Re-branding MIC - setting the record straight by MIC communications team in malaysiakini
Critics in the blogsphere are not interested in why some of us in MIC have taken the trouble to come up with something new or why such measures are put in place.

Most would not even bother to lift a finger to do something in order to enhance the standard of the Indian community, but are willing to strain their fingers to write with an agenda and go on a rampage against the untiring efforts of others.

We are appalled and amazed that the blogsphere has room for such self-proclaimed experts when in actual fact, their views and opinions are only suitable or rather cater for those who enjoy leisure reading.

We believe that in order to point and comment at another's initiative, one must have walked the talk first. And when we insist that our way is the best then we need to defend it with sound arguments and not retreat into the realm of rhetoric.

To make matters worse, there are some who do have the slightest clue as to what MIC's re-branding exercise is all about but have decided to contribute their penny's worth on the subject. However, nobody wants to do the hard work of bolstering facts with evidence and figures.

If indeed their arguments and so-called comments can actually stand up to the test, then of course they are worth talking about but at this juncture we are sure that none shall take up the offer.

This is indeed a treacherous act as these culprits have enjoyed various benefits and facilities from MIC over the last couple of years and yet today outrightly claim to champion reforms.

We will like to invite anyone who has the perception that the re-branding is merely cosmetic in nature to visit the MIC headquarters for an instant briefing on what the re-branding of the party is actually about, provided they share our mission of wanting to assist the community.

It is also important for us to stress that while it is not our intention to waste valuable resources and time on conceited bloggers who declare themselves to be the community's champions, we feel that it is important for us to clarify and reassure the majority of readers on what the party has embarked upon especially on the re-branding agenda.

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Anonymous said...

Good Day Sir

Re-branding? Yes the all too familiar term used by the despot MIC chief in justifying his decision to hold on to his post.
Yes please proceed with re-branding, but first remove the MIC chief first. The longer he stays, the more cans of worms are let out....the latest is MIED!!!! And that too his own crony the ex-CEO Chitra. Man the amount of benefit she got thru Samy Vellu is appaling...the reality of being a member of MIC and having the right connections.
I hope you realise that Samy Vellu is a liability and never an asset.

Thank you for your space and time.


Asha Iyengar