MIC in quandary??? National youth chief and 'some' state youth leaders left MIC. Many may see this as a "setback" to MIC's Rebranding plan. Can this be a start for the community to see a "NEW MIC"?

Now, capable leaders like Mr. T.Mohan and lawyer Murugesan "took charge" of MIC's youth wing. They answered the presidents call to make the youth wing much stronger and independent.

While the ex-MIC youth chief threatening to open "the pandora's box" that will make more youths to leave MIC, The new "caretakers" of MIC's Youth wing wove that the youth wing will be strengthen by additional 50000 youths by end of this year. ( currently there are 100000 members in MIC"S youth wing)

The team of :
T.Mohan, S.Murugesan, S.Ramis, Datuk Edmund Santhara (Masterskill), Datuk Shan (Shan & Co.), Ex-Council Members, Ex-Bureau Chairmans, new talented youth and professionals line up
are certaintly 'Re-Energised and More Youthful' and will bring a new era for the MIC Youth.

the "re-energised and more youthful" wing of the MIC would chart a new strategy to woo more youngsters to join the party. - Dato Seri S. Samy Vellu


Kanthaiah said...

We Hindraf indians are really looking fowrd to work with MIC. But we want a changed MIC, we want a new MIC. Hope this new youth leaders will provide that for us.

We are working towards the same aim. Lets work togather to reach it fast.

Anonymous said...

We hope this will work out. And not fade away like anyother mic's plans