Re-branding MIC - setting the record straight
by MIC communications team in malaysiakini

What is credibility?

We would like to address the statement that MIC and its president have no credibility? Well it's time to think again. A leader who finds an opportunity to 'slip off' during a crisis is one who has no credibility. Since we are at it, let us also say that this goes even for a leader who just wants his superior to crumble and suffer so that he can obtain and enjoy 'instant leadership'.

The MIC president has withstood all forms of baseless criticisms and accusations simply to stamp his commitment and energy to give a new life to the party that has protected, guarded and championed the Indian community. This is what leadership is all about and this is the type of leadership that we are trying to mould during the re-branding exercise. Let us remember that there is no perfect leader who can please everybody. There will be mistakes but it takes a true leader to acknowledge them and have the courage to correct them.

So is the re-branding exercise a mere ploy? It has never been the intention of MIC to come up with a glossy terminology called 're-branding' but it is our intention to improvise the party and start getting each and every MIC member to start giving and serving the people with what they need. Just because some feel that they do not need MIC does not mean that others don't. It is through our re-branding exercise that we intend to change the mindset of party leaders and members and to achieve a people-based party with one vision and mission to serve the community.

It is profoundly strange if not ironic that one should be in a position to condemn without knowing what the leaders of MIC intend to attain by the re-branding process. It is through the re-branding process that we intend to constructively improvise the service levels in order to serve the community better.

Instead of simply churning out criticism, individuals who care for the community should openly engage in a discussion with any of the leaders who have an insight of MIC's re-branding exercise.

In the lens of MIC, we see Indians primarily and other races generally. An united Malaysia is part and parcel of our responsibility and MIC will continue to see through this agenda. When one is addressing an issue or providing assistance, MIC has never differentiated a MIC member from a non-member let alone an Indian who belongs to an opposition party. The outlawed Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) is of no exception to this rule. MIC has and will assist all irrespective of their individualistic political ideologies.

By the way, just to set the record straight, one should note that the support from Indians from all quarters towards MIC has only grown over the last couple of months upon realising that they have been trapped and duped with empty promises during the recent elections. Continuing to develop action plans to serve every Indian in this country is a strategic component of MIC's re-branding exercise.

When MIC says nothing on current issues, it is accused as being ignorant and indifferent towards the community's problems. MIC has its own professionals and experts who do not only examine such issues but also recommend suggestions. When a policy is introduced even if it is done by the government and one which will affect the community, MIC will be the first to stand up and voice its opinion. That's what it did on the recent ruling on yoga by the Fatwa council.
MIC does not engage in fashionable actions such as street demonstrations which have been popular but rather ineffective. MIC has its own institution whose effectiveness has been tested and proven. It has the power to mobilise 500,000 people overnight if it wants to. Confrontational measures are our last resort whereas mutual respect and negotiations have always been our modus operandi

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