My Blog post : BN and PR Indian YBs :

An Email Reply From YB Manikavasagam (MP of Kapar) : -

Hi Dr Punithan,

Without any prejudice.

We can view the development between PAS /UMNO as more political rather then community need . UMNO trying all it could to block PR form next government.

We should learn this from Chinese community. Whether there supporter of DAP or MCA when there is a need for community all will join hand.

As far as Indian concern, we can do it as long as the real need of community seriously given priority putting aside political believe. Be it ruling party or opposition we need to accept the fact Indians been marginalized or far behind others in Malaysia.

In my constituency, we are trying out best to bring all Indian NGO's in working together. It's not easy given different level of mentalities.

I don't deny MIC trying their best to uplift Indians now. WHY NOW??? WHY NOT last 28 years??? Since they're still with ruling government much more can be done. The Government still throwing bones to Indians while denying our rights as citizen. At the same time, what been preached must be realised.

You may contact my political secretary Mr Shan should you're able to assist him organising such a forum.

all the best
S Manikavasagam




Vanakkam YB,

Thank for replying my mail. Its so kind of you to take your time to reply to a normal person's email. It shows that you are very serious on the task trusted on you YB. Hats off.

I am one of those who always choose to deny the "malaysian indians have been marginalized" Quote. Maybe because i have trusted and supported BN and MIC and that made me to choose to see "only" the best of them.Or maybe its because i never did 1st handly suffered this "marginal" effects. Thats human nature i guess YB. Or maybe human error.

But GE-12 have forced me to think differently. It made me realize that the "rakyat' is giving a strong msg to the government. and indians throw their punishment vote against MIC.

As you say YB, only now MIC is sincerely trying to look in to the communities need. And my say is that they are always been. We both can debate on this two diff understanding nonstop. "who is right or who are the best" is not the question now . But what our community needs and who will walk their talk is the dilemma ........

For the 1st time in Malaysian political history we get to "enjoy" a two party system. This applies to our community also. Can this situation be used to benefit our community? As u said YB "We should learn this from Chinese community. Whether there supporter of DAP or MCA when there is a need for community all will join hand." . Is that possible for us? I believe the "need" have been always there.

MIC reps can no longer sit comfortably and boast that whatever they are doing for the community is the right thing. Now there are equally strong reps in opp to 'check' on their walk. ( Ref- YB Gobalakrishnan's blogpost titled - another failure by MIC rep)

Can this "healthy" race of championing the community be promoted to next level of having a joined agenda for the community? ( I believe this dosent effect Malaysian's malaysia. because to reach that the stability among races must be reached).

Whats the plan on PR's camp on "indian's agenda"? I have try to find out details on that...but unfortunately i failed.

I hope i am not bothering YB too much by emails. I am a normal member of the community who have a high intrest on the community and nation. For now i choose internet as platform to reach the community to provide them with the information that can benefit them.

"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals. When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"


Punithan Shan