What MIC done for the past 51 years? Thats what almost everyone who visits my blog asking. Well It'll be hell of a long list ppl. But since many of us choose to deny whatever MIC did in the past, i choose to update what is MIC doing right NOW. ( what i able to find out)

  • Tekun Loan

    Under the poverty eradication program for the Indian community, the government has allocated RM 3 million for small and medium enterprises to be given out as loans. This opportunity is made available for young Indians between the ages of 18 – 40 years old. Tekun Nasional with Yayasan Strategik Sosial has formed a committee to implement and monitor the progress and process of this initiative.
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional Offers Jobs for Eligible Malaysian Indians

    Malaysian Indians’ participation in the public service sector has been very low. ‘More opportunities need to be provided to Malaysian Indians in public service agencies and government linked companies and organisations,’ has been a heart cry of the Malaysian Indian Congress.
Some of the previous Walks...........


TheFireWithin said...

Punithan, this is the first occassion that I am visiting your page. I wish you could remove some items as the page is very difficult to download. Now to matters closer to home. I realised that after weeks and weeks of browsing, most of the netizens are against the MIC. In the cyberworld they could say anything and everything they want...but then again isn't that every Indians wish. Say something but don't want to own up! Anyway to comment on your piece on what MIC has done. Well brother, MIC did do a lot for Indians in Malaysia. But it could have done more. One glaring mistake the party made was keeping its president for too long a time. One man had manipulated the system and brought in only those he likes. That is wrong. The 62-year old party should not have allowed this. It all started with the Samy-Subra fight, which is still on-going "invisibly". Even MIC members and leaders that I had spoken to in my line of work have confessed that Samy Vellu had overstayed. Now the problem is that no one in the MIC has the gall to tell him that, in fear of "repercussions" may it be politically or otherwise. Voices from outside of MIC, which happens to be the voice of majority, is silenced with one single sentence. "You are not in the party so you have no say". But seriously that is wrong. If MIC represented the Indians in the country, as Samy Vellu always trumphets, then he should listen to the voice of the Indians, may it be from inside or outside the party. The community at large wants him to leave and leave he should. Another point to consider is the view that if Samy leaves all hell will break loose in the party. Let me tell people with this view that MIC is a 62-year old institution. It is not a one man party. Let all hell break loose. That is democracy. That is politics. That is what the community wants! A sincere leader who can overcome all obstacles thrown his way and become president. The party may take a year or two to settle down. But let it be. I say it again the party is an institution. With or without Samy Vellu, MIC will still stand. It will not crumble. Even IPF still stands after Pandithan. So why can't MIC stand without Samy Vellu! Make him leave and you would see the community return and turn to MIC. In fact it is not only that he should leave but namely four leaders should make their way out. They are Samy Vellu, S. Subramaniam (not the Minister), S. Sothinathan and last but not least G. Palanivel. Get someone younger who connects with the community takeover. Murugesan, Saravanan etc make good bets at this time. Why can't we let them try. Why must we always follow what the president wants. Let there be differing views. Let us debate without being shouted at or someone asking us to sit down. Gone are the days that Samy Vellu could do that. His actions, which muted voices of dissent, is why the party is in this state presently. Samy Vellu should have gone soon after the March 8, general elections. Instead he choose to stay and not only that he has announced that he would contest the presidential elections next March. What a joke! and the punchline is all other leaders singing a chorus:" No, No he should not go as it will throw the party in doldrums".
What crap is that. I also have heard that the 72-year old leader is visiting Sungai Siput more nowadays after learning that voters there are dissatisfied with Jayakumar. Apparently the DAP leader only gives RM10 if someone informs him of a funeral, which is not even enough to buy a wreth.
Now don't tell me Samy Vellu wants to contest at another general elections!
Another view I would like to share is that there is talk among MIC circles that Samy's son the great Vel Paari has joined forces with our great Jim Beam Maniam. For those who are lost with these terms, Jim Beam is name of a whisky! put two and two together and you would get the drift. Apparently the deal has been struck. Once Samy leaves in 2010, as he has promised, Jim Beam will takeover and Paari will be deputy president. Once Jim Beam leaves after being a Minister for a term, Paari takes over the party and carry the "legacy" of the father. Although the plan sounds good, I don't think it can and would be implemented because Sothinathan would be Samy's proxy for deputy president at the party elections in June next year.
Presently Sothi is being paid like RM10k to be the adviser of Yayasan Strategik Sosial, the social arm of the MIC. He is also the man with Samy nowadays. No more Palani, just Sothi and Samy!
Apparently Sothi has learnt the trick of "pleasing" the boss by telling Samy Vellu what he likes to hear. Some leaders are also complaining that he is stabbing them from the back by telling Samy of their "deeds" and spoiling their name. He is now the official bag carrier of Samy presently but I don't know how long this "alliance" will last.
With Sothi in the picture the fight for number two would be three cornered. Jim Beam, Palanivel and Sothi. This will again start the Samy-Jim Beam... oops Subra fight. In in an effort to entice Subra back into the party mainstream and to ensure that Makkal Osai (the Tamil newspaper which Subra owns) stops attacking Samy Vellu day in-day out, the revered leader has promised not to take sides at the elections. But obviously he would otherwise when the time comes and this would open old wounds. This are intersting times for Malaysian Indian politics but then again all this would be in vain if Anwar Ibrahim gets some 31 MPS to jump ship. I rather have flip-flop Prime Minister than Anwar anytime. Anwar is one devil I don't want as my Prime Minister!

Anonymous said...

Can you please update the past list as well.I'm sure you have a very short list or none at all. We're more interested on the past list as we know MIC just start to walk after 8th March 2008.


Greetings mr. Anonymous,

Glad to see you are very interested on what mic did in the past. Thanks for acknowledging tht mic is walking the talk since march ge-12.

On your request, i'll update it here soon. currently i am a lil tied up for my graduation.

thank you.