Re-branding MIC -setting the record straight

by MIC communications team in malaysiakini

If one listens to rumours, one will continue believing that MIC is not transparent. Please make your way to the MIC headquarters and see for yourself what transparency is all about. The biggest mistake MIC has made is to keep a low-profile about its success in re-shaping and assisting the community. Silence may not be golden but seeing is believing. There are thousands who have benefitted from MIC and we are proud to have been of some assistance to them. We take pride in knowing that a single mother is able to bring up her child successfully after receiving funds from MIC. We are touched when our youths are able to attain success after seeking help from us.

We have been ever ready to uplift the lifestyle of the underprivileged at all times. Can anyone deny that there is no transparency when it comes to assisting the poor? Let’s be fair. The re-branding exercise, among others, touches on strategies to attract and assist the youths, single mothers, dropouts and the hardcore poor

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