Letter to Malaysiakini by Mr. Murugesan Sinnandavar ( MIC CWC Member)

(28th April, 2008), Malaysiakini reported that former MB of Selangor, Dr Khir Toyo stated that the Kg Karrupiah Temple (referred to by some as Rimba Jaya Temple or Padang Jawa Temple) breaking was ordered by MIC President Dato Seri S.Samy Vellu and that the temple was broken after Deepavali. This is my letter in reply to the editor of Malaysiakini.

To the Editor of Malaysiakini,

How could Dr. Mohd Khir Toyo say that the temple was broken two days after Deepavali? It was broken a week BEFORE Deepavali. Did the whole nation get it wrong? Or were all the reports and pictures in ALL the three Tamil Dailies of the broken temple, lies? Perhaps the former MB was referring to remnants of the temple structure that was left standing or the ‘temporary temple’ ‘rebuilt’ at the same site by some quarters after the initial breaking. However the Kg Karuppiah Maha Mariamman Temple as we know it was broken on the 30th October, 2007.

I was there on that day. The MBSA made the first attempt to break the temple in the morning around 9.00 am. They were stopped by the residence there and Shah Alam MIC Committee members. MBSA Officers then said that the temple will be broken by 12 noon and all the deities were to be removed by then. A number of youths began to gather at the temple site in an attempt to prevent the temple breaking.

MBSA kept to their word and made a charge around noon but was ordered to be stopped by the police as it turned violent. In the meantime fellow lawyer, Mr Sivanesan and me demanded MBSA to show that they had the authority to break the temple. The MBSA legal officer was called to the site but was unable to show a court order that specified that the temple be broken. He then resorted to a notice by MBSA. Upon inspection the notice was dated two years ago. We argued on the validity of the notice but the Legal Officer held his ground. A plea that the matter be referred to court to resolve ambiguity before the temple is broken also fell into deaf ears.

The Shah Alam Dato Bandar was there. He said he has his instructions and refused to budge. This was despite Mr Alex Thiagarajan (Klang MIC Chairman) telling the Dato Bandar that the temple breaking will have dire consequences for the BN government. The Dato Bandar gave the orders and ‘disappeared’ from the site. This was when MBSA made the final charge. Some youths were injured whilst others were arrested in the process. Some MBSA officers were also injured. With the youths that barricaded themselves between the MBSA officers and the temple removed, the bulldozer moved in.

The picture of the damaged the yellow structure shown in Malaysiakini’ s report is that of the temple’s ‘Mulla Staanum’ or inner sanctum. It is the most sacred place in the temple and the statute of the main deity is placed there in accordance with rites dating back thousands of years. Once the inner sanctum was damaged, the temple committee had no choice but to remove the statute of the main deity as they didn’t want the statute to be desecrated. All Hindus know that once the statute of the main deity is removed from the temple, the place ceases to be a temple.

Therefore the temple was broken on the 30th October, 2007. To say otherwise runs counter to irrefutable facts.

Murugesan Sinnandavar

SOURCE :- http://s-murugesan.blogspot.com


malayamuda said...

Most of these UMNO Ministers are so stupid. They think the rakyat are stupid too.

The only debate they are good at are about Islam and Malay supremacy.

They make a mockery of Islam