PUNITHAN SHAN : we witnessed that today's indian youths had turn their back to MIC. what is putra mic's role in changing this negative view of todays youths on MIC?


Dear Mr. Punithan Shan & Mr. Durai,

Greetings and Vanakkam to you.

First let me thank both of you for visiting and commenting as well. You have raised some important issues of which I will try my best to respond.

You did mention “we witnessed that today's Indian youths had turn their back to MIC”. I agree and disagree with the statement and let me explain.

Why I agree?

It is true that Youths are not to keen to be directly involved in politics and they prefer to be actively involved in NGO. I am not saying that it’s wrong for them to be involved in NGO, as, I am a strong believer that irrespective where we are and who we represent - what is important is in the delivery and we must be result oriented. As long as you can help an Indian in some way, I think that would be great.

Why I don’t agree?

For your information, at this point of time we have more than 3,000 members in Putera MIC out of which 80% of them are graduates. Also for your information, the minimum requirement to be a Putera MIC state leader is to have a first degree and all Putera MIC State Leaders have met those criteria and not only that all the National Council Members of Putera MIC also have met those criteria.

I am also indeed please to inform you, we have Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Technicians, Administrative Experts and celebrities who have joined us as Putera MIC members.

Having said all that, you may wonder what on earth we have done to get so many Young Indian Professional/Graduates with us. To give you an honest answer – We do work quietly and at times when we do our work quietly many think that we are not doing anything.

Maybe the time is up for us to shout and tell the whole world what we have been doing.

Just for your information, we have been involved in the Annual Meeting with the Universities Students to get their inputs and ideas at the same time we try our best to assist them in overcoming their issues.

Besides that, from the day we have existed, we have without fail assisted SPM and STPM students in giving them guidance in securing a place for them in the local U’s, we will give all our best and go anywhere we need to go if there is a need. Off course, all this would not be mentioned to all and we do not expect any one to thank us for all this – all we want is to make another Indian Student happy.

Right now we are working closely with CCI Foundation, Tamil Foundation and other NGO’s as well in organising a Science Fair for Young Children.
I must say besides Education, we are very much ahead in the ICT World, we started our Website one year ago and we have more than 100,000 visitors from all over the world visiting our website. We were the first Indian based political entity to organise a Bloggers Meeting which was attended by more than 40 bloggers – We started to talk about Blogging even before the 12th GE and now everyone is talking about it. I am also proud to share with you that we are the 1st Indian Based Political entity to have our own Internet TV.

My Dear Friend,

Please give us a chance to prove our worth; after all we are just one year old. In the meantime, if you have a suggestion, please do let me know.

I do hope, my reply to you both was not rude. We have plans; I don’t dream just about anything, I dream of things that I can do. I know I can do wonders with my brothers in Putera MIC as they have shown their commitment and also their support towards this moment. If you are kind and you have the time PLEASE JOIN US.

Yours sincerely

P Kamalanathan
National Coordinator


Dear Mr. Kamalanathan,

Your post had certainly enlightened me , if not the others about the undertakings that you're doing for the improvement of the Indian society.

Statistics alone wouldn't speak if action is not being taken time to time .Since you guys have action plans and how you're going to implement them, what is left I believe is only the progress.

Congratulations and good luck to all the things you all have done so far. I for one would not hesitate to join or support any party or NGO's for that matter as long as it serves the purpose of serving the Indian community.

It defeats the purpose of having a politically motivated organization if society is neglected.I sincerely hope with the new generation of educated Indians taking over your party, you'll strive for countless amount of achievements and success.

Please keep us in the loop for any activities . I would be glad to be part of something that is useful to society.

P.S: You were not rude with your answer and please don't feel so. Instead you were professional enough which convinces me whatever you're trying to explain is true .

Thank you.
Durai Kumar