MIC, Malaysian Indian Congress, the symbol of malaysian indian unity. Thats what we used to hear , at least till last year. For most of malaysian indians, MIC was their true champion at least untill 2004 .Now, MIC is a 'punch bag' for many. Anything wrong with the community blame it on MIC!!!???

Now its time for a more transparent MIC. The rakyat wants to know whats happening. The rakyat choose to keep track on their walks.

After GE-12, HINDRAF's chairman wrote a letter to our PM. (letter to Y.A.B. DATO’ SERI ABDULLAH AHMAD BADAWI)

May we firstly congratulate your goodself and your party in winning the 12th General Election held on 8/03/2008.

As your goodselves have acknowledged the winds of change and the past mistakes, may we humbly propose that your goodselves form the Truth and Reconciliation Commission with regards to the very sad state of affairs, discrimination and maginalisation of especially the 80% Malaysian Indian poor. With the sincere formation of this commission we hope to move
forward and grow together from now onwards in the True spirit of oneness, and equality and equal opportunity for all the poor especially the Malaysian Indian poor and mostly importantly
humanity. The Malaysian Indians have persistently complained about the following:

(11) Hindu Temples are indiscriminately demolished at the rate of one Hindu Temple in every three weeks

I consider HINDRAF as the voice of malaysian indian community( a part). 17 demands/ complaints . Here i would like to highlight 1 of it. The demolishing of Hindu temples. And it is the responsibility of MIC to accept this complaint and resolve it. And this time the rakyat wants to see a open approach, a transparent walk.

Temples in draft plan will not be demolished

ALL Hindu temples on government land situated in commercial zones in the Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020 would not be demolished, Deputy Federal Territories Minister Datuk M. Saravanan said.

He said if temples situated on government land were affected by development projects undertaken by the Government, they would be given an alternative site for relocation, reported Malaysia Nanban.

He added that prior approval from City Hall was required for new temples to be built, even on private land.

Speaking to reporters on Friday after meeting representatives of the Malaysian Hindu Council over the draft, Saravanan said the ministry would allow the various communities to build their houses of worship in housing estates.
A message from YB Dato Saravanan ,
FT Dept. Minister , MIC Info Chief

“If you want to help sincerely, come and talk to the relevant authorities instead of using the media and the blogs to create hype,” Saravanan said.

He said this in the wake of articles published on the allegations of 120 temples missing from the Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2020.

“I challenge these people who make allegations to come up with the list of the missing temples. (Ref :Saravanan: Don’t use religious issues for political gain)
So, FT MIC walking their talk on 'temple issue'. So, for once lets put aside our differences (political) and focus on community and nation interest.

I hope to see such progress nationwide on this issue. And it is only possible if all of us acknowledge and support their moves.

"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals. When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"

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TheFireWithin said...

Brother, I think you are barking up the wrong tree. (sorry for the usage of the word barking) Seriously, you are expecting the MIC to be transparent...thats difficult. How is the MIC going to be open? Is it going to open it's books and I mean accounts and bank accounts for public scrutiny? I don't think so. That would only happen maybe in 30 years from now. Too many things to hide brother. One simple question bro. Who owns the land beside the MIC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. It used to be owned by the party. But now I don't think so! I know you are not here in KL to do the necessary search but let me tell you that now we have a vancant land beside the HQ, which is not even used for parking. Apparently the son of the great Uncle, our Vel Pari even told a small stall which used to operate there to close shop and pack out. Now the only thing there is a small temple. Ironic isn't it. The MIC can never be transparent until the Grand ol Uncle moves out, in this case he should do it fast to save the party. Samy or MIC? Both can't stay on. Indians will only come back to the party once he leaves. He has done us too much damage may it be politically or economically. Now to the question of Saravanan. Well, I have been following this guys progress and he seems to be sound for the time being. I know he is one of Samy's boys but he seems to be towing the party line at the sametime doing his job without "hurting" the feelings of his Boss. Best of luck to him but I don't know how long his luck would last before he is faced with Samy's sword.
About Indians fighting among themselves, well bro thats not new. Nothing to be ashamed, we have been doing it all the time. That is why there are some Indians in PKR, some in DAP, some in PPP, some in Gerakan, some in MIC and now they have even spread out their wings to PAS. With all these you expect Indians to be united? Fat chance brother. Hindraf or no Hindraf, we have been fighting among ourselves for decades, Don't think you or I can stop this. Just look at the blogs etc. Even you were not spared!


greetings brother,

Barking at wrong tree.... :) well many choose to blame MIC for many things. I can see you are one of them. I dont mean it in a wrong way. When one choose to criticize , that mean he is looking fwrd for some changes. If you think there is no hope, i am sure you wont bother to read and comment on this posts.

Talking ab your accusation, i am no one to judge or decide. If those are true, with god as witness they will face the consequences. If its not ........ :)

you choose to say "we have been fighting among ourselves for decades, Don't think you or I can stop this"

read back your statement brother, and you'll find the answer to our "unity" prob.

"dont you think you or i can stop this" ...... if all of us choose to think like you.......