyone want to join PUTERA MIC?’, many blogers shared their honest and frank comments and views on that matter.

Many may choose to see this as an usual anti-MIC attitude, like what I have witnessed in most blogs. But I think its beyond that. It shows many cares about MIC. Or shall I say “interested”. Being a new “thing”, PUTERA MIC is now in the spotlight. They/ We like to know/study more about PUTERA MIC.

After the post, we saw many blogers posting articles about PMIC. And many Puterans defending PMIC over the blogs. Hats Off puterans. Hats off to all the blogers who voiced out many good points and suggestions to PMIC. It may sound harsh but lets take it as opportunity to hear what the others think and most importantly what we EXPECT from PUTERA MIC.

If we analyze some of the articles, its not a anti-PMIC attitude we see there, but more to “We are INTRESTED in PMIC” kind of attitude. I think this is a AKNOWLEDGEMENT from the younger youths or shall a say 1st year Birthday gift to PMIC.

Now, PUTERA MIC blog is really CONNECTED to the blog world. So I humbly suggest that we take this opportunity to create a platform among us to share constructive views and ideas. Because I believe this can be good start to woo younger youths to work by MIC as what our President, Dato seri s samy vellu requested.

1. To the blogers who working by MIC – Lets try to give reliable explanations to the commentors who demands for explanation. And analyze how thei views and ideas can be utilized to make Putera MIC a relevant platform for the younger youths.

2. To those who have no faith in MIC, please share your views with us in a proper way. Because nobody is perfect. Everybody got a lot to learn and understand. Now the leaders now choose to take virtual informations, ideas and demand more seriously. So lets voice out in a proper manner and it will be HEARD .

3. To PUTERA MIC – PUTERA MIC may be just 1 year old. But they are the the 1st to set up a virtual platform on behalf of MIC. So PMIC please try to avoid retaliating out of emotions to ppl’s comments. As one of the official virtual platform for MIC, we show that WE CARE and proof that PMIC IS A RELEVANT PLATFORM FOR YOUNGER YOUTHS WHO HAVE INTEREST IN THE COMMUNITY AND NATION. Bloging is a powerful tool. Lets use it wisely.

I am not posting this article in behalf of other blogers. Its my personal humble view. "NEVER FEAR IN EXPRESSING YOUR THOUGHTS AND BE BOLD AND CLEAR IN YOUR CRITICISMS" .

I am sorry if I hurt anybody.

"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals. When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams," – Dato Seri S Samy Vellu.



p/s: To PMIC, Wantedgal, Mr.Durai, Mr. Madhavan. I am Posting a link to your articles to this post of mine. Please forgive me for doing it without you permission. Msg me if u guys not ok with it. :). thanks.

A personal opinion to the posts below.


1st i would like to thank PMIC for coming up with this post. I am one of the many who have been asking them the question "what is PUTERA MIC and Why would anyone want to join PUTERA MIC".

I am a student studying in a foreign land. I am willing to give my full support on their call to Form PUTERA MIC International chapter.

We have to accept the fact that todays youth turn their back to 'mainstream' politics. I am talking about 18-30 years old. We have witnessed many questioning 'everything' about the 'mainstream' politics. If we talking about Indians here then i refer to MIC. Even in virtual world we find many young blogers choose to criticize the government and MIC.

What does this means? They don't have faith in MIC anymore? I don't think so. They just DONT KNOW much about it. And its NOT their fault.

For now , the fact is not only the “above 30” care about political and social situation of the country. WE care and we wish to take part also since its our country and our community.

Then y are they not supportive enough? Its because the reality is they just wont take words as “actions”. They want solid facts, they wish to see 'evident base” , they wants to experience the changes 1st hand. AND THEY WISH TO BE PART OF IT.

Now let me talk about PUTERA MIC. Its a platform created by MIC to the younger youths to participate in their activities. Its a CALL from MIC to the younger youths to voice out their views and ideas. Y choose to be out and criticize when you can come in to the system and be part of the changes that we wish for?

Y PUTERA MIC? What they doing? What they can do? Now thats the question running in many younger youths. And PMIC have the responsibilities to answer those questions or shall i say demands. As i said earlier, younger youths will rarely agree on any ideas or activities that been forced to them. They wish to be part of their own ideas.

My humble suggestion to PMIC is to 1st create a platform to share ideas from others as well. Ask what they really wants. Never hold back their views. Because 'young minds' do great thinking.

PMIC must port a article on their past and present activities. Because they need to proof what they capable of. And provide a platform to seek opinion from 'others' as well. This will shows that PMIC is really CARES.

I understand that the post “ Why would anyone want to join PUTERA MIC” by PMIC's coordinator got criticized a lot. Rather then arguing and fighting back to those criticize, i humbly request PMIC to analyze it. Because i frankly think they asking very relevant questions.

Sathanai namathu Kaiyile, sarithiram padaipom natile,
Sothanai Ayiram vanthalum, thuninthey name munneruvom”

"When we speak with one voice,
we will achieve our goals.
When we act with one determination,
nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"

Yours sincerely ,


Hie everybody, Vanakkam.

Malaysia's PSD have announced their scholarship results. This PSD scholarships offered to 2007 SPM high achievers. 2000 scholarships offered.

Sadly only 72 Indians won the race and crowned as 2008 PSD scholars. ONLY 72 out of 2000?? Yup, its really sad to see such a small number. Only 72 High achievers among the Indians in 2007 SPM??

Lets look at the numbers. 259 Indian students achieved "high" results in 2007 SPM. ( I am not very sure about the requirements needed to be classed as high achievers. i assume that the student who scored A1's in all the subjects).

Out of 259, ONLY 72 got PSD scholarship. 187 high achievers failed to be PSD scholar or shall i say has been denied their RIGHT to get PSD scholarship despite their PERFECT results.

12 A1 - 3 students
11 A1 - 7 students
10 A1 - 68 students
9 A1 - 66 students
8A1 - 43 students.

"Who else i need to impress?" - Question asked by a Indian girl who scored 12A1 and failed to get PSD scholarship.

For past few days, MIC leaders giving out press statement urging the PSD to reconsider. YB Sivarasan from PKR hold a press conference in Perak to highlight this matter to public view and made his point that government being very unfair to the Indians.

So everyone cares. No matter he is in the mainstream or the opposite. But is that enough??
What are they going to do to make sure that this "Malaysian Indian Jewells" gets what rightfully theirs?


MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu today met Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan to appeal on behalf of 187 Malaysian Indian high achievers who were denied Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships this year.

He explained to the Chief Secretary on the need to help these students. This is in line with our aspiration to create at least two professionals in every Indian family in the country.

Samy Vellu said MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, who is also Human Resources Minister, Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department S.K. Devamany and MIC Education Bureau chief Prof Datuk T. Marimuthu would meet PSD director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam later today on the matter.( 21 Mei 2008)

So lets see if MIC's "Round table discussion" method will solve this issue.

"Sathanai Namathu Kaiyile, Sarithiram Padaipom Natile,
Sothanai Ayiram Vanthalum, Thuninthey Name munneruvom"


It has been exactly 2 months since the Malaysian GE 12...........................

The whole nation has realized the power of 'makkal shakti"...........................
They have voiced out that indians are not happy with barisan nasional.................
It caused a historic political tsunami in Malaysia for Barisan Nasional............
We witnessed Parties like MIC and gerakan being almost wiped out......................

We should all now ask ourselfs. Is this what we really wanted??

Just 4 years back BN had 90% victory in GE 11. MIC had 100% victory..........
People loved BN n MIC just 4 years back..........................................

So what happened now? Ok, we want changes.......... The Malaysian Indians want changes....

It was just a matter of time and MIC would have gotten 2 full ministers in the cabinet. It was just matter of time and MIC would have gotten more EXCO in states. It was just matter of time and we would have been gifted with MORE voices in the Government. All that would have happened if MIC won atleast 80%.
But we denied it. The people denied that gift. Ok fine...."voters are always right".

Malaysian Indians for the 1st time expressed their dislikes over BN publicly .So we made the government realize that we are not happy and we need more. And unfortunately now MIC the sole Indians rep in the government is left with only few reps. Is this what they wanted?? Is this for good??

We like it or not, we regret it or not, this is out situation till GE13. So let us keep a watch over their performances. We shall see if we can get more from Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat?

Who can provide a better opportunity to secure a better future for Indians in Malaysia. Last time we din have anybody to compare with. This is the chance for MIC to proof if they are the best.

So while waiting for that............

we should ask ourselfs...........
Political reformation has taken place ( we shall wait and see )
How about Reformation in our society??? How about our attitude and mind frame??

We lived in a nicely wrapped package, where we fail 2 c d true content of d package.
Struggle for justice is going on. Demand for equal rights is high. Yes all this should carry on, but if justice is prevailed n equal rights r granted,
is that enough?
are we ready for all that with our current mind set and attitude??

While Political reformation is taking place we must do a social reformation............
Y must wait for the government or any political parties to do it for us??.... cant we help ourselves....

Let this be a challenge to us.....
Let this be a task to secure a better future for Indians in Malaysia....



Dear Brother,

I think that you got me wrong. I do not critcise the temples or the priests. Nothing wrong with them. Its we, who got to change.

Usually, when I throw a stone at somebody, it normally falls on a Hindu who does not know anything about Hinduism but claims that he knows everything about Hinduism. But this time it fell on a Hindu who knows something. And you turned back to see from the stone comes. Its from me.

There is something common in us. That is we both intended to do something for our community. Otherwise I would not have stumbled over your blog. But the difference is that I started some 40 years ago, while you just started. I am not saying anything abruptly. It is the result of observing something gone wrong with our society. I was born and brought up in an estate. I am not a graduate like you. I was only a President of a large temple. I want to share with you my experience of observing Indian problems (especially Hindus) in Malaysia. I have traveled widely including Sabah and Sarawak. I have read several books including Bhagavad Gita, Thiruvasagam, Thevaram. I have read the life history of saints and sages like Mahatma Ghandi, Swami Vivekhaanandha, Rabindranath Tagore, Paramahamsa Yogananda including Sai Baba. After reading such books and having a glimps of Vedhas and Upanishads, I must tell you that we are a proud lot of Hindus.

It all started when I was in the upper secondary school in the 60’s. Every Friday, about 11.00 am Christian boys from that school used to go to Bible studies while the Muslim students would go to Quran studies. But we hindus about 40 of us were left wondering at the corridors or play-grounds for the whole period. While the Christians and Muslims gained knowledge and discipline based on their respective religious text, we Hindus were not exposed to this spiritual knowledge and discipline. This was going on not only in my place but almost everywhere even till today. We are an ignorant lot.

After my secondary education, I got a job as a temporary teacher in Kulim during the early 70’s. I use to see fightings in temples in Kulim as I used to witness in my hometown, almost 200km away. There was hardly any festivals that went without fighting. Did you read in ‘Malaysia Nanban’ the fighting that erupted during the last ‘Chitra Pournami’ day? You can read in papers almost everyday the ongoing social problems faced by our community. We cannot deny this and sweep under the carpet. I can go on listing but that is not my purpose here for the moment. Please refer to dated Tues, 28th May, 2008.

When you want to do something for our community, you must first identify their weaknesses and formulate rectification. To do this, you must be sensitive enough to observe what’s happening. Compare with other communities in Malaysia. The Blacks in America came as slaves. Today, they emerge as an outstanding lots in every field, be it in music, sports, politics, fashion and education. In Malysia, look all the buildings and vehicles around. They are mostly owned by the Chinese. What is the secret behind this? It is their discipline. They are disciplined even in drinking, I mean liquior. They know when to drink and what to drink. But what is lacking in our Indian society today is spiritual discipline. Once we are disciplined spiritually, nothing can shake us. We will be strongly united. In future all our activities will be based on this discipline be it social, economy or political.

Now let me analyse one by one the points.
  1. I know what the temples are doing and I know what is temple ‘thondu’. Temple ‘thondu’ alone is not enough to alleviate thesufferings of the people. There are many poor Indians in Malaysia. They go to temple to pray so that God will come to their rescue. God will not come to the rescue; it is we who has to got to the ground to do service to them. Remember : ‘servive to manking is service to God’.‘Maanava sevai Maathava sevai’ In temples, I involve in meaningful ‘thondu’ that brings benefit to the members as well as non-members.

  1. Yes, the real purpose of chanting the mantras in Sanskrit is to derive the joy of communicating and praising the Lord. Slowly, but surely those who chant the mantras will be allevated to a higher level. Thereare several familiar God forms which we can invoke daily during our prayers; eg. Vinayaga, Siva, Vishnu, Muruga, Saraswathi, Mahalakshmi, Durga and other Prarthanais. (I will send you later themantras and their meaning). If you make effort to teach the childrenat an early age, they will surely benefit. They will feel proud to be a Hindu culture. Our youths and women folks in future will slowly get to know our God. This is my experience in the Sai Centres everywhere. Our Hindu children attending Bal Vikas in the centres, are chanting chanting these mantras in one voice. I use to wonder, why our Hindu children are not taught in the temples. I do not want to see our children in the temples deprived of this opportunity. When chanting this mantra (with knowing its meaning) together it promotes unity among the Hindus. Increase the knowledge on Hinduism. Only then we can organize other activities for the youths, women, studentsand others, thereby laying the foundation for progress of our community. Progress should proceed from the temple. Why can’t we teach the laymen and normal people these mantras. It is happening in Sai centres. When Chinese devotees can chant surely our people can. But the problem is that, due to the absent of good system, it is very difficult to adopt and implement such programmes in temples.

  1. Yes, about the youths, that was my comment after interviewing many Youths and observing their behaviour, whether they are university students or working. Because they lack knowledge on Hinduism, you cannot expect spiritual discipline among these youths. So, join a Sai Centre and learn their knowledge, expertise, skill and methodology of serving society.

Will be writing more.

Kalidas Subramaniam



PUNITHAN SHAN : we witnessed that today's indian youths had turn their back to MIC. what is putra mic's role in changing this negative view of todays youths on MIC?


Dear Mr. Punithan Shan & Mr. Durai,

Greetings and Vanakkam to you.

First let me thank both of you for visiting and commenting as well. You have raised some important issues of which I will try my best to respond.

You did mention “we witnessed that today's Indian youths had turn their back to MIC”. I agree and disagree with the statement and let me explain.

Why I agree?

It is true that Youths are not to keen to be directly involved in politics and they prefer to be actively involved in NGO. I am not saying that it’s wrong for them to be involved in NGO, as, I am a strong believer that irrespective where we are and who we represent - what is important is in the delivery and we must be result oriented. As long as you can help an Indian in some way, I think that would be great.

Why I don’t agree?

For your information, at this point of time we have more than 3,000 members in Putera MIC out of which 80% of them are graduates. Also for your information, the minimum requirement to be a Putera MIC state leader is to have a first degree and all Putera MIC State Leaders have met those criteria and not only that all the National Council Members of Putera MIC also have met those criteria.

I am also indeed please to inform you, we have Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Technicians, Administrative Experts and celebrities who have joined us as Putera MIC members.

Having said all that, you may wonder what on earth we have done to get so many Young Indian Professional/Graduates with us. To give you an honest answer – We do work quietly and at times when we do our work quietly many think that we are not doing anything.

Maybe the time is up for us to shout and tell the whole world what we have been doing.

Just for your information, we have been involved in the Annual Meeting with the Universities Students to get their inputs and ideas at the same time we try our best to assist them in overcoming their issues.

Besides that, from the day we have existed, we have without fail assisted SPM and STPM students in giving them guidance in securing a place for them in the local U’s, we will give all our best and go anywhere we need to go if there is a need. Off course, all this would not be mentioned to all and we do not expect any one to thank us for all this – all we want is to make another Indian Student happy.

Right now we are working closely with CCI Foundation, Tamil Foundation and other NGO’s as well in organising a Science Fair for Young Children.
I must say besides Education, we are very much ahead in the ICT World, we started our Website one year ago and we have more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world visiting our website. We were the first Indian based political entity to organise a Bloggers Meeting which was attended by more than 40 bloggers – We started to talk about Blogging even before the 12th GE and now everyone is talking about it. I am also proud to share with you that we are the 1st Indian Based Political entity to have our own Internet TV.

My Dear Friend,

Please give us a chance to prove our worth; after all we are just one year old. In the meantime, if you have a suggestion, please do let me know.

I do hope, my reply to you both was not rude. We have plans; I don’t dream just about anything, I dream of things that I can do. I know I can do wonders with my brothers in Putera MIC as they have shown their commitment and also their support towards this moment. If you are kind and you have the time PLEASE JOIN US.

Yours sincerely

P Kamalanathan
National Coordinator


Dear Mr. Kamalanathan,

Your post had certainly enlightened me , if not the others about the undertakings that you're doing for the improvement of the Indian society.

Statistics alone wouldn't speak if action is not being taken time to time .Since you guys have action plans and how you're going to implement them, what is left I believe is only the progress.

Congratulations and good luck to all the things you all have done so far. I for one would not hesitate to join or support any party or NGO's for that matter as long as it serves the purpose of serving the Indian community.

It defeats the purpose of having a politically motivated organization if society is neglected.I sincerely hope with the new generation of educated Indians taking over your party, you'll strive for countless amount of achievements and success.

Please keep us in the loop for any activities . I would be glad to be part of something that is useful to society.

P.S: You were not rude with your answer and please don't feel so. Instead you were professional enough which convinces me whatever you're trying to explain is true .

Thank you.
Durai Kumar

Letter to Malaysiakini by Mr. Murugesan Sinnandavar ( MIC CWC Member)

(28th April, 2008), Malaysiakini reported that former MB of Selangor, Dr Khir Toyo stated that the Kg Karrupiah Temple (referred to by some as Rimba Jaya Temple or Padang Jawa Temple) breaking was ordered by MIC President Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu and that the temple was broken after Deepavali. This is my letter in reply to the editor of Malaysiakini.

To the Editor of Malaysiakini,

How could Dr. Mohd Khir Toyo say that the temple was broken two days after Deepavali? It was broken a week BEFORE Deepavali. Did the whole nation get it wrong? Or were all the reports and pictures in ALL the three Tamil Dailies of the broken temple, lies? Perhaps the former MB was referring to remnants of the temple structure that was left standing or the ‘temporary temple’ ‘rebuilt’ at the same site by some quarters after the initial breaking. However the Kg Karuppiah Maha Mariamman Temple as we know it was broken on the 30th October, 2007.

I was there on that day. The MBSA made the first attempt to break the temple in the morning around 9.00 am. They were stopped by the residence there and Shah Alam MIC Committee members. MBSA Officers then said that the temple will be broken by 12 noon and all the deities were to be removed by then. A number of youths began to gather at the temple site in an attempt to prevent the temple breaking.

MBSA kept to their word and made a charge around noon but was ordered to be stopped by the police as it turned violent. In the meantime fellow lawyer, Mr Sivanesan and me demanded MBSA to show that they had the authority to break the temple. The MBSA legal officer was called to the site but was unable to show a court order that specified that the temple be broken. He then resorted to a notice by MBSA. Upon inspection the notice was dated two years ago. We argued on the validity of the notice but the Legal Officer held his ground. A plea that the matter be referred to court to resolve ambiguity before the temple is broken also fell into deaf ears.

The Shah Alam Dato Bandar was there. He said he has his instructions and refused to budge. This was despite Mr Alex Thiagarajan (Klang MIC Chairman) telling the Dato Bandar that the temple breaking will have dire consequences for the BN government. The Dato Bandar gave the orders and ‘disappeared’ from the site. This was when MBSA made the final charge. Some youths were injured whilst others were arrested in the process. Some MBSA officers were also injured. With the youths that barricaded themselves between the MBSA officers and the temple removed, the bulldozer moved in.

The picture of the damaged the yellow structure shown in Malaysiakini’ s report is that of the temple’s ‘Mulla Staanum’ or inner sanctum. It is the most sacred place in the temple and the statute of the main deity is placed there in accordance with rites dating back thousands of years. Once the inner sanctum was damaged, the temple committee had no choice but to remove the statute of the main deity as they didn’t want the statute to be desecrated. All Hindus know that once the statute of the main deity is removed from the temple, the place ceases to be a temple.

Therefore the temple was broken on the 30th October, 2007. To say otherwise runs counter to irrefutable facts.

Murugesan Sinnandavar


DAP, PKR and Pas have agreed on many issues, including forming Pakatan Rakyat, but political crossovers are still very much a bone of contention among them.

While PKR big guns have been boasting of a hijrah or exodus of elected representatives from Barisan Nasional to Pakatan, DAP has been less receptive about the entire notion.

DAP chairman Karpal Singh has gone on record as saying that he was dead set against it, even asserting that he would break ranks with the opposition coalition and side with BN a motion for an anti-hopping law.

DAP has traditionally been against what it calls "political kangaroos".

Back in 1978, party adviser Lim Kit Siang delivered a stirring speech when moving a motion to introduce a private member's Bill for the prevention of defection.
But this is no surprise considering that this party had been battered by office bearers who quit the DAP for either MCA or Gerakan over the years.

Yap Pian Hon (now Datuk) was among the most prominent DAP stalwarts who crossed to the MCA.

In 1969, he won a seat in Parliament on a DAP ticket, but moved to the MCA five years later and he retained the seat continuously until the last election when he was dropped -- an extremely long wait for DAP to see "justice".

It was particularly painful for DAP to bear, since Yap quickly rose up the MCA ranks to become arguably one of the most popular chiefs of the Youth wing for championing the communal cause and moved on to the vice presidency.

Another former stalwart, the late Datuk Richard Ho, defected in 1972 and had a meteoric rise in MCA rising to become deputy president and a federal minister a few short years later.

From then on, various DAP leaders have deserted the party throughout the decades.

The more recent high profile crossovers included that of Lee Yuen Fong (more popularly known as Tiger Lee), and state vice-chairman Lim Fui Ming last year which triggered a media war between himself and DAP leaders.

But with PKR's de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim buoyant about having at least 30 Barisan MPs in the bag ready to cross over, most likely to PKR, to form the federal government, will DAP be squeezed into a minor role?

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng believes so and that DAP's main concern is of being marginalised if PKR does end up being the giant in the tripartite grouping.

"Their fear is that they may turn into the next Gerakan, a party which had no clout within BN, with governing power only in Penang," he said.

With Anwar setting his sights on Bumiputera MPs in Sabah and Sarawak including current Umno leaders, Khoo said it may decrease DAP's ability to reach out to the non-Chinese.

"In that worst-case scenario, with PKR becoming another Umno, exerting its power and dominance over other parties, DAP could possibly leave the coalition and strike out on its own as an opposition," said Khoo.

While DAP leaders have not gone to the extent of voicing this possibility, the party seems to be in a split between idealism and politics.

Karpal did not mince his words when he said he would be sticking to his guns on the issue, even if Pakatan Rakyat did form the federal government.

"In fact, I do not want any part in this Pakatan Rakyat Government this way.

"Parties who form Government through crossovers will be looked upon negatively. The party would be full of traitors."

This view is also shared by several other young party leaders, perhaps being idealists who don't want the DAP to be "corrupted" by party-hoppers who want to bet on a winning horse.

However, party supremo Lim Kit Siang has been curiously coy over the issue.

When contacted, he refused to comment, and asked that the views of other party leaders be sought instead.

Is the DAP head honcho, the anti-hopping firebrand that he was 30 years ago, finally having a change of heart?

A well-versed party insider, who declined to be named, said he just might sing a different tune, what with the possibility of the DAP having a part in forming the Government within its grasp.

source: Regina Lee for New Straits Times.