YB Mike @ Selcat
No witness , No Lawyers... mike told

Selcat's letter did not prevent his witnesses from testifying, but cited procedure in stating that only witnesses summoned by the committee may testify.

The letter also said that, if his witnesses want to testify, they are required to submit written testimony with their personal details. If their accounts are relevant to the public hearing, they would be asked to testify.

Manikavasagam insisted that such procedures would only lead to more delays, while information about his witnesses may be leaked, thereby jeopardising their safety.

Mike :
"All of this will take time and it may endanger the witnesses. Look at what was done to me and I am an MP. Imagine what they may do to the witnesses. Mr Zahar here for one, had gone through a lot already,"

witness :
"They sent nearly 30 gangsters to threaten me... A guy with a gun came to my home... My car was even rammed by a another vehicle just after I submitted a report to the MACC,"

wonder if he just using this as a PKR Exit ticket?

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