Vanakkam Everybody,

I would like to share my opinion with PUTERA MIC, and all the other blogers who actively participate on forum kind of session with PUTERA MIC blog posting. After Mr. Kamalanathan came out with a posting on “‘Why would anyone want to join PUTERA MIC?’, many blogers shared their honest and frank comments and views on that matter.

Many may choose to see this as an usual anti-MIC attitude, like what I have witnessed in most blogs. But I think its beyond that. It shows many cares about MIC. Or shall I say “interested”. Being a new “thing”, PUTERA MIC is now in the spotlight. They/ We like to know/study more about PUTERA MIC.

After the post, we saw many blogers posting articles about PMIC. And many Puterans defending PMIC over the blogs. Hats Off puterans. Hats off to all the blogers who voiced out many good points and suggestions to PMIC. It may sound harsh but lets take it as opportunity to hear what the others think and most importantly what we EXPECT from PUTERA MIC.

If we analyze some of the articles, its not a anti-PMIC attitude we see there, but more to “We are INTRESTED in PMIC” kind of attitude. I think this is a AKNOWLEDGEMENT from the younger youths or shall a say 1st year Birthday gift to PMIC.

Now, PUTERA MIC blog is really CONNECTED to the blog world. So I humbly suggest that we take this opportunity to create a platform among us to share constructive views and ideas. Because I believe this can be good start to woo younger youths to work by MIC as what our President, Dato seri s samy vellu requested.

1. To the blogers who working by MIC – Lets try to give reliable explanations to the commentors who demands for explanation. And analyze how thei views and ideas can be utilized to make Putera MIC a relevant platform for the younger youths.

2. To those who have no faith in MIC, please share your views with us in a proper way. Because nobody is perfect. Everybody got a lot to learn and understand. Now the leaders now choose to take virtual informations, ideas and demand more seriously. So lets voice out in a proper manner and it will be HEARD .

3. To PUTERA MIC – PUTERA MIC may be just 1 year old. But they are the the 1st to set up a virtual platform on behalf of MIC. So PMIC please try to avoid retaliating out of emotions to ppl’s comments. As one of the official virtual platform for MIC, we show that WE CARE and proof that PMIC IS A RELEVANT PLATFORM FOR YOUNGER YOUTHS WHO HAVE INTEREST IN THE COMMUNITY AND NATION. Bloging is a powerful tool. Lets use it wisely.

I am not posting this article in behalf of other blogers. Its my personal humble view. "NEVER FEAR IN EXPRESSING YOUR THOUGHTS AND BE BOLD AND CLEAR IN YOUR CRITICISMS" .

I am sorry if I hurt anybody.

"When we speak with one voice, we will achieve our goals. When we act with one determination, nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams," – Dato Seri S Samy Vellu.



p/s: To PMIC, Wantedgal, Mr.Durai, Mr. Madhavan. I am Posting a link to your articles to this post of mine. Please forgive me for doing it without you permission. Msg me if u guys not ok with it. :). thanks.


Madhavan said...

hahahaha, i have no objection in you adding my link to your post. you have just honoured me for being a good blogger/author.

by the way, the replies are being positive becoz we are only talking about Putera MIC. So you should know that Putera MIC still have some respect from us.

Try to see if you could work out on the suggestions given and let us see if Putera MIC can really cut it.

Anonymous said...

Superbly said punithan. I am suprised to see many many good articles and comments and ideas from the MIC side recently. Hope its not just a play to cheat Indians.

Please do as what u say. Proof yourself, then i guarantee that makkal shakti will be joining hands with MIC again.

Younger youths are very capable. so show the people what you all really capable of.

Hindraf ******** coordinator.

Anonymous said...

My Pleasure Mr. Punithan Shan.