Dato seri Anwar claims that pakatan rakyat will form government by september 16. He need only 30 MP's from BN to topple the ruling coalition. As days pass, he is giving "clearer" hints about parties who are about to defect BN.
According to Malaysiakini's breaking news today, A Sabah-based party is expected to hold a press conference tomorrow to make an announcement that would impact the political scenario in this country. And our PM had a short trip to sabah this afternoon........... so whats next?? be ready for another election? Say Good Bye to BN "for good" ? and just hand over the government to the "newbies".... Can they "manage" this difficult time or make it worst?

We had bersih rally, anti-ISA rally, Hindraf rally....... the rakyats voiced out .... But what is our 'say' on this "defecation" issue?? I am not suggesting rakyats to take this matter "to the street". But we have to give the BN and PR a clear sign on what we really want before they decide on anything. What the rakyat got to say about it?