Re-branding MIC -setting the record straight

by MIC communications team in malaysiakini

One should definitely learn to think before they write. We are saddened by the presumptuousness of certain writers in leaping to the conclusion that there is no substance to the re-branding exercise. What amazes us is the lack of initiative to probe and learn or ask and obtain the reservoir of data, information and strategies that have been embedded into the re-branding methodology and execution plans.

For the benefit of other readers, MIC's re-branding exercise has no less than 30 strategic components that have been analysed and developed to re-shape grassroots leaders' thinking and perceptions, strategies to uplift the community, contact strategies and a strategic delivery system to reach the community timely and effectively. If one is unaware of these strategic directions, they should be silent and allow those who do know to carry out their humble tasks to serve and uplift the community.

All said and done, where do Indian Malaysians head to when they have a problem? Let's not be presumptuous but let's get statistical. The poor and the needy still come to MIC, everyday without fail. An exco member under the PKR government recently commented that he is rather intrigued and surprised that he is being constantly overwhelmed with various problems faced by the Indians and why his other exco colleagues do not have to undergo such agony.

To us, this has been a responsibility because it is and has been our party's tradition to serve and service the community. We like to know how many of our armchair critics have lifted a finger to serve and resolve problems faced by the community. We have re-equipped our grassroots leaders with new skills and knowledge to face and address the people's needs as part of the re-branding exercise.
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