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Ref to the post on pemuda mic blog MIC & Tamil School Development


Each and every single pictures above has their own story. The existence of this schools are not by some magic . It was a achievement of a force , which sincerely fighting for the survival of our language and culture for the past 62 years.

Myself, a student from SRJK(T) Port dickson

My story of MY SCHOOL wich made me what i am today, ( as much as i can remember)

Year 1987, i 1st set foot on my beloved school. A school not much bigger then a 3/4 of a football field. Student enrollment about 500.

It was a temple hall actually ( Sri maha mariamman temple, PD). A school with a big student enrollment stuffed in a temple hall.

Year 1991, DSSV paid a visit to my school. He promised us a new building and land.

1993, My UPSR year. Dato seri Samy vellu walked his talk. We got a new land and new building. From a temple hall to a school, the size of 3 1/2 football field. In PD town.

From what i heard then ( i was only 11 years) MIC funded the land and the building.

Just felt like sharing this story that happened 15 years ago. Its still fresh in my mind, the 1st time i realized whats the true meaning of MIC for our community.




poobalan said...

Let's do the math. from XX years until 1991, nothing happens. Let's take XX as 1979, the year Samy Vellu became President. That's 13 years, perhaps the focus was in other schools.

I took two years to rebuild SJKT Port Dickson. Assuming this is normal speed, how long would it take to solve the problem of all 524 schools (or whatever left of them)?

It is mentioned that 80 schools were rebuilt/relocated in 28 years (1980-2007). That's 2.86 schools per year. Can we calculate how long it will take to improve 2/3 of 523 schools which are considered in less-than-acceptable conditions. Also, 2/3 of the schools are in partially-aided category, meaning its a longer process.

Finally, why did MIC fund the land and building? Where did MIC get the money? Was it from the government but channelled to MIC or was collected from donations by MIC? If it was the second case, why not the government help in terms of funds?

MIC did good in being transparent by releasing their data. Hopefully, they'll speed up their action on converting Tamil schools to fully-aided model. 2.86 schools per year is not up to the mark.