"Peoples Party" - Thats MIC's theme.

"Meet-The-People" session - Shows that MIC Cares and willing to listen to Rakyat's problems.
The President is "on-call" around the clock. Dato seri Samy vellu used to be one of the minister that one can approach very easily for their problems . All the MIC wakil rakyat's meets the people atleast once a week.

BUT still "some" LOUDLY voice out that MIC is not GOOD enough to be the communities representative.

So MIC is now moving up to next level to expand their reach to peoples demands and problems.

coming soon - MIC's IT and Call center.

“We would make sure that the allegations are replied to within 24 hours,”
Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu.

MIC is willing to listen and solve the communities problems. So are we still going to sit back and complain that nothing is good enough for us or make use of the services provided and voice out our demands via reliable and right channel??