Re-branding MIC -setting the record straight

by MIC communications team in malaysiakini

If one has any sense of belonging to the community, the bare minimum they can do is to support a positive initiative and not churn out baseless accusations. Yes, we are heading towards total success and we are seeing leaders emerging from the re-branding exercise recharged, re-ignited and re-vitalized. We are now moving with more spirit into the next phase of re-branding and are extremely confident of seeing ourselves penetrating the minds and the hearts of the community. Please join us and be part of this success story.

Irrespective of what critics say, we will continue with our mission to re-brand and transform MIC into an exemplary party that strives on serving the people. We will continue to encourage and implement the agenda of the Indians in this country while we strive to co-exist in harmony with the other races. The re-branding exercise will be one of our vehicles to achieve this noble cause.

We would like to reiterate that MIC's re-branding exercise is unique. The methodology employed has been tested and has produced the desired results. It consists of a variety of strategic components and the strategies underlining the re-branding have been carefully analysed, examined, selected and deployed for the benefit of the party and the community.

Assist us to make our re-branding exercise a success.

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dragon said...

hello Dr. Punithan wake up lah. what rebranding you are talking about. as i see there only play of word in this article. where were you guys when the temples were brought down., where is your leader when offered minimal place in the unversity, where were you when your leader was floating with the telekoms shares money. and lastly there will be no rebranding till your leader samyvelu is still in charge of MIC.take him out or MIC will be history in/after next election.

dragon said...

hello Dr.punithan wake up lah. what nonsense of rebranding you talking about. as i see there only play of words in this