MALAYSIAKINI :New plans show Indians not marginalised

As a responsible government, not only has it responded to the message (by voters), it also sent the message back to the community that ‘look here, we never intended to marginalise you’.”

“We (government) have been helping (the community) and if there are issues now, we will continue to address them and we are sincere in wanting to address them,” said Subramaniam during an interview at his ministerial office in Parliament earlier this week.

“It's for the community to move forward now and avail themselves to these opportunities. Of course the opportunity can be given but the person must also take the initiative to come forward"

Series of measures unveiled by the government recently to help the Indian community as a sign that it never marginalised the community:

  • To convert 372 partially-aided Tamil schools into fully-assisted schools.
  • Consolidate schools which had an enrolment of less than 50 students.
  • To ensure at least eight percent of Indian representation at all levels in the civil service. To achieve that, it will also see more promotions for Indian civil servants.
  • The MIC-run Asian Institute for Medicine, Science and Technology (Aimst) to be re-categorised as one of the five private universities which recognise government-sponsored students to boost the intake of Indian students into critical sectors like medicine and engineering. At present, students who receive government scholarship were only given a list of choice of universities which does not include Aimst.
  • To allow Indian contractors to take part in government projects at all levels. For government’s mega projects, it is suggested that certain sub-contract jobs be given to Indian contractors.
  • Indian entrepreneurs to be given more opportunities in the development of vendor development scheme through companies like state-owned oil firm Petronas and national car-maker Proton.
  • Easier access to government loans for Indian entrepreneurs.
  • More taxi and bus permits for Indian companies.
  • To increase the Indian corporate equity from the current 1.1 percent to 1.5 percent in 2010. To do this, the government is planning to set up a unit trust scheme based on the Permodalan Nasional Berhad model to allow Indians to invest in the scheme to increase their equity in the market.


Anonymous said...

well done. You are only doing you job. But you are doing it right this time.

Turely Malaysia said...

is it enough for us dr? I think we need much more then taxi permits

Pakatan Rakyat Indian said...

MIC need to realise the Indian community is fully aware that they are always unable to fulfill their obligations since they are just mere 'under-dogs' to UMNO. The Indian community can only progress and get themselves uplifted if a new and able government is in place. Maybe, BN may assist but these are only channel to MIC leaders and their families and their cronies.


“It's for the community to move forward now and avail themselves to these opportunities. Of course the opportunity can be given but the person must also take the initiative to come forward"

Just don't push everything away before it get delivered.

If we think its only for MIC's cronies to be benefited. Then push the deserved ppl forward to claim what the government got to offer.

Not pushing them away from the opportunities that been offered to them.

Kumaran said...

it is good thing. But is it MIC"S achivement??

Let the indians judge it...

anyway we can see things are 'happening' at last

Theshi said...

LOL....I think we need to distinguish between achievements and promises. Plenty of promises have been made before. But they have never materialised. Fact 'Indian problems' are actually a Malaysian problems. They affect all Malaysians directly or indirectly.

That is why we need to take a new approach. We dont need half past six measures as well. Better long term policies will be needed. It goes across many level, education, private sector, government administration etc. Every time we have a race which complains about this and that, we always give them quota this quota that.

We must realise that if everybody has equal opportunities, with merit, we can avoid this whole racial issue. The graph will be more balanced based on racial population(it is just logic...think about it).

So the key point is 'equal opportunity'. But the Malaysian government has chosen a more racially defined path which exarcebates this as a racial problem effecting efficiency of this nation as a whole.

Anonymous said...

i think thats what all this about mr.theshi.

1st we try to benefit from what is there for us. dont keep on pushing things. because at the end it will only be benefited by the "USUAL GROUP"

so... make use of what the govn is giving us. then demand for more.

Scorpion said...

Punithan Shan,

Do not jump the gun and brag that all has been achieved.

It is only a populist announcement by the dubious DPM Najib. It is not under implementation yet.

God knows what kind of resistance we are going to face at the DELIVERY level. Are all indians entitled or only MIC supporters?

How is it going to be delivered to the people, how transparent and accessible? Are the criterias stringent?

It is only an announcement, NOTHING has been ACHIEVED until it is DELIVERED!

So stop being an EMPTY VESSEL.

equaliser said...

These are just promises by UMNO arseholes. Don't you stupid Indians go and vote for BN again in the next by-elections.

W have to wait and see if it is actually delivered.

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Hie, :)

Well...u guys are rite...its just an announcement for now... But too early to judge if its only empty promises.

The rakyat needs to know about the announcement 1st b4 they check on the implementation.

We cant expect everything to happen out of thin air. !st we need to know what the government id offering us.

So.. Now we know what they got let the rakyat decide and judge on the delivery.....

It may seem like an EMPTY VESSEL for now... lets see how the government FILL IT UP...