As reported in a tamil daily makkal osai, YB Murugiah , deputy minister ( public complaint bureau) claimed that since march 2008, his bureau received the highest number of complaints from 5 Pakatan states.

Malaysiakini highlights - Selangor government's 'failure' to address the plight of the poor in the state with a CUTE headline... 'Nude war' declared on 'devil' Anwar

The People's Reform Movement (Reformis) has declared a 'nude war' against Pakatan Rakyat supremo Anwar Ibrahim.
In a hard-hitting press conference in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon, its president Ramlan Abu Bakar said the opposition leader must take responsibility for the Selangor government's 'failure' to address the plight of the poor in the state.

Previously, Reformis had declared a 'nude war' against Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim and had threatened to strip naked and "stalk" him.

According to Ramlan, the opposition alliance had failed to fulfill the promises in its March 8 election manifesto.

"Anwar must be responsible for what Khalid has done in oppressing the people of Selangor," he said, but declined to reveal when the 'war' would be launched.

"If we reveal the details, then it would be a conventional war," added the president, who claimed to be a PKR member.

An emotionally-charged Ramlan also challenged Anwar and Khalid to debate with him on the allegation that the Selangor government had failed the poor.

"I would only need an hour, 30 minutes to talk about the problems faced by the poor who are marginalised in a developed state, which is called a welfare state," he said.

As for he date of the debate, Ramlan said he would leave it to Anwar to decide. "It is up to him. Because he is busy, we would be fair to him."
Asked if Anwar should quit as the PKR de facto leader if the party failed to fix the problems, he replied: "Quitting is not the issue. If he is a man of dignity, he should assume this responsibility." Resigning would be the last resort, stressed Ramlan, who also delved into history to talk about how Anwar had championed the cause of the poor in Baling, Kedah, in 1974 but "failed to do so when he became deputy prime minister."

'Liar and hypocrite'
Without mincing his words, the Reformis president labelled the opposition leader as a “liar, hypocrite and the devil incarnate”.
Ramlan claimed that he had informed Anwar to "fix Khalid's leadership" but he failed to do so and continues to remain "silent" on the matter.

As for the opposition front's manifesto, Ramlan said Pakatan Rakyat had only managed to fulfill four or five of its 31 promises.

As long as these promises were not fulfilled, the Reformis president stressed that the ‘nude war’ would continue.

Ramlan also launched a scathing attack against PKR representatives in Selangor, whom he said carried their honorific 'Yang Berhomat' titles more like 'Yang Berlagak' and 'Yang Bongkak'.

Asked why he chose this method of putting his grouses across instead of using the party channels, Roslan said: "These people cannot be coaxed, cannot be pleaded with and cannot discuss with."

"This is the method of gangsters, so we had to become bigger gangsters, only then would they accept. Only when we threatened to strip naked, he (the menteri besar) wants to resolve the problems," he added.

Flanked by 10 supporters, Roslan's fiery remarks at a sepak takraw court located in the heart of a low-cost flat complex in Sentul also drew a crowd of onlookers.

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Anonymous said...

anwar is ###### up as ever.

just concentrate in one thing and make the county a better place to stay for everyone lah.

Anonymous said...

no uselah brader ... those morons will say give those pakatan jokers some time .....

after 1 month they told that.. after 10 months they still telling that..

after 10 years oso they'll be telling that...

slyderrose said...

who is ramlan abu bakar. reformist?. bullshit. he does not know what is happening after 8 months PR ruling Selangor. To me if PR has done 5 out 31 items in its manifesto for the past 8 months, that a big achievement considering so many obstacles and re-organization, re-alignment the management of the state. I guess this guy does not know about managing the change. It cannot be done overnight. Look at MAS and Proton, when new management took over it took more than 3 years to get it the result. That nothing compared to managing the state with many pro-BN supporters still holding important position and trying to sabotage new state directive!. To me ramlan just an umno guy on PKR skin and he is the real moron.

Theshi said...

Yeah lah brader...these morons never learn!

These same morons are the same monkeys that gave MIC and BN 40 odd years of undiving support and chance!