Recently Ministry Of Health announced a 3 years adaptation / training scheme for medical graduates from “unrecognized” Universities. Currently there are about 150 Malaysian Indian doctors registered for “this”.

According to a Malaysian Tamil Daily ( Malaysia Nanban , 9 June 2008), the parents of this doctors requested the MOH to reconsider this “3 years” period. They are hoping that this will be reduced to 18 – 24 months.Most of this Doctors are more then 35 years old. They have family to feed. They have Loans to pay back.How can they survive with a “small allowance” promised to them for 3 years?.

This doctors parents said,
We have given “everything” that we had for this. Its more then just a “dream” for us to see our children serving this community as a doctor. So we really hope the government will come up with a way soon, considering the mental and financial burden this 150 doctors suffering from.

We have brought this matter to Dato Seri S Samy vellu. And he is very concern about this problem. He is doing his best to give a “promising future” for our children. MIC and AIMST is our last hope.We hope we can hear good news from them soon.”