The education DG responds to MIC's request - to make Sure exams don't clash with Deepavali. Ref to statement by Education director general Datuk Alimuddin, Schools have been advised to ensure that their year-end examinations do not clash with Deepavali, which falls on Oct 27. The best is to start the exams a week after Deepavali. ( Ref :Make sure exams don’t clash with Deepavali, schools told)

The education department made their stand clear on this , considering the feelings of Hindus nationwide.

Good job,

Btw, what about releasing the HINDRAF 5 before deepavali? Can we hope for that? we'll see..........


Anonymous said...

Deepavali goodies ye....After 51 years MIC need to go and beg for Deepavali holiday for schools.Education department managed to plan long holiday for Hari Raya but failed to do so for Deepavali.Do they think we're some dumb community.Congratulations MIC for you achievement.