honestly i am/was not very much into 'street protest' idea. I believe Malaysia is far more civilized for that.


Learning from the change of tide in my malaysia, i bow to the reality, 'SOMETIMES WE HAVE TO CHANGE THE TUNE WHEN THERE IS A NEED"

Talking about street protests and demos, we rarely get to see MIC(BN) in ACTION, as they always give priorities to round table or closed door discussions to get(try) things solved. So the leaders TALK and we(RAKYAT) enjoys/ suffers the outcome.

This 'style' caused them alot in GE-12. The oppositions managed to spin it and the rakyats were infected by amnesia. Opposition's OPEN STYLE seems more attractive and most importantly gave a feel of PARTICIPATION for the rakyat.


The tide changed. They want everything to be transparent. they want be a part of it.

A good political party should walk in a style preferred by rakyat. Since GE-12 MIC via their youth wing become very vocal.

And, this is their walk in protest against temple demolition.

MIC protests against demolition

About 100 MIC members demonstrated here to protest the demolition of a Hindu temple by the Ampang Jaya Municipal council recently.

The crowd, which included Indian NGOs, protested at the main gate of the Selangor secretariat building yesterday morning.

Organiser T. Mohan, who is MIC Youth chief, said the PKR government had lied to the people that they would not tear down any places of worship.

“They said no temples would be destroyed, what happened now?” Mohan told reporters the MIC was unhappy with the state government’s action to demolish the Sri Mahakaliaman temple after he presented a memorandum to Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s political secretary, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

The 19-year-old temple was built on forest reserve. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times between 2002 and 2007.

Asked why the MIC did not solve the issue then, Mohan said the party had taken action and that was why the temple was rebuilt.

photo link : - Protest In Shah Alam - 29/09/08

I know some will choose to ask, 'where were they in the past, when so many hindu temples demolished nationwide'. A respond from the MIC nation youth coordinator :

“There are so many temples without permit, that is a fact, we know it, but you (the state government) have promised not tear down any temples.

“I can tell you 50% to 60% of temples in the country don’t have proper permits and the (temple) committees may have not have been registered too, but that doesn’t mean you can tear down their temples,” he said.

MIC had always fought against the demolition of temples, citing as an example the party’s protest to former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo when seven or eight temples in Puchong were demolished, including a controversial one in Padang Jawa, just before the March 8 general election.

Now, like many i am hoping for a solution for this matter for good. Not only from BN but also from PR who is in power in 5 states.

Dont just shut / close this with 'words' . I think indians who voted for PR in selangor are not going to buy it anymore.


Now, its the time to prove your sincerity and relevants . You walk towards the solution, and the rakyat will walk with you.


Now, its the time to prove that BARISAN NASIONAL cares for EVERYONE


Welcome to political war zone. Its easy to point out other's mistakes. The real struggle is, how you open to critics and strong enough to rectify your mistakes. Only that can prove your credibility!!!






[ the 3rd PARTY ] said...

I read this OPEN LETTER (which sure with his own agenda) in Anwar Ibrahim' official blog .
Tell me what do you think ?

Who Is Baradan Kuppusamy?
By Anwar Ibrahim

Dear Abang Din,

Ramadhan Karim and I hope you are well and doing fine.

I’m an ardent reader of your blog and I leave a comment most of the times specially if the topic is “explosive” and heat generating. (I use the tagname Abdul/Abdullah in your blog). That said, you may know one Baradan Kappusamy who writes for whoever pays him or whichever paper that demands his article which is mainly an anti-Anwar articles. My Indian friends call him a “paid whore.”

His behaviour and hatred against Anwar is very strong and he strongly supports Najib and we have reports that he has been recruited by him to run down Anwar. You can see it his the Star commentary yesterday and today’s The Malaysian-Insider (both BN leaflets) which are simply hateful concoctions full of bigotry, biased reporting and hatred.

I have looked for his contacts and even my Indian friends failed to get them, I wanted to contact him concerning his shameful diatribe and hysterical hatred against DSAI but I can’t get his contacts. I have been told that he is a shadowy figure who is a hired assassin. Therefore, I appeal to you Abang Din to try your best to supply me with his contacts (email, or phone, or both) if you have them or can get them through other friends in the media. He sometimes writes in Malaysiakini, so may be you can get his contacts from your Malaysiakini friends and pass it to me through this email address. (I have also contacted Susan Loone just now and I hope she will answer me).

Yesterday, I have contacted blogger MagickRiver (Antares)**, an Indian Anwar supporter and he told me that he couldn’t get the contacts of what he called a “shameful paid whore.” So, try your best if you can get me his address. Otherwise, you can contact him ask him the cause of his hatred against Anwar. He should be bombarded with outrageous comments in relation to his outrageous conduct so that he knows there is a limit. I’m really mad at this shameful character.

Thanking you in advance
Happy Hari Raya.

Note from Din Merican: “Let us ban Baradan Kuppusamy from our PCs, if there is truth in this private e-mail to me. Salams.”

So, how do you feel when Anwar (or his mate) also :
1. Ban ! ban source of net info;
2. Search and call and seduce other to search for his foes;
These are going back to the zero point even worst !!!

mmuurrllyy said...

MIC winning Indian is out of question. It will happen after Semi Value being sacked from MIC.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Indian community is there is no real role model.Indians have rejected Samy and is gang but again they stil wanna be the champion of malaysian Indians. Can u tell me who is the capable future leaders in MIC?

Anonymous said...

You know the problem is "no permit" and where is the solution apart from calling the government not to demolish the temple.What is MIC doing to tackle this problem with immediate rather talking and protesting towards PR government.MIC boys become UMNO boys to achieve their own agenda.Poor lonely temple far in the jungle become the target of sabotage act.The community already wake up recently so please stop all the showtime and do something good for the community like getting permit for temples and MYKAD.