For the 1st time since GE-12 , 2 rival parties are willing to "share a table" to have a talk on "AGENDA-MELAYU. I am referring to UMNO-PAS talk on AGENDA MELAYU.

Prime Minister Abullah Ahmad Badawi had this week accepted a proposal from PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang for Umno and PAS to hold discussions on issues concerning the Malays and Islam.

Reaction From Few MPs :

Azmin Ali, PKR vice-president :
''.....May be in my personal capacity as an MP, I have no objections."

Khalid Samad (PAS-Shah Alam):
" show an open attitude towards Umno members and having this meeting with the Umno leadership will show that there is no animosity or personal vindictiveness."

Zuraidah Kamaruddin (PKR-Ampang) :
"We got justification from Abdul Hadi Awang that it is in the spirit of Malay unity. It is okay to share this feeling ..."

Shahrir Samad, Umno supreme council member :
"..... (PAS) are representing Malay-majority states like Kedah and Kelatan. We are talking about problems of poverty and development especially directed to the poor and the lower income group. It is a good sign to move out from the 'election' mode

My question is.......Will this be happening for Indians as well?? BN Indian YBs and PR Indian YBs.

Before GE-12 we witnessed almost all the PR indian YB's focused on INDIAN AGENDA.

But now are they turning their heart and mind to "Anwar's agenda"??

Having a press conference for PSD rejects and opening kelab penyokong PAS is not really an Indian agenda.

I understand that they representing Multiracial party which i say have very little "resources" for Indians Agenda. But they as the Indian's reps in PR should be able to find a way to walk their talks.

Maybe, the mainstream medias 'shutting off" the activities of their 'achievements'. But i personally don't see any major achievements for the Indians posted in their blog or other virtual resources. ( I daresay PR has 100% stronger force in the virtual world to publish their news and agendas)

Since GE-12, i can proudly say MIC is WALKING THEIR TALK. I am not boasting about the re branding. I am talking about their agenda's for Indians that they proposed to the government and now we are witnessing the "outcome". I have took the afford to post on all their achievements since APRIL 2008. Kindly browse my blog.

It maybe seen like i am taking things hard on PR Indian YBs. I respect them as the peoples representatives. I respect their capability. I am desperately waiting to see and benefit from their capability.

Back to the question, will the Indian YBs from both camps emulate PAS and UMNO?

Will the BN Indian YBs be open in this as well?

"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals. When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,".....


poobalan said...

"I have took the afford to post on all their achievements since APRIL 2008. Kindly browse my blog."

I hope you can provide a link to the list of achievements by MIC since April 2008. Those who browse your blog may not be able to find it. Is it a very long list? If yes, hope you can compile and put in on one blog posting for the benefit of the readers.

Secondly, since you mentioned "since April 2008", can we assume that the accomplishments were solely due to efforts after that date? Or is it due to 3 decades of struggle by MIC that is beginning to bear fruits now? If so, then one have to ask - why now after 30 years? Perhaps the Gods have finally listened? :-)


Vanakkam Mr.Poobalan,

If u browse my main blog, under the tag MIC and MIC Cares u'll find articles on related posts.

I am still working on compiling it in one post. Maybe we can hope for the updates in to-be launched new MIC official portal. I am just a normal member of the society. This is what i can 'reach' with my limited time.

2nd. I am only actively bloging since April 2008. So i do my checking on MIC's walking their talk since April. As i say maybe we can get the really picture in MIC's new portal.

Hope it will be coming soon..:)

Take care...

poobalan said...

Thank you for the reply.

1. I'll go through your blog as per your suggestion. I hope it help people understand how much MIC have done for the community. Of course, the appreciation of MIC's effort and achievement depends on the degree of expectation of the reader.

2. I see, so you cover only from April 2008 onwards. Then, looks like we have to wait for the all new MIC portal. I will take a long time for MIC to document and publish 62 years of achievements. If compiled into books, I wonder how many volumes it would be. :-)

Happy blogging and let us wait with great anticipation for MIC's new portal!