Re-branding MIC - setting the record straight
by MIC communications team in malaysiakini

A true soldier is one who cherishes victory while a weak soldier will worship it. A true soldier is one who accepts defeat with an open heart and mind while a weak soldier is one who drowns with the defeat.

The March 8 elections created new opportunities for us to re-examine and re-evaluate ourselves. While many felt that it was the end of the world, MIC under the leadership of S Samy Vellu embarked on a transformation exercise through the re-branding of the party. A clear direction, blueprint as well as defined strategies were put in place by April. By May, an in-depth and intricate detailed action plan together with accompanying roll-out strategies were developed.

Aug 8 witnessed the execution of MIC's re-branding plan. This clearly indicates that MIC wants to take the Indian community to the next level of success. As usual, in any launch there will be some within the party who have reservations about the agenda but with much assurance from the president, who had continuous belief in his team and their capabilities to deliver the community's needs and desires, such reservations were easily overcome.

MIC is fully aware that 'enough will never be enough' in any community. MIC is also aware that not many would want to acknowledge the good deeds and services that have been rendered by the party over the years to the many levels of the community. It keeps reminding its leaders and members that serving the community comes from the heart and one should not expect any form of gratification from the recipients. This is one of the core components of the re-branding exercise.

As part of the re-branding exercise, MIC has also developed a clear framework on how it has to and should connect with the people in order to reach them effectively. Unless one is part of the team, many will regard the re-branding as a camouflage to hide the past.

A true captain will never abandon the ship that has been entrusted to him simply because of the occurrence of a storm or a tsunami. Neither will such a captain handover the helm to his comrade even if they are keen to volunteer to lead and take over the ship unless and until the captain himself is certain of this.

Only a captain of the ship knows its strengths and weaknesses including its course of direction. In any organisation, let it be political, government or even a corporation, it is the norm that only the party president, the prime minister or the CEO is privileged to have access to strategic information which even the deputy has no clue of. When a ship is or has been subject to a tsunami, only the captain can, based upon his vast and profound experience, knowledge and skills, be able to steer the ship out of the crisis. That is what true leadership is all about and this will form an integral part of the re-branding exercise.

Anyone can criticise but in order to come out with a master plan and a congruent action plan, it requires more substance than what is required for provoking others in order to attain cheap publicity.

MIC and its leaders are not arrogant. Arrogance only steps in when one denies the truth and remains ignorant of the facts of the subject matter. As part of the re-branding initiative, every grassroots leader has been reminded to accept their weaknesses and open up to new developments in our society. They are reminded to hear the grouses of the youth, be multi-racial in their approaches as well as to embrace technology to reach out and be receptive towards positive criticisms.

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