So.... there it goes.... Pak Lah announced his resignation.............

Is this the END for all this political chaos or just the BEGINNING??? Thats up to his successor and ofcourse BN's reformation.

Many choose to say, 5 years of ineffectual performance.

My stand ...... Abdullah will be fondly remembered for being the first PM to give the country greater democratic space. ( Bapa Demokrasi Malaysia maybe).

I'll be missing your 'coolness" YAB. Your are a nice person. Too nice to be a politician perhaps....

I hope AT LEAST now, we'll put aside our political differences to bid a respectful farewell to YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, The man who Gave us a NEW MALAYSIA with greater democratic space.


goh said...

good bye sir.

thanks for NOT being like mahathir.

If not none of this is possible.

i salute you for that.


i really admire pak lah. I am a PR strong supporter. But i daresay none of the PR or BN leaders have a GOOD HEART like paklah.

I think that credit is enough for him to be remembered in the history of malaysia.

PAK LAH. you are are gem of a person..

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

one thing that all must remember just because paklah was like that we get to no so many thing that we never know all this while. eventhough i critic paklah but at 1 point we must thanks him. maybe because of weak administation we get to know all the corruption done by government. if TUN DR.M still in power dont ever think u'll get know all this.

so at 1 point we all should salute him..good bye PAKLAH...

weinee said...

Badawi is even worse than Mahathir (though I'm no fan of the latter either!). He pulled the wool over our eyes, making promises after promises of reforms, etc. WHICH HE DID NOT KEEP! He had almost 5 years to do it, and what has he to show? Nothing, nada, zilch.
In essence, he's a sleeping PM, waking up periodically to make empty promises, then flip-flops on his very own words! He's the nation premier, for goodness sakes, how can he renege on his words? Shameful...
He should just call for snap polls and emulate Japan's previous PM action by resigning (with his dignity still intact).

Anonymous said...

The problem with many Malaysians is that they only know how to talk without thinking.

At first they liked Pak Lah, then they criticised him, so much so that many joined in, including Mahathir for ??? reasons.

All this while they did not think further or carefully about the next choice for PM. Now many say Anwar (not too sure?), Najib (no!). Even Mahathir has doubts about Najib.

Now they regret when Pak Lah goes.

There are still bullies who keep on criticising. We should never kick a person who's down.

At least remember Pak Lah freed Anwar.

If Pak Lah chose to be like Mahathir, there would be completely no freedom of speech/expression, no DAP/PKR-led states (Pak Lah could have ISAed the leaders). He could have chosen to rule with an iron fist, including another Ops Lallang, so there would be no dissent, but he did not. Even with Mahathir, Pak Lah was elegantly silent, a gentleman.

The problem was Pak Lah chose an unpopular anti-corruption theme, which caused many to work behind the scene to back-stab him and bring him down.

So please give credit where it is due. PAK LAH - BAPA DEMOKRASI MALAYSIA!

Anonymous said...

Bapa Demokrasi or Bapa ISA.Keling tak sedar diri pandai mengampu macam lalang.