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1st i would like to thank PMIC for coming up with this post. I am one of the many who have been asking them the question "what is PUTERA MIC and Why would anyone want to join PUTERA MIC".

I am a student studying in a foreign land. I am willing to give my full support on their call to Form PUTERA MIC International chapter.

We have to accept the fact that todays youth turn their back to 'mainstream' politics. I am talking about 18-30 years old. We have witnessed many questioning 'everything' about the 'mainstream' politics. If we talking about Indians here then i refer to MIC. Even in virtual world we find many young blogers choose to criticize the government and MIC.

What does this means? They don't have faith in MIC anymore? I don't think so. They just DONT KNOW much about it. And its NOT their fault.

For now , the fact is not only the “above 30” care about political and social situation of the country. WE care and we wish to take part also since its our country and our community.

Then y are they not supportive enough? Its because the reality is they just wont take words as “actions”. They want solid facts, they wish to see 'evident base” , they wants to experience the changes 1st hand. AND THEY WISH TO BE PART OF IT.

Now let me talk about PUTERA MIC. Its a platform created by MIC to the younger youths to participate in their activities. Its a CALL from MIC to the younger youths to voice out their views and ideas. Y choose to be out and criticize when you can come in to the system and be part of the changes that we wish for?

Y PUTERA MIC? What they doing? What they can do? Now thats the question running in many younger youths. And PMIC have the responsibilities to answer those questions or shall i say demands. As i said earlier, younger youths will rarely agree on any ideas or activities that been forced to them. They wish to be part of their own ideas.

My humble suggestion to PMIC is to 1st create a platform to share ideas from others as well. Ask what they really wants. Never hold back their views. Because 'young minds' do great thinking.

PMIC must port a article on their past and present activities. Because they need to proof what they capable of. And provide a platform to seek opinion from 'others' as well. This will shows that PMIC is really CARES.

I understand that the post “ Why would anyone want to join PUTERA MIC” by PMIC's coordinator got criticized a lot. Rather then arguing and fighting back to those criticize, i humbly request PMIC to analyze it. Because i frankly think they asking very relevant questions.

Sathanai namathu Kaiyile, sarithiram padaipom natile,
Sothanai Ayiram vanthalum, thuninthey name munneruvom”

"When we speak with one voice,
we will achieve our goals.
When we act with one determination,
nothing can stop us from fulfilling our dreams,"

Yours sincerely ,



Mohd Kamal Abdullah said...

Punithran, do you ever think these VIP's(they call to be) will listen to you. Forget it. Samy Vellu's theory, 'listen to me or get out and what I say goes'. Can you accept it.

When poor Indians had approached him to settle their problem, he is very arrogrant and hurtful. Samy Vellu fail to realise that they are the 'people's servant' once they join politics BUT since have gathers considerable wealth, he has become our MASTER.

The best for MIC or Putera MIC is to dissolve itself since they are underdogs to UMNO and will always be if they remain in BN.

Until today NO ONE LISTENS to MIC, I remember Samy Vellu insisting the 5 Hindraf detainees to be release. These innocent gentlemen, they fault was for raising the status of Indians in the Malaysian society which MIC or other BN component parties must have raised since we are a minority.

Its time for MIC or BN to be a chapter of the past for Malaysians to united and live peacefully and prosperously.

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Hello sir,

I understand from what i read from your writtings that u choose to see ONLY the negative part of BN and MIC.

And me on the other hand choose to see the positive part of them. Doing a reality check or shall i say compare.

U say that they never listen.If its true, I say i wont give up without trying.

U say that MIC and BN are yesterdays story of malaysia. BN came a long way since MERDEKA. This very componenet parties of BN fought for our MERDEKA and the malaysia we living now is from them. So, i think something that started so well wont end up as badly as you say.

I end by saying and old wooden house with concrete piling is any time better off and safer than an exclusive condo on a hillslope