ISA, we want or dont? abolish it for good, or save it for the right time? This questions haunting my mind since the 'unacceptable' arrests 2 days ago.

For me, no matter what reasons the home minister gives, 2 of of the 3 arrests are totally outrages!!!

Well, the three major component parties of BN (MIC, MCA, Gerakan) , had openly voiced out their disagreement.They openly call for the abolishment of ISA.

The Law minister should make a move. And he did....... and it was very loud.....

de facto law minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim

I will seek a meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to have a frank discussion about this issue to seek his views as soon as possible.

I know I am breaking rank here ... I am prepared to face the consequences. If I am told to resign, I will do so

Some INTRESTING points from his press statement:

#The Internal Security Act (ISA) should not be used against civilians. The Act should only be used against terrorists or those trying to topple the Government by force

#I am not calling for a repeal of the ISA, but it should only be use when there is a real threat to national security, such as armed terrorists, and not on civilians

#There are ample punitive legislations such as the Penal Code, Sedition Act and criminal defamation to take against those who break the law or are involved in activities which may destabilise the Government, without having to invoke the ISA

#I agree we have many issues and sensitivities to address but for me, racial disharmony is a seasonal thing in Malaysia. We must engage in open dialogues and discussions to resolve these issues.

#In this latest episode, we (the Government) have generated an impression of selective prosecution since no action was taken against the person who allegedly uttered seditious remarks. ( Dato ahmad??)