MIC is the only sole representative for the Indian community in Malaysia. No doubt it is carrying out its job well now but why there are so many internal defects within the party? Only 3 parliamentary seats won by MIC in Segamat, Cameron Highlands and Tapah. MIC has not witnessed any new minister for the past 28 years until this election. Luck has dropped tremendously on Datuk Dr S.Subramaniam, who is the current Human Resource Minister. He would hv never ever imagined in his life that he will be a minister one day. With Gods grace, he is a minister now. Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu himself hv praised Datuk Dr S.Subramaniam for doing his job well now. He has learnt and made many new changes in his ministry but there is a small question to you Datuk…why there is still lack of Indians in the government sectors??What are the ways should be taken to welcome Indians to be in the government sector?? It was a drastic decision made by Datuk Dr when the recent Nikko company problem aroused. Many Indians were thrown off from the company without any reason. Well all the best to him in maintaining good standards in MIC and also his ministry.

Now let’s look at once upon a time a parliament Indian Hero, Dato S.Sothinathan. This former deputy minister is the best ever MP after Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu. His capabilities and great concern have made him to rise very fast in MIC. From a Secretary General to the Vice President of MIC.I have a personal stand that he will best fit into the President role in MIC after Dato Seri. His lost in Teluk Kemang constituency recently was a big upset to many Indians especially people in Port Dickson area. He has done a lot for the community. With all his contributions, it is worth it for him to be chosen as the Director of Yayasan Strategik Sosial (YSS) replacing Datuk Denison Jayasooria. Well if you are contesting in the next MIC election, all the very best to you Dato. It is hard to find a dedicated and young leader like you nowadays.

Datuk G.Palanivel, the former deputy minister who lost in the election with just a diminutive margin. Well congrats 2 him for obtaining an honorable doctorate recently in Salem, Tamil Nadu. He has been a very silent leader in MIC and people hv classified him as a person who is very pious and hard to control the party.

With all this things going on in the party, especially when Dato Seri is taking his fullest initiative to revamp, rethink and rebrand, why should we hv people who are leaving the party suddenly?? Started with Tan Sri Nijhar who was not given a the Subang seat instead it was given to lawyer, Mr. S.Murugesan and the MIC Youth Chairman, S.A Vigneswaren who was forced to leave the party because of his age limit. By having a few minutes chat, I think everything can be controlled. Now the problem here is should Dato Seri start the chat or S.A Vigneswaren. The new coordinator of MIC Youth, T.Mohan has pledged to gain more than 50,000 youths in MIC. Now my question is, when only about 20% youths are concern about the society, how are we going to recruit 50,000 youths into the party? When PUTERA MIC is recruiting the educated Indians to be in it, where should MIC Youth go to find for members? It is not only the matter of joining MIC, but the passion to serve the people should come beneath. Mr. P. Kamalanathan, who is heading the PUTERA MIC, has told once that his mission is to gather all graduated Indians to serve the community. Now my question is, do you think both PUTERA MIC and MIC YOUTH can run separately? By looking at the current status of Indians in Malaysia, I am pretty sure many Indians would like to avoid all this political issues.

Next, the Wanita MIC under Datin Paduka Komala Krishnamoorthy. Many defects hv been identified and there is no improvement in dealing and tackling the welfare of ladies in MIC. Some drastic measurement should be taken before any major problems arise.

Revamp, rethink and rebrand should not take long time in MIC. Everything should be executed by now to avoid more people leaving the party. Many leaders have made a comeback to the party like the CEO of TAFE College, Tan Sri G.Vadivello and now the former Deputy President of MIC, Dato S.Subramaniam. With all this hopefully everything speed up and benefit the Indian community generally. ALL THE BEST TO MIC!


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Hi ther..not even 12 hours after posting this comment, our PM has announced the power transition from him to DPM, Datuk Seri Najib..will comment more soon..thanks for publishing it here Punithan...bye


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