YB Mike @ Selcat
No witness , No Lawyers... mike told

Selcat's letter did not prevent his witnesses from testifying, but cited procedure in stating that only witnesses summoned by the committee may testify.

The letter also said that, if his witnesses want to testify, they are required to submit written testimony with their personal details. If their accounts are relevant to the public hearing, they would be asked to testify.

Manikavasagam insisted that such procedures would only lead to more delays, while information about his witnesses may be leaked, thereby jeopardising their safety.

Mike :
"All of this will take time and it may endanger the witnesses. Look at what was done to me and I am an MP. Imagine what they may do to the witnesses. Mr Zahar here for one, had gone through a lot already,"

witness :
"They sent nearly 30 gangsters to threaten me... A guy with a gun came to my home... My car was even rammed by a another vehicle just after I submitted a report to the MACC,"

wonder if he just using this as a PKR Exit ticket?

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*The event was postponed 1 hour d/t poor turnout . - app 1000 @ 2 pm
*Final count 4000 - 4500

Asked what would happen if the gathering fails to get Samy Vellu to stop down early, Mugilan said: “We will tell the media that Samy Vellu is the best leader. We will keep quiet and surrender.”
*No MIC Chairman's or CWC members ( the orgs claimed 300 branch leaders will attend + many CWC members.
*"known cases of" anti-samy like Dato subra, Ex-Youth chief Vicky, Dato muthupalaniappan and many more not seen anywhere around.
Malaysiakini : GAS starts with the singing of Negaraku and the MIC party song. Many in the crowd do not know the song, suggesting they are not MIC members

A "Big Job" for our Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah ... If its true. I wonder if this guy can be arrested for hands in crime?
If its not . he too can be charged for defamation....

Barath Maniam takes the podium. He claims that Samy Vellu had sought his help in 1992 when police and ACA raided his office to investigate allegations of corruption involving 10 million Telekom shares allocated to MIC. He claims MIC received only one million shares.

He also shows a copy of a document signed by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad affirming that MIED was set up for the Indian community. He says he has the original document.

My view :

DSSV said it loud and clear - " i will leave eight or nine months before my term expires in May 2012. I will hand over the leadership to the NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS THEN"

So let him finish his job. The trust and mandate given to him by the members

The party is experiencing turbulence. Is it because the captain is leaving or overstayed? whatever it is GAS kind of politicking not gonna do us any good.

The re branding of MIC just began.... change in the leadership is only the start....

Well, he said it loud and clear - " i will leave eight or nine months before my term expires in May 2012. I will hand over the leadership to the NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS THEN"

So let him finish his job. The trust and mandate given to him by the members.

Sharad Kumar is a 26 years old Indian boy who lives with his father in Port Dickson. He suffered from a very serious ailment since a very young age where both of his kidneys are dysfunctional. His father tried everything to make him healthy again but to no avail. He had sent Sharad Kumar for treatments not only in Malaysia but also to India.

But Sharad Kumar’s condition is getting worse day by day. His father had no choice except going for a kidney transplant, although the cost is high and he might not be able to afford it.

Although he’s not like other kid, Sharad Kumar still has friends and one of his best friends is the old neighbor that he knew when he was young. His best friend's mother, who only wants to be known as Kak Nor, treated Sharad Kumar like his own son, When she sees Sharad Kumar’s pain and suffering, she feels the need to help. After discussing with her children, she decided to offer one of her kidney to Sharad Kumar.

At first, Sharad Kumar's father didn't take it seriously and think it was a joke but Kak Nor insisted to offer her help.

They went to a private hospital to check whether Kak Nor’s kidneys are suitable for Sharad Kumar for the transplant, but to their dismay they can’t do it here in Malaysia. According to the hospital, the procedure of the kidney transplant in Malaysia doesn’t allow such transplants because they’re not related to each other. However, the hospital advised them to do it in another country like Singapore or Indonesia. But the downside is, it’s going to cost them hundred thousand dollars.

Sharad Kumar and family seeks help from Andrew Raju, president of Malaysia Public Service Society upon returning from Singapore. Andrew found out that the reason living non-related kidney donation is not allowed in Malaysia is because they do no not want to encourage organ trafficking syndicate.

Andrew feels the government should change this policy. What matters now is this man desperately needs a new kidney, and there’s someone who is willing to donate her kidney and they both match. We could choose to save his life now, instead of having to go through strict organ donation bureaucracy - malaysiakini

2:18 AM

RM 33

Foreign 'buruhs' earning thousands here. And ours RM33??? So what went wrong? This was reported by free malaysia today. And what else..... did everyone rushed to help??? naaaa..... again/as always, many parties showed their ultimate interest - 'to-blame-it-on-MIC".

so what are the acti0ns taken by MIC (since the 'others' are bz talking and talking and talking) .....

YB Kamalanathan ( as the newly elected Parliament member of HS)

With regards to the poverty issue which was highlighted by FMT yesterday.
I am aware of the many community issues here that need my personal attention. My team is on the ground collating feedback on the issues. I have resolved some of the issues and am working on resolving others as it involve other parties.
I am committed to serve this constituency and have been doing that since i was elected.
As for the issue at Nigel Gardner and Sungai Jernih, I have written letters to both the plantation owners demanding for an explanation on the said matter of which i hope to get an immediate response from them. I have also highlighted the issue to the Minister of Human Resources and also to the Deputy Minister of Commodity.

updates to be ctn.......

Fancy a job that pays you RM33 a month?

SPECIAL REPORT KUALA KUBU BARU: Palm oil and rubber prices have rocketed, and industry captains are laughing all the way to the bank. Shareholders, some of whom have never been to a plantation, are ecstatic about their expanding bank accounts.

But FMT learnt that the plantation workers do not share the same kind of excitement, and so a team was dispatched to two estates in Hulu Selangor to find out why.

Welcome to the Nigel Gardner and Sungai Jernih plantations, whose inhabitants were recently treated to round-the-clock sumptuous feasts and top-notch entertainment.

No, it was not a reward from their paymasters for their hard work, but rather baits thrown by political masters to fish for their votes in the recently concluded by-election.

When FMT visisted the estates last week, the fanfare had ended. No more colourful lights, Tamil songs blaring from mammoth speakers or politicians with hampers making a beeline.

But why are these folks not excited about the soaring rubber and palm oil prices? Because some of them still cannot afford a meal in a fast-food restaurant.

Earning RM200 or less

After 53 years of independence, and much economic progress, there are scores of families dwelling in these faraway plantations, who try to make ends meet on a monthly wage of RM200 or less.

The most shocking case is perhaps N Subramaniam, a father of four. This 42-year-old plantation worker was only left with RM33, following the deductions to his April salary.

Fighting back tears, he said neither him nor his four schoolgoing children have been to a fast-food restaurant, referring to the KFC outlet in the nearby small town of Kerling.

According to his payslip, RM206 was deducted for advance taken, RM50.21 for electricity, RM40 (insurance), RM10 (union), RM24 (EPF) and RM1.75 (Perkeso).

Sometimes, Subramaniam said, his salary “can go up very high” to RM700, depending on the weather and other factors.

“My family is alive because of my wife. She is a factory worker and manages to earn around RM600, but it's hard work. She works for six days, from 7am to 7pm,” he added.

FMT also learnt that the families here were lacking in basic healthcare and proper meals.

M Thangachiamah, 42, a field worker, said she has to support her four children, aged between 13 and 16, on a salary of RM300.

Her husband is a contract worker, who gets paid on a daily basis.

Worried about children's future

Showing FMT her payslip, Thangachiamah said for the 26 working days in April, her salary was RM281.90 after deductions – RM150 for advance, RM10 (union subscription), RM20 (insurance), RM58 (EPF), RM2.75 (Perkeso) and RM6 (temple fund).

With the bulk of the money being spent on her children's education, nothing much is left for food and other expenses.

“School expenses itself is more than RM100 a month. I pay RM70 for my daughter's bus fare because her school is about 30km away.

“I feel extremely sad when I think about my children's future,” she lamented, with tears in her eyes.

Asked if she has considered leaving the estate to seek better employment elsewhere, Tangachiamah said she and her husband never went to secondary school.

“Many people have told me to work someplace else, but how can we? Even for factory workers, they are asking for SRP or SPM these days,” she said.

The pawnshop cycle

Faced with a similar predicament, P Vijayan, 25, is taking care of his elderly parents and his disabled elder brother.

His father, M Pavaday, 66, said his son was forced to quit school at the age of 12 and is therefore unable to secure employment elsewhere.

"I had appoached the welfare department for assistance after a politician visited my house. After looking at my (disabled) son's condition, he said I am entitled to financial aid,” he added.

Pavaday then showed FMT a slip of paper, which he claimed entitled him for assistance.

However, the paper contained only his name and identity card number. There were no particulars of the signatory or any official stamp to indicate that it was issued by the welfare deparment.

K Sinniah, a mandore, agreed that life is hard for those in the estates, and for the “lucky ones”, their one true “good friend” is the local pawnshop.

“It moves in a circle; when times are bad, what little valuables they have are pawned. And when times are good, the jewellery is retrieved... only to be pawned again.

“But these are the lucky ones, some don't have anything to pawn, so they are forced to borrow money from friends, or buy things on credit from the estate sundry shop,” he said.

The more desperate ones, said the 53-year-old mandore, turn to small-time loan sharks.

Even MIC president S Samy Vellu, after visiting the estates in Hulu Selangor, concluded that conditions were better when the colonial masters were running the plantations.

Their local counterparts, he suggested, appear to mete out sub-human treatment to their fellow Malaysian.

In April, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil expressed confidence that her ministry would be able to rescue all hardcore poor families by year-end.

Kapar MP S Manikavasagam exposed Selangor-owned sand and mining company Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd. (KSSB) . KSSB, a company involved in the sand and minerals industry, is wholly-owned by Mentri Besar Incorporated.

KSSB is not a normal limited company (sendirian bhd). KSSB is a company wholly owned by MB Incorporated (Menteri Besar Incorporated). It means that KSSB is under the full control of Selangor Government through the office of Menteri Besar i.e. YB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim.
  • He named three top executives of the company in his report filed
  • The company has been allegedly mismanaged due to the “deviation” by some of its top officers.
  • Kumpulan Semesta's accounts have not been updated, and this resulted in millions of ringgit not being collected.
  • Kumpulan Semesta has also been providing excessive rebates and discounts to certain companies, and while its business targets were not met, some of its officers received two-fold salary increments and were paid four months bonus.
  • Some sand miners obtained permits without paying royalty to the company.
  • Company also issued “transport dockets” to illegal miners as well.
  • The company had also allegedly permitted the ferrying of sand without payment first, resulting in “outstanding accounts running into the millions”.

The menteri besar said he was disappointed by the way Manikavasagam tackled the allegations by going to the media first.

Although the state government allows certain public discussions, Khalid said it was best establishing the cases first without involving the public.

"We should tackle it after we have established the criminality of the case. Only then it would be best to inform the public," he said.


KSSB demanded that YB Manikavasagam apologise and withdraw the false accusation within 48 hours or face legal action for defamation for what YB Manikavasagam had exposed. KSSB also called for YB Manikavasagam to resign and pay compensation to the company once it is cleared.

YB Wee ( keadilan MP) quits PKR in protest.........

Wee told that he had resigned because of the way the party and the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government had handled the scandal involving a state-owned mining company Kuala Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB).

“The statement made by the company in the media asking Kapar MP S Manikavasagam to apologise was the last straw that broke the camel's back. I am making this statement with a very heavy heart. I can no longer remain in PKR, I can no longer pretend,” he told reporters at a press conference held in his office here.

He added that the statement made by KSSB clearly shows that the Selangor government is seeking to gag Manickavasagam and to intimidate him.

Wee also said he was disappointed with the PKR leadership for "covering up" the issue.

Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak said the Barisan Nasional's defeat in the Sibu parliamentary by-election should be taken as an opportunity to rise with a new spirit and strength to wrest it back in the next general election.

He said the BN's strength in the area was intact as its traditional supporters were still with the coalition.

He expressed sadness over the defeat but said that the margin was too narrow and that what the BN needed to do now was to study the weaknesses and carry out the necessary improvement.

"We accept the defeat. As a party which upholds democracy, the BN respects the voters' decision," he told reporters after delivering a special address at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum's inaugural meeting in Asia at Bank Negara Malaysia here.

In the by-election yesterday, DAP's Wong Ho Leng polled 18,845 votes to win the contest by a 398-vote majority, defeating BN's Robert Lau Hui Yew who polled 18,447 votes and Independent Narawi Haron who garnered 232 votes.

There was no need for finger pointing, Najib said, adding that what was important was to study what had happened and to make improvements if there were weaknesses and to look into the message conveyed by the Sibu voters.

"We should also look into the so-called urban swing. We should study the reason for this phenomenon."

Najib, who was in Sibu on several occasions during the campaign, said among the factors for the defeat was the approach adopted by the BN's machinery, which he said was still following the old ways of campaigning.

There should have been a more creative and energetic approach to the campaign, he added.


"My heart is still with the people of Sibu and I will serve them in whatever capacity that I can," says the SUPP leader.


Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said today PKR was losing more support with many of its leaders and supporters leaving the party.

Muhyiddin, who is Umno deputy president, said the people were beginning to realise that the party only championed certain individuals and did not bring benefit to the people.

"Many leaders who support PKR have begun to lose confidence. The party no longer struggles for the people but for individuals," he told reporters after launching the national-level Teachers Day celebrations at Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

Muhyiddin was asked to comment on the departure of many leaders and supporters from the party of late.

Yesterday, the Ipoh Barat PKR Branch was reportedly dissolved after 19 of its 25 committee members resigned.

The deputy prime minister said PKR should dissolve and its leaders and supporters should switch their support to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

Wee quits PKR, finally

Wangsa Maju member of parliament Wee Choo Keong has quit PKR and declared himself an independent MP.

wee complain lingam to suhakam 191007 wee choo keongIn a hastily-arranged press conference at his Wangsa Maju service centre, Wee said his decision takes effect from today.

Wee said he has quit all party posts, including that of Federal Territories PKR deputy chief.

With this, PKR now has 25 seats in the Dewan Rakyat, down from 31 after the March 2008 general elections.

BN will need another four defections to reclaim its much coveted two-thirds majority in Parliament.

The magic figure for the ruling coalition is 148, and it will be able to achieve this with its existing 138 seats along with the support of six BN-friendly independents plus another four.

Wee told reporters today that he had resigned because of the way the party and the Pakatan Rakyat Selangor government had handled the scandal involving a state-owned mining company Kuala Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB).

azlan“The statement made by the company in the media asking Kapar MP S Manikavasagam to apologise was the last straw that broke the camel's back. I am making this statement with a very heavy heart. I can no longer remain in PKR, I can no longer pretend,” he told reporters at a press conference held in his office here.

He added that the statement made by KSSB clearly shows that the Selangor government is seeking to gag Manickavasagam and to intimidate him.

Wee also said he was disappointed with the PKR leadership for "covering up" the issue.

However, he said that he would not be vacating his seat as a lawmaker.

“I will however continue to serve as an independent MP. There is no reason for me to resign. I will still take care of my constituents and I will carry on, to speak up against the wrong whether it is from this side or that side. Nation-building must come first and my duty is for the people,” he said.

azlanHowever, Wee kept mum when pressed on if other PKR MPs were planning on leaving the party, but he admitted that many of his compatriots have been unhappy with the party leadership.

“ What I do know is that there are many party members who are unhappy with the way things are happening in the party. As for me, I had had enough of the double talk, double standards, nepotism, cronyism and most of all, the activities of the little Napoleons,” he said.

He, however, declined to name the “little Napoleons”.

His resignation comes three weeks after denying rumours that he was expected to leave the party.

In a strongly-worded press statement aimed at Malaysiakini, the lawyer had late last month accused the news portal of erroneous reporting.

Wee also claimed that it was the "little Napoleons" in PKR who have been feeding inaccurate information about him to the media to give the impression that he was to defect.

"Malaysiakini should wake up and not be made a fool of by irresponsible and insecure persons," he said.

Colleague Manikavasagam 'surprised'

His compatriot and well-known supporter Kapar MP S Manikavasagam expressed shock when contacted by Malaysiakini for comments.

"He has resigned? I really didn't know anything about it," said the MP.

Sounding upset, Manikavasagam, who spearheaded the allegation of corruption in the sand-mining issue, said: "No, no, no. He should stay on and fight with me."

Adding that Wee was one of his strongest supporter in Manikavasagam's cause, he refused to comment further.

"I have to call Wee first. I cannot comment now."

Meanwhile, when met at the DAP operation room in Sibu, party supremo Lim Kit Siang also declined to comment on the matter.

"I think it is no surprise," he said.

Wee is former DAP parliamentarian for Bukit Bintang. However he was sacked from DAP in 1998 for participating in the 'Kick Out Kit Siang' (KOKS) campaign. Wee went on to form the Malaysian Democratic Party.

In 2008, he was invited by Anwar Ibrahim to join PKR and went on to contest the Wangsa Maju constitue