A simple question to all, how many of us Indians (Tamils) and or Hindus know how to speak, read and write our own mother tongue? How many of us stand proud telling that we are Indians or Hindus? How many of us when we meet our fellow Indian friends, say Vanakam, or even converse in Tamil or any other Indian Languages? IF your answer is a 'YES', then you should be proud of yourself that you have not lost your identity. Look at our fellow Malay and Chinese friends, they are so fluent with their respective mother tongues, and they are proud
speaking their languages. On the other hand, we Indian are lacking on this.

Why am I saying this? Well, the reason is simply because I would like to contribute towards improving awareness amongst our Indian community. I have volunteered to conduct Tamil Language and Hinduism
classes. Knowledge gained, adds value whilst knowledge shared multiplies value. Gone are the days whereby the non Brahmins are prohibited to learn the vedas, in this modern world, we are all equal, we all have equal opportunities.

The Tamil language class (to speak, read and write) would be for about 3 months.Upon completion of the Tamil Language class, I would start with the Hinduism classes which comprise lessons on Saiva Sidthantham, the Thirumurai (Tamil devotional songs, such as Thevaram, Thiruvasagam, etc) and Thirumarai (the interpretation of the 4 Vedas, the stories behind them and the Baghvad Gita).These classes are continuous. All classes would be conducted in Tamil(mostly) and English.

Some points to be highlighted to our members. On a few occasions, I have been invited to houses to recite devotional songs(mostly funerals and anthiyesthi ceremonies). It is quite disappointing to know that many of the deceased family members can't even recite a simple song of the thirumurai. It is the greatest bliss for the
deceased when his/her family members recite these songs for they souls rather than a third party reciting it on behalf of the family members. It is time that we all indians realise this point and lets start learning abit about our beautiful language and religion. Lets all together prove to the world that our language and religion is not
fading off. Lets prove that it's ever glowing in our hearts and souls.

Classes are conducted at the Malaysian Hindu Sangam Building , PJS 1.
Time: Every Sunday-6.00pm to 8.00pm (Initially)
Fees: RM40.00 per month.

Those who are interested kindly email me shanthan.penta@ gmail.com
or contact me @ 0123016607.
Any persons(adults and children)are most

welcomed to join these classes.

Be proud to be an indian, be proud of our language and religion.

'Loga Samastha Suginoo Bavandhu'
'Sarve Jenaha Sugino Bavandhu'

shanthan.penta@ gmail.com