PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim has dropped the clearest hint yet of impending crossovers to Pakatan Rakyat. He is "talking" out clear "signs" of cross overs. According to DSAI , by end of this month people will know that he is not playing the fool....

So all this will only bring us to SNAP Election........ Are we ready for it??? Can Malaysia survive a major snap election?? ITS NOT "CHEAP" GUYS!!!

What the "Rakyats" got to say on this?? Our country is facing a serious economical crisis. I came across a article in The star today, on how 2 families who earns RM3000 and RM 9000 "cries" that " WE DEPEND ON GOD TO HELP OUR FAMILY"

We survived "1997 crisis"... Malaysia was on of the few that "healed" super fast, compare to many countires that took so many years.. Our government Proved their capability then. Can't they now??

Do we need a whole new government now? We cant afford a "trial and error" , can we? This "risk" may result in irreversible damage to the country.

Whats the "rakyat" got to say? Because its not really for BN or PR to decide , its for us to choose what we want.


alvin lee said...

oh pls-lah, earning rm9000 and still crying for help? Itu macam, i think more than 70% of our rakyat sudah mati akibat kebuluran. Just don't make any sense at all.

We should not change govt just because of price hike!! We have to understand that this price hike phenomenon is a global issue and is not happening to our country only. Corruption, inefficiency, misuse of power etc etc should be the main basis for a call to change the govt. But then again, how sure are we that the new govt can deliver ?

Anonymous said...

All the resources were wasted and will continue to be anyway...

Anonymous said...

Don't joke lah. The last thing Anwar should do is trumpet the defection of MCA leaders. I would have thought being more discreet would have been more prudent.

Anonymous said...

Things just getting bad to worst.

I really miss my old malaysia?

We have been envy ed by the world for our harmony.... but now we are in risk of toppling the ppl choosen government and go for snap-election....

bexe said...

We cannot afford not to have a snap election. We need it to clear the blockages and have a fresh start. It's like having blocked arteries. We need a by-pass or we will suffer a heart attack as a nation!

Anonymous said...

sayangilah our country and it is worth to protect. we dont need political parties to fight for us - we are strong individually under same flag! Malaysian Flag! (BN and Pakatan Rakyat both can go fly kite!)

becoz either way being the majority or not, can also mean that all the fools are in one side.

ruyom said...

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister - Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister - Lim Kit Siang

Agriculture Minister -

Community Minister -

Culture Minister - Farish Noor

Defence Minister - Azmin Ali

Education Minister - Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister - Teresa Kok

Finance Minister - Tony Pua

Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister - Tan Seng Giaw

Home Minister -

Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

Law Minister - Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister -

Sports Minister -

Technology Minister - Nizar

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

Tourism Minister -

Anonymous said...

let us do away with political parties and let the kings run the country.


Anonymous said...

I cant wait for BN to crumble and pakatan to take over, especially to investigate all the money in samy vellus pocket.