Chaos theory - Chaos theory, ketidak-teraturan dalam keteraturan, keteraturan dalam ketidak-teraturan. Secara sederhana menurut wikipedia : chaos theory describes the behavior of certain non liniear dynamical system that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.
Wow.... there is so much happening in permatang pauh. i wonder how many parts of chaos theory i need to post untill 26. :)

Some of the "Day 0" Chaos........

Provoking the outnumbered BN supporters? What you guys fishing for actually? FIGHT???

Remember guys, they are fellow malaysians, like you and me.

Offering money to the ladies? The whole world is watching this by-election, and this are the image we using to promote our Malaysia ( its our bulan merdeka).

Just imagine its your mother or sister who walking there guys.

Can we atleast 'act' like a civilized human???

mmmm........ seriously no commentslah.....

The so called future PM of malaysia IN RAJINIKANTH COSTUME!!! ( an indian actor)

I wonder if anyone really buy this crap and vote for that.

Rise of anwar's clones??? Guess who is behind the mask???

Its YANG BERHORMAT N.Gopalakrishnan!
(ref: anil netto -Nightmare (for BN) on Penanti Street )

A MIC strong man who left MIC. According to him, he is against the "one-man-show" way in MIC.

And here we have a parliment member, voted by the people of malaysia wearing a mask of DSAI.

So can we asume that everything in everyone one in PKR is about anwar and nothing else???

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Anonymous said...


good post... btw u have missed out the photographer incident

Anonymous said...

Ha...Ha..Ha at least PKR supporters honest enough to do it infront of all.Not like the other party doing underground work and act infront of others like a saint.Hidup PKR....Hidup Pakatan...Post this comment if you are honest coz I notice that you only publish comments which favours you.Stop acting and come to real world.


:) hie mr. anonymous,

Thanks for admitting. A very honest guy indeed. :)

p/s: i'll publish all the comments without vulgar words. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I just send comments on MIC and yet to appear in yr blog.Why double standard? No vulgar words.Don't act like politician as you suppose to be a doctor I guess.
A doctor from Indonesia ye...Hope Malaysian government could offer you a job.Maybe all these are your pre-arrangement towards that.


Greetings mr anonymous,

Thank you for your concern on my future.

Fortunately, i am studying in a med school aproved by MMC and JPA.

Thanks again.

GUNA said...








Anonymous said...

Mr, Guna,

Can please tell your MIC reps to fulfill their promises as well? Do you think,we Indians stupid to forget all the Telekom shares and so on....Wake up as most of us already wake up for some time ready.I've seen Mic's even cheaper behaviour at Lunas on 8th of March 2008.Post this Mr.Punithan as no vulgar words.

karepu said...

Dey macha, please complete your studies and come back to Malaysia. Its easy to say from your luxury room. When you start to work in Malaysia hospital, your nurse will give you up and down and tell you to shut off, because you are not a bumiputera and she is then you will understand....... you are saying, this and that but then why you dare not to say anything about your thirudan samy vellu. Any way keep blogging macha because people will get more sick when they read your blog and to cure the sick they will vote for PR.

Anonymous said...

Please answer the following questions:

PKR leaders asked a University to give 10% of the seats to non-Malays but your UMNO Prime Minister and UMNO say no and contends such demand is seditious. Ask your MIC leader whether he support the Prime Minister and UMNO Government on this issue.

Bar Council held discussion to discuss the matters of coversion to Islam and the problems faced by the family of the converts and the coversion of the children without the consent of the wife. The decisions of the Courts favouring Muslims despite the constitutional provision giving freedom of religion. Ask your MIC leader where he support the Governmnet of UMNO on this issue.

All the District Officers, Police Chiefs, and heads of Departments and Secretary Generals are all Malays. Do you agree that there are more capable people among non-Malays to be appointed to fill such posts. What is your MIC and MCA doing to redress or rectify thse racial discremination.

Your Samy says that he had been in Cabinet fighting for the Indin rights for 23 years and still fighting. Cn you show me what he fought and achieved for our community.

MIED loan is not from the Government and the funds are provided by the Indian community.

I have nothing personal against Samy. What ever success achieved by the Indians in this country was achieved through their hard work and not through the assistance of the Government.

How many Pettol stations owned by Indians. You try and apply for one and you will never get it. Why?

Ask for a Government contract or permit to operate a canteen in any Governmnet or Semi-Government Institutions or Schools. You will never get it. Why?

Look at the State Governments. 99% of the Government servants are from one race. Why?

Your leader says MIC is part of the Government? Did the UMNO ever consulted MIC before taking any decision on Government matters. The UMNO will direct you to comply with whatever they have decided. Did UMNO inform the MIC and MCA before the held meeting with PAS to form State Government and proposing to appoint a PAS leader to be Selangor Menteri Besar.

Yet you say, MIC is part of the Government. Shame on you. You dont try to cheat and mislead the people. I consider you are not only a traitor to our community but also a cheap slave licking the boots of "Ketuanan Melayu". Apple polishing is a hypocracy and no decent and self respect person of integriety will do such thing.

Do something good in your this comment if u r sincere.


Greetings Mr.anonymous,

I have the same questions in my mind. If u read tru my earlier posts, i have voiced out my opinions. and i'll continue on that.....

That dosen't mean i have to support and close my eyes on PR.

Cheat and mislead? if i have posted lies , then yes i mislead the ppl. But i believe i am only posting facts with reliable ref.

traitor to our community? Thats kind of harsh. Please browse my main blog

supporting a political party or leader? does that mean we have close our eyes on their cons? I am doing my part , are you?

i am sincere... thanks you sir.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE:"supporting a political party or leader? does that mean we have close our eyes on their cons? I am doing my part , are you?
i am sincere... thanks you sir."
Are you sure you're sincere?I didn't came a cross on any of your posting on other political party or leader.Are you telling us they're saint or you're trying to cover up their wrong doing?Be sincere to yourself will do.

Anonymous said...

"Other writer's comment":Your Samy says that he had been in Cabinet fighting for the Indin rights for 23 years and still fighting. Cn you show me what he fought and achieved for our community."
Even if he did fight,why he should fight? He should DEMAND as MIC is member of BN family not beggar.What you say Mr.Punithan? In a family,did you fight for your rights?

Anonymous said...

If u are really what you claim you are then why:
1. You never mention anyrhing about Samy Vellu? Is he an angel or God in your eyes?
2.Why Indian are still left far behind compare to 30 years ago?
3. Why you never mention about The Maika Telekom Issue?
4. Have you ever attended MIC meeting and do you know what will happen to those raise the issue? Read carefully the police report by T and you will get some idea.
5. Why you only publish photos about the wrong doing of PR? There are 1001 photos that will tell the story of BN. Why you didn't bother to look up for them and publish?
6. Have you ever come out of your well feed home and join the community service ? If you did then you will know the real situstion of the indians.
7. We have been The Slave to BN and especially SAmy Vellu and MIC for the past 50 years why don't we give PR 5 years to prove themselves.Why you always have to expect changes within 6 months while until HINDRAF come into force indians and their problems are unknown.
8. If you go to the grass root, then you will know the people are with PR. Only UMNO AND MIC are really worried about the future.In case all their wrongs are exposed. Even GERAKAN, MCA and SAPP are up and voicing their opposition towards BN@UMNO but MIC is being a good DOG still waiting for crumbs from its master UMNO.


Greetings Mr anony (August 19, 2008 11:34 AM)

As you say, i might not be posting on cons of any particular BN leaders. Because i think there are more then enough blogers took up the task and doing a 'good job'

What we dont have is cons of the other camp(PR).as u asked me, are they(PR) gods or saints? a chance for the rakyat to see the other side's whole image.I am not posting some rumors. I am posting facts. Thats my freedom of speech. That explains the way i choose to 'walk' my blog.

And i do speak up on the issues that effects the rakyat. please browse tru my blog posts sir.

Thank you for your suggestions. In future i hope my posts will meet you expectations. ( i am bloging for only 4 months)


Salam merdeka,

to mr anony (August 19, 2008 2:35 PM)

1st i am not here to proof who i am. I am just a normal member of the community like you sir.

For your questions.

No 1,3,4,5 - i have answered those in my previous comments.

No.3 - As a chairman and founder of MAIKA, DSSV's responsibility to answer that. And Dato seri had promised a solution. Soon there will be a statement on that sir.

6. Yes i am doing community service as much as i can. With the help of MIC of course. If u want details, do email me.
log on to for details on activities by my group.

7. giving PR time? well thats my personal choice. I choose to give that time to BN and MIC to reform.

8. Grass root ppl are with PR? If its true, Thats their personal choice to choose whats best for them.

MIC not speaking up? please browse tru my posts is under the tag MIC and MIC cares. That'll be the answere for your confusion sir.

Thank you.
P/s: please provide your name, for me to address you in my replies.

carrycsae said...

i wonder where i could find a more neutral blog (mines not tough..hhaha).. coz from pictures, both sides are just the same... I hope we can all one day with politic aside have a common front..with the only one i see so far is the Malaysian point..