Some of the latest Feedbacks from MIC, PKR, indian YBs and HNDRAF........

( Ref : The Ampang Jaya Temple Fiasco)

The Selangor state government should not repeat the mistake done by the former Selangor government, who had in my view, ignored the plea of the Indian community in demolishing temples. That government, especially the then Menteri Besar totally disregarded the views of the community, MIC included. They suffered the backlash at the March general election.

Now Pakatan is going the same way. The MB has not even commented on the issue. Is it because of fear that the government might face backlash from the Malay community for speaking for Hindus?


HINDRAF is shocked with the statement made by Dr.Xavier Jayakumar which appears to echo that of the usual excuses given by BN and UMNO leaders that Temples are demolished because they are not “registered”.

We challenge Dr Jayakumar and his Pakatan Government to produce the necessary provisions of the state Law that stipulated the necessity of the so-called “format”. To add insult to injury he had the audacity to say this is not a Temple but a shrine. Is he trying to indicate that it was okay to demolish a shrine? How less is a shrine than a temple?? The problem with these politicians is they do not give a dam about the feelings of

Hindus and the need to provide and gazette places of worships belonging to Hindus.

HINDRAF have specifically written to the 5 Pakatan led Governments to gazette all temples (which is directly under their purview) but till date they have not taken any positive steps to do the same and keep misleading the people in the same way BN did.


Y.B S. Manikavasagam , Member of Parliament Kapar says he is resigning as Deputy Liasion Chairman Parti Keadilan Rakyat Negeri Selangor with immediate effect.

S. Manikavasagam is expected to submit his resignation letter to Parti Keadilan Rakyat , Selangor Chief on Monday 29 Oct 2008.

It shows He is serious and committed in upholding the rights of all Human Being. When conveying this message at Kulai last night he says “I’m not like other leaders holding on position despite knowing Rakyat’s rejection”






TheFireWithin said...

Thats a joke...Manikavasagam resigning from a post which would not change anything. He should be staying on anf fighting. Whats the point of resigning from that post la bro? Resign as an MP la, thats better... then you would have made a point. Copme on Mani, please don't think we are stupid or sumthing!
Now to the issue, where is the Selangor MB's comment on the issue. This is a MB who used to say he loved Indians but looks like he loves Indians but hates Hindus.
2. What the heck is Xavier Jayakumar talking about. He has declined to visit the temple. Can we have a pic of him at the site please. What does he care...not his religion mah! That man has made a fool of himself and we Indians will certainly vote Pakatan at the next elections!!!
3. Whats with the temple management? Where is the statement from them? They are not coming out with any statement becoz they are all PKR supporters. Let the religion die for my political gain sort of characters! So Indians, now how..we continue our undivided support for Pakatan. At least with BN we could argue till the cows come home but with Pakatan the tag line is: Shout All You Can, We JUST TURN A DEAF EAR!
And Indians lets all support Pakatan Rakyat, so that more temples would be demolished!
oppsss sorry not temples but just shrines -- according to the Pakatan, the PKR MP Zuraida!
Serves us Indians right! Thats just being sarcastic. Too bored being blunt...u take care bro!

Anonymous said...

what is going on actually,

two pkr YB admitting that the temple id demolished. dr xavier told it is being demolished because it not been registered.

yb manikavasagam quit his state PKR post in protest of temple demolishing.

but i read a post in yb anwar's blog telling that the temple demolished by its own comitte for renovation.

so who is fooling who now.

just accept your mistake and do something about it rather then spin it more and more

Anonymous said...

the fact that this issue have been long drawn is something to talk about. the only question is, why didn't MIC do anything when this issue was highlighted years ago and that shrine/temple being there for over decades.

i just wonder if this is an issue to be politicize once again what with the current political climate.

i'm only a minority here yet i felt that it has nothing to do with whether which party rules then and now. in general, our government servants are just plain inefficient.

i may have lots of stories to tell about the government services here. it's not a matter of what races is performing or responsible. the mentality is just pure ignorant.

imagine a temple issue can be so easily linked to politics with so much hype as to who is in charge.

just go for the councillors who acted on it and let's not waste anymore news print.

youcare??? said...

” this unfortunate event should not be made into political issue…” this is just absurd and a bit silly….

tell me how did PR government played this issue and blew it out of proportion before GE-12?? Let me tell u the truth..

In Malaysia, anything that has got to do with race or religion, especially any resentment or dissatisfaction is the ultimate opportunity to gain support.

It was proved by PR, and now MIC (opposition) is doing the same too. It’s tried and tested.. Most importantly it worked..

Elizabeth, did you just seek for apology? Hey did u remember Lim Kit Siang refused to accept UMNO’s apology? Don’t you think Kit Siang is arrogant?

Well I hope Indians will not feel sorry for this PR government is bringing nothing but a false hope to them.. it’s not new dawn but dusk bringing along darkness…

I don’t know if u will accept this comment or not.. freedom of speech!

Anonymous said...


may the farce be with you