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have a look at today's SUN online, The MIC the Tamil school champion, took Tamil school land for themselves ( no wonder Tamil school still without proper land). What a change you're talking about shan? Hope u can give an answer for this, please dont run like other MIC cowards...i hope.
August 29, 2008 11:34 AM

The land MIC owns in Bandar Utama was bought for RM3 million before 2000 and the deal met all legal procedures, said party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu. He said the then state administration of Datuk Seri Abu Hassan Omar (who was Selangor mentri besar from 1997 to August 2000) sold MIC the land for its building.

It was not meant for a Tamil school as there was already an allocation of land for one there, said Samy Vellu in response to a report in the Sun that seven parcels allotted for public amenities by the developer of the up market housing estate had been sold to private hands,as well as the MIC and Gerakan.He said he and three other MIC office bearers were holding the land in trust for the party. “If the present government wants to challenge me, I will fight them all the way,” the former works minister thundered when told that the Land Office record shows that the MIC was holding the land in trust for him.

“You tell me. Once the state government gives someone a piece of land, and it is paid for can the states take it back? Of course not!” said Samy Vellu, adding that he also had no knowledge that the land’s status is now listed as “commercial”. “No! No! No! This is not true. “The land was subdivided a long time ago for various needs, including a Malay (national)school,” he said, adding in jest: “Yes, I stole the land. It is my grandfather’s land! ”On Aug 29, the Sun reported that land meant for a surau, schools, a community hall, food courts and a fire station were surrendered instead to a used-car dealer, car showroom operators, the MIC and Gerakan.

Petaling Land Office records show that the MIC was given a 99-year lease on the 12,141sq m (about 130,000 sq ft). It was one of seven parcels surrendered by Damansara Development Sdn Bhd to the state government to build public amenities. It borders the SRJK (Tamil) Ephingham. It is learnt that the entire area exceeding 24,000 sq m had originally been set aside for the school


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Yes my foot! Go and see in Malaysia Today. u must be shame of yourself associating with MIC, robbing Tamil Schools land, hw MIC can determine how much land required by the Tamil school? As far as i know in Selangor the school land should be above 5 least...stealing from tamil school students shamesless morons. Dont be coward publish this.