*The event was postponed 1 hour d/t poor turnout . - app 1000 @ 2 pm
*Final count 4000 - 4500

Asked what would happen if the gathering fails to get Samy Vellu to stop down early, Mugilan said: “We will tell the media that Samy Vellu is the best leader. We will keep quiet and surrender.”
*No MIC Chairman's or CWC members ( the orgs claimed 300 branch leaders will attend + many CWC members.
*"known cases of" anti-samy like Dato subra, Ex-Youth chief Vicky, Dato muthupalaniappan and many more not seen anywhere around.
Malaysiakini : GAS starts with the singing of Negaraku and the MIC party song. Many in the crowd do not know the song, suggesting they are not MIC members

A "Big Job" for our Suruhanjaya Pencegah Rasuah ... If its true. I wonder if this guy can be arrested for hands in crime?
If its not . he too can be charged for defamation....

Barath Maniam takes the podium. He claims that Samy Vellu had sought his help in 1992 when police and ACA raided his office to investigate allegations of corruption involving 10 million Telekom shares allocated to MIC. He claims MIC received only one million shares.

He also shows a copy of a document signed by former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad affirming that MIED was set up for the Indian community. He says he has the original document.

My view :

DSSV said it loud and clear - " i will leave eight or nine months before my term expires in May 2012. I will hand over the leadership to the NEXT GENERATION OF LEADERS THEN"

So let him finish his job. The trust and mandate given to him by the members

The party is experiencing turbulence. Is it because the captain is leaving or overstayed? whatever it is GAS kind of politicking not gonna do us any good.

The re branding of MIC just began.... change in the leadership is only the start....


Anonymous said...

Dei thambi mana ada 4500 orang sana?
3000 sajalah. Itupun banyak banyak orang melayu dari ulu selangor. Member mugilan kot.

Dia takda malu cakap gas success.