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"Why i closing my eyes on BN leader's cons"???. The kind of responds i'll be getting for this post. But as i explained earlier on the way i choose to walk my blog, there are many blogers took up the task of 'highlighting' and some 'only highlighting' the cons of BN. The rakyat have the right to know pro and cons of both sides to choose the best for them. so..... here i continue my WALK.....
Malaysiakini highlighted two news today. It stole the headlines of all major news medias.

  • Cash and sex': 2 Perak excos nabbed
    Aug 20, 08 12:12pm
  • breaking news updated 9.39pm Two Perak PKR state executive councillors and a former PKR state assemblyperson were among six people detained in an ACA sting.MORE
  • To expedite RM180m housing project
    ACA: It involved sexual bribery too

  • Assault on photographers: PKR division leader held
    Andrew Ong & S Pathmawathy | Aug 20, 08 3:03pm
  • breaking news updated 5.50pm A PKR division leader was arrested this afternoon in connection with the assault of two press photographers in Permatang Pauh last Saturday.MORE
  • PKR info chief sees red
    Three detained in connection with the case
Some (in my comment box) choose to say " they just WON, give them some time". Well we can see that, time is not a factor for 'them' in some issues.

Membersihkan negara daripada rasuah dan budaya gangterisme politik??? Very promising indeed.

Two PKR Exco Members Detained by ACA

by Mr. Murugesan Sinnandavar
( MIC CWC Member, MIC Youth Vice Coordinator)

.......................... we must drive home the point that politicians should not AND can not view being an elected representative as a ticket towards personal riches.

Enough is enough.

Political parties and the entire system must ensure that only those who are genuine to serve be given an opportunity. No longer should we stand-by and allow politicians to think that they can earn some side income beyond the reaches of the law.

The view that politics is a means to make money must change. Those interested in becoming rich quickly must look elsewhere and leave politics.

Whether this happens or not is ultimately in the hands of the people who send the message to political parties through their votes.

My Thoughts,

I choose to repair/ rebuild the old house which gives me shelter till now, then taking a big risk staying in a new condo constructed on a hill top
(with the sign "BEWARE OF LANDSLIDES" )

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Anonymous said...

Don't be so gullible, kawan. Remember, we're dealing with DESPERADOES who see their end approaching FAST! The Perak BPR was instructed to frame the two PKR excos - Saiful-style of course. As for the mob that beat up the pressmen... don't you think KJ's Mat Rempits would be very happy to earn RM250 each just to dress up as PKR supporters and create a bit of havoc? The police arrested PKR's security officer when he reported to the station after seeing his face among those photographed during the commotion. He was among the mob only because he was trying to stop the ruckus! How long are you going to be fooled by Samy Vellu and all the other big-time crooks in Buntot Najis? :-)

Anonymous said...

Pi..rak cakap tak serupa bikin.act saint konon.Overacting as if this is the first time we came across of corruption in Malaysia."Tukku Tukki"

Indran said...


What's going on? One minute you say you're just a blogger, next minute you're defending Semi Value.Which is which my friend?
Hope you can find some answer for the following:
1. Are you a registered voter?
2. Who is financing your studies?
3. How many Indiran classmates of yours who have got better results then you are without further education?
4.How relatives of your have furthered their studies?
Friend you don't know JAKE SHIT of the problems indian are facing...why? Because you are sitting in front of your PC now, and potray a picture that we are bullshitting about the whole INDIANS SCENERIO .
Where you anywhere near the Kampung Jawa temple demolition or the scores of other temples that were demolished?
Do you know how many indians can't even put down a signature? Why?
Do you know how many indians who are dropouts from form 1 onwards? Why?
Do you how many indians are married without even being registered? Why?
If you had a chance of listening to all those problems that we Malaysian indians who were in the HINDRAF Rally, you need another lifetime.
So find something elsee to do, then trying to be a MIC PUPPET.....Rebranding should start from the top…That’s rebranding.