Chaos theory - Chaos theory, ketidak-teraturan dalam keteraturan, keteraturan dalam ketidak-teraturan. Secara sederhana menurut wikipedia : chaos theory describes the behavior of certain non liniear dynamical system that may exhibit dynamics that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.
So the chaos begins..... Looks like the so called "guardians of rakyat malaysia" having a hard time controlling temper, or shall we say "over excitement "???

For god's sake ppl, this is a parliament election!!! And what we have here, violence, sexual abuse, threat to press freedom, face masks ..... oh ya i forgot, posters of DSAI's face in india's movie actor's outfit.........

PKR supposed to save the rakyat from all this. Atleast thats what they have been telling us. Perhaps, there was a shift in their 'agenda' that i don't know. :)

Lets see some INTERESTING comments that i received for my earlier posts.

p/s: one guy actually suggested me to pack my bags an leave malaysia after DSAI become the PM....lolz.... the guy must be having this idea that anwar's "new malaysia" is only for those who supports him... :)


he is going to be the PM. Just watch it!!

The you do the calculation on what going to happen to people like you.... hahahahahaha



Anonymous said...

we going to witness the reall flip flop pm after he become pm.

i dont think PAS is going to let thigs to him that ezily.

lets wait and see

pemuda PAS said...

Pas Pulau Pinang meluahkan rasa terkilan dengan layanan yang diterimanya daripada kerajaan pakatan pembangkang diketuai DAP di Pulau Mutiara itu sejak empat bulan lepas.

Seorang wakilnya, Mohd. Fahmi Abdul Wahab berkata, selepas empat bulan membentuk kerajaan negeri, Pas sebenarnya masih mencari-cari apakah makna sebenar pakatan itu.

``Sehingga hari ini, Pas negeri belum dipanggil oleh kerajaan negeri untuk duduk semeja bagi membincangkan hala tuju pakatan pembangkang di negeri ini,'' katanya semasa membahaskan ucapan presiden pada Muktamar Pas ke-54, di sini hari ini.

Menurut Mohd. Fahmi, Pas Pulau Pinang bersetuju dengan perwakilan dari Terengganu bahawa pakatan antara tiga parti itu tidak boleh dipanggil sebagai pakatan `perkahwinan'

TheFireFly said...

Anwar becoming the PM????? That would spell doom for the country. Just look at how his supporters behaved at the nominations yesterday. The newspapers have it although some may say that the mainstream papers painted a wrong picture of the incident. Photographs don't lie!!!! Rowdy and hooligans dats how I would term PKR. What do you expect when theyy have MPs like Tian Chua, Gobalakrishnan and Manickavasagam. Well guys, whether we like it or not, Anwar is not good for this country.

I agree with the earlier comment which say he would take the term flip-flop to a higher level. How to please PAS on one side and DAP on the other. Anyway, this so called leader goes on saying he would form the next govt by Sept 16 and thats not very far. I just want to see if this turns to reality or is he going to come up with more lies and reasons. To all PKR Indian supporters, don't sell your community to this fake leader who calls himself Anwar Ibrahim.

saya sokong wan azizah said...

wake up lah guys. he once said he'll destroy all the temples in penang. and now he is back to contest in penang with rajini costume!

we dont want rajini or superstar. we want a good leader.

we had one here, wan azizah. its a great lost for permatang pahu.

Anonymous said...

what the ****

who is he to self proclaim himself as the next PM.

what actually pakatan rakyat did till now besides giving us excuse that that they just came in power.

they cant even satisfy their own component parties. a good way of leadership.

and he is campaignin poster with rajini outfit. what crap is this.

we are talking about the faith of malaysia, not some tamil movie!

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Anonymous said...

many of you could be right with anwar being racist those days, but dont we all change. Dont tell me you never ever did a mistake. You must also know that, throughout the journey of your life that you learn the most, at times it could be the most hardest way - nelson mandela.

Regards to pakatan rakyat.. tell me which relationship never had argument: we argue with parents, teachers, colleagues, friends, bosess, etc, so to me, its a premature baby, so let the pakatan relationship evolve..we will know the result. bUt even if its breaks, it all happens for a better malaysia till we fund the right formula in partnership. If US took more then 200 years to get a black guy to run for presidency, we are only 50 years of independence..we are far away from a mature thinking and only high quality education will liberalise our mindset.


Greetings anonymous,

as you say sir, everyone deserve a second chance. you gave it to anwar and i gave it to BN.

i choose to disagree with you on "we are far away from mature thinking".

I think we are near and i dont think we need another 100 more years like US.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

well sharing my thoughts too..then i dont understand why BN (UMNO) have problem opening up to all Malaysians for university like Uitm...whats with the NEP policy? even after 50 years?

why have racist remarks about indians and this is from a teacher in klang and later get her transfered to another school - i mean thats all. but when a indian does something wrong - why blow it out of proportion.

i still think the PR have better educated people then me BN was good till 95 - 97 then it all ended by manipulating peoples mind...our economy in malaysia is soo fragile yet cover up to say its strong..people say indians have been given the opportunity to enter colleges and uni's but from 8% or 7% many percent is that? we do have indians as white collars..people like u, me and others but we still have a big chunk of % as criminals..if we go into cultural studies, we will understand why many did not make it...

anyhow.. i really dont care which pact leads the long as we have credible leaders, better sense of globalisation, etc...i'm up for that party!