Bulan Merdeka "Tanah tumpah darahku" akan tiba. Saya akan mencuba menulis artikel saya dalam bahasa malaysia sepanjang bulan ogos. Minta maaf kalau ayat- ayat atau kata- kata yang saya gunakan berbau bahasa indonesia atau english.

Terima kasih atas 'comments' dari saudara saudari pada artikel saya Malaysiakini yang lebih adil?. Saya telah membenarkan semua comments kecuali yang tidak sopan.

Kesimpulan yang saya dapatkan dari comments yang saya terima, "hampir semua media utama yang lain pro-BN, y not malaysiakini be like this".Tapi kalau itu sebabnya, jadi malaysiakini bukan suatu media yang 'open minded' .

Saya tidak menyangkal bahawa malaysiakini menyediakan berita dari "semua pihak". Tapi saya rasa para pembaca, kalau lihat dengan benar dan jujur, anda akan tahu apa yang saya maksudkan dengan anti-kerajaan.


Pada bahagian satu saya telah menyuarakan pendapat peribadi saya dari aspek malaysiakini dan sisiopolitik. Pada bahagian ini saya ingin menyuarakan pendapat saya dalam hal imej negara.

Saya berpendapat, Malaysikini dilihat sebagai suatu portal-berita yang paling mudah diakses dan "on-time". Jadi untuk masyarakat antarabangsa, Malaysikini adalah satu portal untuk mereka menetahui mengenai isu-isu semasa di malaysia.

Seperti kita semua tahu, hampir semua tajuk tajuk berita di malaysiakini dalam katogeri "berani" ataupun mungkin sidikit "kurang sopan". Yang sangat jelas adalah tajuk dari satu berita minggu lalu - SHUT UP PAK LAH!!! .

Dari segi politik mungkin ada yang tidak senang dengan perdana menteri kita. Tapi dia adalah Perdana Menteri Kerajaan Malaysia. Diberi mandat dan kerpacayaan oleh rakyat melalui suatu proses demokrasi. Adakah ini sopan atau apakah imej orang lain terhadap negara kita? Saya mohon semua untuk memikirkan hal ini dengan adik dan saksama.

yang diatas adalah pendapat peribadi saya. Apa Kata rakyat??


wearemalaysian said...

I am not a fan of PR or anwar. But i am totally against barisan nasional and their control over the mainstream newspapers.

So i admire malaysiakini's move on providing news from PR also.

But i have to agree on punithan that malaysiakini is not a normal political tabloid. It caries a great responsibility now.

So it must be a portal where it can provide news ( pro and cons) from both camps in a very fair way.

So that other will have a a opportunity to know the real malaysia.

malaysiakutercinta said...

mr punithan, its not fair for you to ask only malaysiakini to be adil. Y not you go and ask your utusan malaysia to be adil???

But i stuju with you that malaysiakini must be more sopan in tajuk berita. The whole world is watching us.

bmahendran said...

Dear dr. punithan, being an overseas (indonesia) educated man, im sure you can think more rationally than at least me.

Are you saying, just so tat not to 'malukan imej negara' among other ppl, we are to shut our mouth? You mean if some father rapes the daughter, the family needs to swallow the pain and keep it as a dirty-little secret among them, so as to not 'malukan imej ketua keluarga' ??

it works the same way. you know it better. dun punish the wistleblowers and protect the wrong doers.

get real.

and yea..lets not even talk of media being free in malaysia and start comparing with MalaysiaKini. mainstream media hookers are the real culprit for the nation's sorry state.

Mus-anus said...

Tak open minded??

Habis, MSM semua tu open minded la sangat?


Anonymous said...

I would like to pose you, Malaysiakini, a question. Since being granted official passes to cover BN functions which previously were closed to you, I wonder whether you have been bought over by UMNO to play their mischievous and insidious game of splitting not only the Pakatan Rakyat, but also opposition parties such as PAS.You, Malaysiakini, are slowly behaving like NST, Star, Utusan, BH, carrying out UMNO’s mischievous agenda to hang on to power now that it is in danger of being bowled out by Anwar Ibrahim should the defections succeed. You only do it in a different and more insidious manner, but nevertheless having the nod from none other than Pak Lah.

Malaysiakini, do you realize that you are playing right into UMNO’s hands by continuously churning out reports which would pit PAS and DAP against each other and in the process becomes UMNO’s tool in splitting the PR? What’s your point in giving wide publicity to someone like Karpal Singh who always has a lot of negative things to say about PAS which would drive PAS straight into UMNO’s waiting arms and thus make the coalition talks of an all Malay-centric govt of UMNO and PAS a success? May I also ask you why do you carry reports of PAS deputy president Nasharudin saying that the Malays are beginning to believe that Anwar actually committed sodomy? Don’t you realize that you are being used by UMNO to split the PR and undo all the hard work Anwar has been doing to unite the fragile coalition which can topple UMNO/BN?

We were all so happy when you Malaysiakini carried reports about the last general election in a way which exposed all the UMNO/BN’s fraud as well as the lies of the mainstream papers and history was created when the BN lost its 2/3 parliamentary majority and lost 5 states – Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor – to PR. We were also quite happy when you continued to expose a lot of UMNO’s skeletons like all the bungled accusations against Anwar Ibrahim in such a way the people can judge for themselves to know who the real culprits are. All Malaysians tired of 50 years of UMNO racism, corruption, nepotism and cronyism thought you were actually doing a good job as the 4th estate in helping to send UMNO to its rightful political exit.

But lately with your reports of Pak Lah talking about the UMNO/PAS coalition talks followed by Karpal Singh and Nasharudin saying things which would split the PR and playing right into the hands of UMNO, I think Malaysiakini, it is high time you stop being UMNO’s tool to split the PR and undo all that Anwar Ibrahim and PR have so studiously built up to boot out an UMNO that is about to self destruct. Wake up Malaysiakini and do not let fall into the trap of being UMNO’s tool to split the PR!



Hello all,

I have shared my personal opinion and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and the readers.

This is not a debate to have winners...its a forum to share our views.

Brother mahendran,

Malaysiakini is in the right path, exposing every single thing that we deserve to know. I respect that.

But things like "shut up pak lah" and etc can be avoided. I am not talking ab the news...but the way it delivered.

i agree with u on "dont punish the whistle blowers". but nobody is perfect..... i am sure ppl understand what i mean.

thank you guys...

bmahendran said...

no i dunt understand wat u mean. In fact if you can claim ppl understand what you mean, i want to claim that ppl DONT understand wat u mean.

wat in the world wide wed does "dont punsh the whistle blowers" have got to do with "nobody is perfect" ???

LOL/ u have fun la!


Vanakkam Brother Mahendran,

Once upon a time in malaysia, the rakyat i say was very much ignorant about the real political scenario. Many were suffering from The "Thalaiva Vazhga" syndrome.

Now the table has turned. Thanks to the internet , brave medias like Malaysiakini and we must not forget the BN government started to practice "open politics". everything was trasperant compared to TUN's government.

But we shall not too carried away by this. Justice must prevailed ... but we shouldn't forget the ethics.

Everybody want to be a whistelblowers. Other doing it, y cant we??

Yes its not wrong but never run out of track cause the train wont move towards the destination and worst it'll be disaster..

again... this is just my personal opinion bro.... :)