My current term as president of Umno ends in March next year. There are several initiatives I intend to see through before I leave office. These initiatives are important because they are necessary to move our country forward. These initiatives are needed to regain our country’s competitiveness. They are necessary to enable our nation and our society to face the challenges that the world has in store for us.

I ask all Malaysians to unite and join me in working towards making Malaysia a better place

  • ESTABLISHING the Judicial Appointments Commission to enhance the stature of the judiciary.
The judiciary needs to enhance its stature and credibility in the eyes of the public. Before I end my term, I will table a Parliamentary Bill to establish a Judicial Appointments Commission. Such a Commission will propose judicial appointments in a transparent and merit-based manner.
  • ESTABLISHING the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission with greater powers of investigation and enforcement.
We also need a strong and effective anti-corruption body that can combat the cancer of corruption without fear or favour. Before the end of the year, I will table a Parliamentary Bill to establish the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, with greater powers of investigation and enforcement. The commission’s oversight structure has been modelled after the successful ICAC in Hong Kong.
  • ESTABLISHING the Special Complaints Commission to enhance the integrity and effectiveness of enforcement agencies.
I also intend to complete the establishment of a Special Complaints Commission to enhance the integrity and effectiveness of enforcement agencies.
  • STRENGTHENING and enlarging the Social Safety Net to ensure aid to all, regardless of race and religion.
I have long spoken about the need to ensure that the fruits of growth are more equitably distributed. In the recent Budget, I explained the Government’s commitment to strengthening and enlarging the Social Safety Net. We will speed up work on this front to help poor and disadvantaged Malaysians, regardless of background, race or religion. I will also work to ensure that tangible results can begin to be enjoyed in Iskandar, as well as the development corridor initiatives around the country.
  • HOLDING a Barisan Nasional convention to improve inter-racial and inter-religious relations.
I would like to see the Government and Barisan renew their commitment towards building a united and harmonious nation. Society has seen an alarming decline in interracial and inter-religious relations.

Various issues have cropped up which threaten to tear the very fabric of Malaysian life. We need to tackle these issues head-on, through dialogue; deal with the issues constructively and even-handedly; ensure greater clarity and certainty for the people; and focus on the points that unite us, rather than the points that divide us.

For this reason, I will convene a Barisan Nasional convention early next year. This is a long-term effort that I hope to kick-start and continue to contribute towards.



essdee said...

Pak Lah go for it. Introduce your reforms now, especially the judiciary and ACA. This will be your graetest contribution to the nation and the people, your legacy so to speak.

(Dato' Shaik Daud Ismail.)

Anonymous said...

My foot reforms, go and sleep..for 5mths