AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN……… Yesterday Malaysiakini reported that 11 hindraf supporters detained at puterajaya.

Why? 1 six years old child accompanied by her mother and 9 “concern people” wanted to submit a deepavali invitation to PM.

The way the police handled this is abit to harsh... What is the urgent need to arrest them, especially a 6 years old child? But, I am sure they will justify their action as usual.

I do Respect and admire “ this group of makkal shakti”. They did a big scaled wake up call for Malaysian Indians. NOW, even MIC ans had bowed to that fact.

For a group that won a image that they represent Indians, they should be more careful and sensitive.

1st PM’s Hari raya open house. This incident caused many to to comment negatively about this group who called them a true hindraf. I do felt the pain as I am an Indian too.

Now a situation of detention of 6 years old child, 3 days before deepavali. Its a shame to drag her into this issues. She hardly understand what the hell is going around her.

PM is on a official trip to china for 3 days. So what is the whole point of this?

It’s been understood and agreed for what hindraf is fighting for. They have their right to voice out but need to consider that we should not touch the sentiment of others as well as treasuring our own. It’s a festival time. It's a celebration time.


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Anonymous said...

do we need any more clear sign that hindraf is really lost.

pitty those innocent poor people who trusted them

wakeupmakkels said...

wtf, that chicken wythamoorthy is willing to let is wife and child to get arrested but he has no balls to come back and face it.

his 6 year old child has more guts then him.

by the way, those true wythamoorthy supporters here, do u guys have atleasr one this to tell what the hell he did for our community since he ran away to london?

what the hell is he doing there with all our money?

i am sure nobody will have the clue about it.

he is just another samy in making lah.

Anonymous said...

this is a clear politcal ploy by wytha. he is doing everything that he can to stop the 5 real hindraf heroes from being released.

he is just scared his voice and power will be gone.

now he is usuing his wife and chld to stop the government from releasing them.

things are getting clearer and clearer now.

gunalan said...

pleasela...stop humiliating us more and more please. the humilation during pwtc was worst now using 6 years old , its really cheap.

let others celeb dewali in peace. you guys in hindraf just creating non stop havoc.

Theshi said...

I love how all commentators are skirting the issue of the police treating these people and attacking Hindraf. LOL... Talk about fairness and justice...

Happy Deepavali guys...hope you remember that there are people out there less fortunate than you.

wakeupmakkels said...

Dear theshi,

no one is skirting on the police issue. we are just seing things openly.

i am one of those less fortunate u were mentioning above, i am one of those who wish to help them. thats why i thought hindraf is a new way. but, we only got disapointed.

yes the ISA detainess should be relased. but i think thats should be the only thing to be done.

we have a huge stockpile of community prob. and guess what the so called hundraf chairman doing? party crashing hari raya, and doing street stunts with a six year old child???

i am asking you, where are this so called hindraf coordinators when 2 tmeples in selangor demolished?

where were they when the panglima garang teacher issue raised up??

i only saw them campaigning for anwar with rajini song and been used as thugs by the keadilan.


ASK your heart and mind.

Theshi said...


The only reason they do all these is because they want to be heard. Plain and simple. Just like all Indians that just want to scream out to the clueless politicians about the problems they are facing.

I suppose your idea of waking up also includes supporting MIC? Yes MIC, the effective and efficient MIC. If only these people supported MIC...these problems wouldn't exist...right?

Because we all know how much BN leaders listen to MIC and MIC has been an influence in major national policies.

We can continue to point fingers to people saying this guy is chicken or she is an irresponsible mother(which i dont believe is true) or Uncle Sam is a lier bla bla. MIC is useless UMNO is racist..DAP is a chinese chauvanist party. PKR and Anwar are two timing jackals.

Again we are missing the plot if we do that. There are some serious issues. You MIC people also acknowledge that. Look at these and the people affected by it. Dont look at people who are opportunist and the politicians buying votes. Dont tell me there are no opportunist politicians in MIC/BN. Yeah right.

To MIC. I hope you dont make the same mistake you made the last time. MIC open your eyes and wake up. Dont ignore problems for your own convenience. Not everyone nowadays have the same philosophy as you guys. You need to come to the relisation that the world is getting smaller and you cant always force your so call values on others. You need to relish the diverity of ideas and people.

To MIC...You are more than just Samy Vellu. You know what to do if you want people to really take MIC seriously. I dont need to tell you that. The ball is in your court now and it is your duty to uphold your party and perhaps save it.

I have to far I'm really disappointed with the MIC reaction since the elections.


I wont be posting comments in this blog until i see some real change in the things being posted here and some really positive things.

Good luck to you guys. Happy Deepavali. Wish you all the best.


Vanakkam gunalan, wakeupmakkal and anonymous,

i choose not comment on those, because it sounds more like fiction.

hindraf is not only about their leaders. i think its more then tht, if we really care for the society.

vanakkam theshi,

Talking about changes in MIC, its changing.

If it failed to reform.... it will become irrelevant forever....

i am hoping for the best....